Most important key to this offseason: Offensive Line

The Chiefs have many areas to address on the team, but none are more pressing than the O-Line. Whether you have Cassel, or potentially an all-pro like Manning, that O-line is going to really cause detriment to the success of any QB we have starting. Most people may believe that our main, and only, culprit is Barry Richardson at the RT spot. While he is the main culprit, there are other areas where we can definitely improve and we should certainly do so if we want to do a better job of protecting our QB. Let's prioritize this:


Barry Richardson cannot be a starter on this line, I think that's quite obvious. But I do believe he offers very good value as depth and I don't think it should be a problem getting him signed back for a few years. David Mims has some potential as depth as well, but probably not as a starter for at least a few more years, if ever. The Chiefs will absolutely need to look to FA or the Draft for a suitable replacement. Here are the options, worth listing, in FA:

Free Agent RT:

Demetrius Bell

Jeff Backus

Kareem McKenzie

Anthony Collins

Wow, that list does a lot to intrigue me....Backus and McKenzie are over-the-hill players at this point, so that's a big "NO". Collins shows some potential, but I don't think he offers much of an upgrade over Richardson, so let's pass. Bell has to be considered here, but he has had numerous knee injuries in his career and I think Buffalo will probably over-pay to keep him. Best bet is to look to the Draft early for this one:

2012 NFL Draft RT:

1st Round: Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin, Mike Adams, Cordy Glenn

2nd Round: Zebrie Sanders

I would really hate to see the Chiefs spend a 1st round pick, let alone a Top 15 pick, on a RT. You could pick a guy like Reiff or Martin to start on the right side with the idea of replacing Albert when his contract his up next year, but for the sake of my post we will just pass on these guys. Adams and Glenn would be too early here, but trading back and picking one of these guys would be a smart choice. Since we don't know if that's possible, we will pass for now. I personally would love the selection of Zebrie Sanders in the 2nd round. He stepped in as a LT for Florida State last season and played pretty well. The Senior Bowl was kind of a rude awakening for him, though, and scouts believe he would be a better fit as a RT in the NFL. So here's my answer for RT: Zebrie Sanders




Promote Rodney Hudson to starting Center




This is where I'm going to get a lot of disagreement, but hear me out. Branden Albert is set to become a Free Agent after this upcoming season, so we may have a hole at the most important position on the line coming soon. Here is my solution: move Albert over to LG, his natural position. I know, I know, everyone thinks he's been a great LT (I disagree, though), but he could be one of the best in the NFL if he moves to Guard. Also realize that we can then franchise Albert as a Guard, not as a LT, which would save a significant amount of money, if we decided that was the only way to keep Albert. But now we have an opening at LT. My scenario only works here if Arizona releases Levi Brown, who is due to make $17 million next year, as a cap casualty. While he hasn't lived up to his high draft selection, he has improved every year and played very well as their LT. I say go after him, get into a bidding war if you have to, because there is no position more important to this offense IMO. This opens up a scenario where the Chiefs can truly pick BPA at #11, or trade down if the offer is right. (I'd love to see the Chiefs select LB Luke Kuechly, by the way!)


You now have an O-line that looks like this:

[Levi Brown]---------[Branden Albert]---------[Rodney Hudson]---------[Jon Asamoah]---------[Zebrie Sanders]

A young offensive line, yes, but one that we can keep intact for many years. Criticize away!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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