Mock Offseason

First off, im not very good with money but i'm going to try to keep track of all of it and make sure this is realistic. This is in my opinion what Pioli would "realistically" do. This is my first FanPost ever, so bare with me and here we go.


Before anything, we need to sign the guys from last years team we need back. Toughest part of this is the situation with Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Carr. At first, i didnt want to believe all the hype, i believed we could get a deal done with either Bowe or Carr, and just Franchise the other..buuut.. lets get real. Carr is going to get offered waaay more money then we are willing to pay with recently signed Routt. So it's a no brainer to just let him walk, franchise bowe, and use our money for other parts of the team.

Dwayne Bowe (Franchised)

LeRon McClain

Amon Gordon

Wallace Gilberry

Jovan Belcher

Barry Richardson (ehh..)

Now comes the fun part. Time to bring in some new guys. After signing all the players listed above, we went from a salary cap of $38 to about $24 give or take a couple mil. who's counting?... besides Clark. $24 mil sounds like a good chunk of money, but once you think about it, that really only allows about one guy that people have been drooling about this last week. So I am going to go with the one signing I feel like, not only is a fan favorite, but makes sooo much sense for the franchise.

Peyton Manning.... We have the money, We have the position need, We have a good team around him. To me this is a no brainer. Im not just thinking short term either (although i think this immediately puts us in SB contention). This move is good long term. Yes, Peyton probably only has about 2 years left, but how much could Ricky Stanzi ( 6 foot 4, 223lbs) benefit from sitting behind a 4-Time MVP. And if Stanzi City doesnt look promising, why not draft a QB next year to sit behind Peyton. Still a no brainer to me.

Petyon Hillis... Wait, two peytons? Oh well.. Im hoping this isn't too much of a reach. trying to be "realistic". I dont know how much Hillis is wanting, but im hoping since last season he had a little drop off that he will come cheap. You might not think RB is a necessary with Jamaal Charles, but with JC coming off an injury and Jones and Battle looking like they will be gone, it is a big time need. Hillis would be a great complement to JC. He's quick, smart, and best of all his tough. He's a bruiser, which Thomas Jones was not even close to being a bruiser. You know its true. And if Hillis is too expensive, go after Tolbert. Another big RB that has proven himself. Tolbert might even be the better option since he would be cheaper and is a great Special Teams player. I would be happy with either.

Add A Couple Random Guys for depth. Cant predict Pioli there.


TRADE DOWN!.. The guys we'll be looking at when pick 11 rolls around: Reiff, Martin, DeCastro, Poe, Kuechley. Three out of those 5 are going to be gone. I have seen a lot of mocks having Poe gone in the top 10. DeCastro is going to be a great player but there are guards further back that will also be good. And to be honest, Keuchley isnt even a good fit. PASS. Trade down. Thank the lord Ryan Tannehil's stock has went up so quickly. Trade the Browns for their 22nd pick, Swap our 2nd round pick for theirs (5th pick in 2nd round) and their 3rd round pick (4th pick in 3rd)

1st Round (Pick 22) - RT. Cordy Glenn. Hopefully Cordy makes it this far. His stock has been rising ever since the combine and its well deserved. He starts Day 1.

2nd Round (Pick 37) - G. Kevin Zeitler. Yep, skipped on DeCastro, just to pick up another guard. But with this pick, the season after next, we can push Hudson to Center and one of the best OL's in the league. It ALL starts on the line!

3rd Round (Pick 68) - NT. Josh Chapman. With the rise of Poe, means all the other NT's will also rise. so if we want a good NT. we'll have to go early.

3rd Round (Pick 75) - FS. Brandon Taylor. Sabby and McGraw. nuff said

4th Round (Pick 107) - ILB. Tank Carder. This one is kind of tough because he is a little raw but if you watch the tape, he is confident in his skills and uses his whole body to tackle. its very rare, eric berry has alot of it!! He needs to get bigger but his instincts are very good.

5th Round (Pick 138) -DE. Jack Crawford. Big dude. 6 foot 5. 275lbs. very coachable and plays hard but is still a project. Mainly big upside at a postion at need.

6th Round (Pick 171) -WR. Greg Childs. 6 foot 3. Ran a 4.55 but plays faster in my opinion.Pretty buff, reminds me of Bowe because he is hard to bring down. He had a great season with Ryan Mallet as quarterback but his numbers slid this past year. he is definitely worth the pick here.

7th Round (Pick 206) - RB. Brandon Bolden. Big running back but still has speed. 4.56 40 time. 222lbs. He was hurt last year for a while but he has pretty good instincts for a 7th round pick. I wouldnt mind another Ole Miss RB.

This took forever haha, i dont know if i regret it or not. hit me up on twitter and we can talk chiefs @trentonstolte

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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