FA/Draft thread (and anything Peyton Manning or non Peyton Manning thread)

What an emotional week. I've loved, hoped, and hated more this week than I think I ever have before in my life. I feel drained. I was angry and irritated for being snubbed by Manning's camp. Especially when it was in favor of those douche-nozzles in Denver. I've never hated the Donkies more than I have this weekend.

As the feelings of disappointment and despair washed over me, I dug deep and did what ol' Jack Burton always does. I looked that disappointment square in the eye and said "ah what the hell." And that's what made all the difference.

So in an effort to put the past behind me and look forward to the future (without the Manning-hooplah), I've been thoroughly enjoying watching the Conference tourney's this weekend and scoping out potential prospects (not named Peyton, or Manning) that'll make this team the-BOMB-diggity!

I love the position the Chiefs are in with the cap/cash and how things are looking for us going forward. I wish I could say I knew what we'll be doing in FA and the Draft this year, but I'm not a psychic and that'd take all the fun away from pretending like I am. Crazy but my crystal ball is showing me exactly what I'd personally like to see.



This guy wiping his eyes for the next three years and saying what was I thinking not signing with the Chiefs?

If Peyton Manning signs with Denver it'd be nice to address our secondary and give ourselves the best opportunity to shut him down. That means Brandon Carr is a must IMO. Part of the beauty of Manning to Denver is that we already have the best piece of the shut-Manning-down puzzle: Romeo Crennel. We have a great supporting cast on D with terrific role players in DJ, Hali, Houston, T-Jax and Berry. Now we make the jump over the hump and hump those donkies (and our division) into submission. Sounds dirty. But that's the nature of the game. Just ask Gregg Williams.

OFFSEASON: WANTS/NEEDS/DREAMS (per my crystal ball)


-Brandon Carr (priority should Peyton join Denver)

-LeRon McClain

-Kyle Orton

-B-Rich (depth purposes only)

Trade/Cut: trade Glenn Dorsey (3rd), Cassel (cut or trade)


-Anthony Collins OT

-Matt Moore QB

-Mike Tolbert RB

-Shaun Rogers DE/NT

-Paul Soliai NT

-David Hawthorne ILB

Draft: (Trade down with CIN they get #11 and our 4th, we get their #21 and #53)

1. Devon Still DT/DE

2. Kevin Zeitler OG

2. Dwayne Allen TE

3. Bobbi Massie OT

3. Brandon Taylor FS

5. Ladarius Green TE

6. Janzen Jackson S

7. Vontaz Burfict ILB

7. Jarvis Jones OT

Now the million dollar question. Will all of this make us Super Bowl contenders? Simple answer. YES. Mainly because I'm brilliant and I could make all this happen if I were GM. And yet somehow the only team I have any control over is in Madden....I don't get it, I thought that made me qualified?

*Post your visionary ideas and thoughts and keep this non-Peyton post going. Cheers to AZ. I wish them the best of luck.

F*ck the Broncos (Peyton or no Peyton, I hate em).



Pictures are worth a thousand words. Those three Office guys represent the Chiefs. The get the idea.

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