Kansas City Chiefs and Our QB issue

Greeting to all my fan favorite faithful of the RED and Gold!! (unless you are color blind or believe Nike will screw up next years color scheme on the uniform then its Yellow and Gold with Chrome helmets or you just want to make KC Satchmo mad.. for grins.. and giggles..) I have been on exodus for quite sometime at school lacking a proper computer to voice my onions or put down on paper (internet type) my thoughts...

Pey-Pey or Pey-baby, Mr. Sony, Mr. Gatorade the infamous X2 Chiefs Playoff Killer #18 Peyton Manning is a free Agent. This is old news and its what-is in constant play on any median of news available to us. It has engulfed us significantly to a point where we have missed identifying AND acknowledging a few things as fans of the beloved Chiefs... Follow me through a "birds -eye" "hind-sight 20-20" look at where we are collectively...

As I write this Fan-post I will do my best not to belittle the orange and blue mountain range people "tebow-ing" mile high 2 faced "we love Tebow" "tebow who" Donkie loving AFC west rivals from a place that if I had a choice between Oakland CA and Denver Colorado.. I'd pick another combat tour to Afghanistan.... Hey I said I'd try didnt I?!?!... Okay Beer break.... Ahh.. refreshed..

Ok - this is what we are overlooking from being totally star struck over the biggest Free gent since .. hmmm.. Regie White?!

This is where we are at:

Andrew Luck - Good as Drafted - INDY

RGIII (I really like this kid and hope he has continued success) - Good as drafted - Washington

Tannehill - I really dont know much on this Texas A&M product but IMHO he is as good as drafted before us - Cleveland

WE collectively have crossed the picket lines of the Support Matt Cassel/ Matt Cassel sucks. This is Good. WE all Acknowledge that Scott Pioli screwed the pooch and over paid for a back Quarterback.

Matt Cassel Not the Answer - Check

We claimed Kyle "neck-beard" Orton off waivers and he served us well. Id say he's a huge upgrade (in mediocre terms) over Cassel. He want's a starting job and some cash and this is an opportunity for him to get that shot. Orton is a viable and more than likely cheap option to the whole "Manning sweepstakes" As we are not in a position to draft a franchise QB. Kyle Orton is a last case scenario competition for Cassel so we don't have THAT much suckage at the QB position.

Kyle Orton viable cheap option - Check

Matt Flynn. The released, released Free Agent mind you back up to Aaron Rogers and has the same background as former Eagle QB KEvin Kolb but with more upside (IMHO). He is a young good talent and would be a cheaper alternative to the "Manning sweepstakes" and would be around alot longer. I didn't know much about the kid until the last weeks of the season in 2011. Then again there is always a gamble he may in fact turn out to be like Matt Cassel or Kevin Kolb - Mediocre starter - great back up.. its a roll of the dice and in the grand scheme of things.. a second place prize to the "manning sweepstakes".

Matt Flynn the unknown quality starter yet unproven as a everyday starter QB viable option AND CHEAPER - Check

And then.. there is my favorite QB hugely unproven totally underrated, banished to the duties of Clipboard holding and ..uggh.. Tyler Palko's back up... Ricky Stanzi. I truly believe we have a gem in this kid and am anxious to see him actually get some reps/playing time. As I type this/you read this (all 5 of you) I know what you re thinking..

- He is a 5th round draft pick

- He couldnt beat out Palko for the back up quarterback job

- He will never be a starter..

yada yada yada... GOT it. Well The same mentality was more than not labeled on the following player whom of which were drafted as backups or developmental QB's

Tom Brady

Tony Romo ( undrafted Free Agent but not elite)

Kevin Kolb

Arron Rodgers

Matt Flynn

Matt Cassel

Im sure there are other QB's out there that were second fiddle or even third stringers until they had an opportunity to make something happen for themselves.. The point is that we have Matt Cassel who is a drain on the finances, Ricky Stanzi who is unproven not been given a chance to shine.. and thats it.

I would love to have Manning. Hes a living legend in our time. He would be an awesome catalyst to get us over our 7 game losing streak in the post season and really long drought from the ever elusive Lombardi Trophy... BUT.. he is not the QB of the future..

There really isn't any potential franchise QB's that will fall to us in the draft. There is some potential kid like Weeden or the kid from LSU or even the QB from Houston ( college) but they would be in the same category as Stanzi. This is not our year to go "Eagle-esque" and buy a championship This is the year we resign our own pick up quality Free agents - Oline NT and draft for more BEEF. We need to get the trenches in good standing order so that when we go all out for a QBOTF we can :

1. protect his blindside and keep his jersey clean

2. Have the most dominating deadly fierce defense in the league to give him and the offense a breather and keep the pressure of scoring/winning the game off of them.

In closing I firmly beleive we need to get the following in the draft

Trent Richardson or Riley Rieff

Vontez Burfict

Andrew Dakto

Andrew Engew ( i think its andrew)

Chapman from Alabama

AND we should target and sign the Gaurd from New Orleans, Dallas Cark TE from Indy, Tolbert RB from San Diego, and the DE Castillo from San Diego NT from Dolphins ( Cant remember his name)

The whole point of this article was for us to collectivley look at the situation we are in:

WE finally agree Cassel is not the Answer and Quarterback is our problem.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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