Patriots West?

The recent hire of Brian Daboll has spewed out a recurring and common thought (or criticism) about Scott Pioli that he tends to rely heavily on former Patriots when building the Chiefs roster/coaching staff. With using the most current roster and coaches I could find via, I separated the coaches into two separate groups by former Patriots and other. I also listed all the players on the Chiefs roster and noted which ones were former Patriots.

The results post jump...

Current Chiefs coaches, former Patriots:

Romeo Crennel, Maurice Carthon, Brian Daboll, Anthony Pleasant, Otis Smith

Other current Chiefs coaches:

Richie Anderson, Mike Clark, Gary Gibbs, Steve Hoffman, Bernie Parmalee, Pat Perles, Brent Salazar, Nick Sirianni, Emmitt Thomas, Adam Zimmer, Jim Zorn

Current Players:

Albert, Branden

Hudson, Rodney

Arenas, Javier

Jackson, Tyson

Asamoah, Jon

Johnson, Derrick

Bailey, Allen

Jones, Thomas

Bair, Brandon

Langford, Reshard

Baldwin, Jonathan

Lewis, Kendrick

Bannon, Shane

Lilja, Ryan

Battle, Jackie

Maneri, Steve

Becht, Anthony

McClain, Le'Ron

Belcher, Jovan

McCluster, Dexter

Berry, Eric

McGraw, Jon

Bowe, Dwayne

Miller, Gabe

Breaston, Steve

Mims, David

Brown, Jalil

Moeaki, Tony

Bruggeman, Rob

Newsome, Jamar

Campbell, Caleb

O'Callaghan, Ryan

Carr, Brandon

O'Connell, Jake

Cassel, Matt

Orton, Kyle

Charles, Jamaal

Palko, Tyler

Colquitt, Dustin

Patterson, Luke

Copper, Terrance

Piscitelli, Sabby

Daniels, Travis

Pope, Leonard

Dorsey, Glenn

Powe, Jerrell

Draughn, Shaun

Richardson, Barry

Flowers, Brandon

Sheffield, Cameron

Gafford, Thomas

Siler, Brandon

Gilberry, Wallace

Stanzi, Ricky

Gordon, Amon

Studebaker, Andy

Greenwood, Cory

Succop, Ryan

Gregg, Kelly

Toribio, Anthony

Hali, Tamba

Urban, Jerheme

Harris, Darryl

Washington, Donald

Horne, Jeremy

Wiegmann, Casey

Houston, Justin

Williams, Demorrio

Out of 16 current coaches that I could gather, five were previously with the Patriots. For you math wizards, that equals around 31%. This is somewhat of a significant number, but not overwhelming by any manner. Out of the 68 players listed, 3 were former Pats (Cassel, O'Callaghan, and Maneri) resulting in a whopping 4.4%--note Maneri was not with the Pats while Pioli was there.

I researched these numbers out of pure curiosity. I am not standing behind them as being 100% accurate because I did the research fairly quickly. A more diligent researcher may look into all personnel moves by Pioli since his hire by the Chiefs. There have been other Patriots (Vrabel and Weis) that have come and gone, yet other non-former Patriots (Haley and Muir) that have also seen the entrance and exit doors at Arrowhead. I am under the opinion that Pioli has done what any other person would do in his situation. He has brought in people he is familiar with, but not to a fault. The idea that he constantly just milks the tree that is the Patriots is a misconception.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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