My Favorite Chiefs- Offense (1980's-Present Edition)


Who is your favorite all time Chief? Is it a former Hall of Famer? A perennial All Pro? The teams leading passer, rusher, receiver? Is it someone who terrorized offenses for years? Or is it an obscure player who contributed a bit, wore your favorite number, hustled on special teams or went to your college? I hope this article brings back some memories, sparks some conversation and most of all brings a smile to your face as I bring back some blasts from the past. Here we go!

I am going to go position by position here so bear with me as do my best Pete Rock and CL Smooth impression and "reminisce"!

QB- My favorite Chief QB was not their fearless leader from Super Bowl IV, the HOF who led them to the AFC Championship game or the man who put up gaudy numbers under Dick Vermeil. Nope, it's Lenny, Joe or Trent. It's also a former #1 draft pick who never panned out, a San Fran retread or a gutty future Raider. Nope, not Blackledge, GrbacBono, or Gannon. My guy wore #9 and he played during this NJ born and bred Chief's fan formative years. My man is Bill Kenney and I don't even know why! I just felt like he was a decent player on a decent team and could have been better with better players around him. I liked Kenney. Were there better quarterbacks with better numbers and more wins? Of course, but he's my guy.

RB- Tough call here, so many to choose from. You had the recent successes of Charles, LJ and Priest. The former success of guys like Word, Okoye and Delaney. I even recall an old back who were #44 by the name of Herman Heard, always liked him! Some others to consider and remember, for better or worse, include Harvey Williams, Greg "Thrill" Hill, Bam Morris, Donnell Bennett, Todd McNair and of course Marcus Allen. This is a tough call but my favorite is The Nigerian Nightmare. Delaney is a close, close second but I really loved watching 35 run. He was as big as the OL and despite the Atwater hit on MNF, he tore guys apart! I recall a game versus Miami when the Chiefs gave him the ball repeatedly on the opening drive and he ran right down their throats. What a great sight to it is, stop it!

FB- Not a whole lot to go on here but two stand out to me. I loved the versatility of Kimble Anders, particularly his ability to catch the ball. But T-Rich was the man and if the position got more notoriety, he'd be in the Hall Of Fame conversation. Richardson paved the way for the Chiefs tailbacks and was a respected team leader. Whats not to like?!

WR- Again, so many to choose from. Currently I do like Bowe despite his inconsistencies. Recently guys like Kennison, Alexander, Rison had good years too. Going back a bit further I loved Davis and Birden and their quickness and big play ability. Stephone Paige once had a 300 yard game and Carlos Carson was a deep threat to be reckoned with. Two others who contributed on special teams and with the occasional big catch were Emile Harry and Danan Hughes.But my favorite Chief WR and my all time favorite Chief is Henry Marshall. I loved 89 for his entire career and really wished he A. would have played in a passing offense and B.could have stayed healthy during one of his best years when he broke his arm. I remember a TD pass he threw on MNF versus SD and I always wanted to wear 89 because of him.

TE- This one is easy, a lay up even. Despite Keith Cash's great spike into the face of a Buddy Ryan banner in the Astrodome in the '93 playoffs I have to go with the future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez. He is one of if not the greatest TE in NFL history and certainly our best. He also is my favorite in what has historically been a complimentary position in Kansas City.

OL- So many lineman have passed through over the years that I can't begin to list them. I will go with the ones that hopefully left an impact on you as they did me. At Tackle I loved watching Willie Roaf and John Alt. Oh to have Big John at RT next year! He was as solid as they come and defined reliability. Roaf, a stud; no way around it.

At Guard I have to go with Will Shields and Dave Szott. Waters was/is a great player but I really liked Szott. He was a road grader and was an integral part of a very good line for a number of years. Shields was a technician and will be a HOF soon.

My favorite Chief center is Timmy Grunhard. Wiegmann was good, Webster was at the end of his career and Rudnay was a bit before my time. So for me, its Grunhard. Although I have to admit, this is the first time I have EVER considered who my favorite, all time center was!

K- Again, a swinging door of kickers have come and gone. Some were good- Stoyanavich, Tynes, Morten Anderson. Some were bad- Medlock. Some I hate to even mention by name in such a happy post but I have to say it...Lin *&^%$#* Elliot! My guy was #8, Nick Lowery. He was so consistent and I even forgive him for missing the long one versus Miami in the playoffs. Lowery was clutch and like I said about T-Rich, if this position got more credit, he'd be in the hall.

Well, there is is, please let me know what you think of "my guys" and tell me who some of yours were. Thanks for reading and Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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