What Running Back Will the Chiefs Target In Free Agency?

The Majority of Chiefs fans agree that the Chiefs need another running back to compliment Jamaal Charles. On Paper, the 2012 free agency is loaded with Free Agents. But realistically, it's not. There plenty big names like Matt Forte, Arian Foster, and Ray Rice, but we all know those 3 teams will do anything to keep them. Then, there's still a few good RB's that should hit the market, and that the Chiefs should target.

Here are the running backs who are most likely going to hit the market this free agency, which starts March 13 at 4pm.

Cedric Benson, Cincinnati Bengals- Cedric-benson-cin-rb_medium

Cedric Benson has had his share of encounters with the police in his career, to say the least. Earlier, a couple weeks back I thought Benson would be a great fit for the Chiefs, now, my opinion is the exact opposite. Yes, when not suspended, he can be a very good back. But, Scott Pioli and the Chiefs front office are not looking for somebody like Benson, because they already had their troubles with RB Larry Johnson who constantly ended up in trouble, from spitting on a women, to criticizing Todd Haley on Twitter. Benson can be good, but he's not someone to take a chance on. He'd be a better fit maybe with the Eagles, or really anywhere other than KC.

Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers- 610x_medium

The Packers have already started to give up on RB Ryan Grant, by drafting James Starks, who performed very well in the 2011 season. He played so well, that he might just be enough to have the Packers not re-sign Ryan Grant. Grant can catch passes out of the backfield, run in between and outside of the tackles, too. He sounds pretty great, but the thing is, he's not great at any certain thing, and he is a fumbling machine. I wouldn't be surprised if Pioli signed Grant, and I think it would be a nice signing, but There's better options out there.

Peyton Hillis, Cleveland Browns- Peyton-hillis-v-bengals11_medium

Peyton Hillis is really in the unknown right now. He missed a good amount of games for injury, and some think he doesn't have a big desire to play. But when he's healthy, he runs harder than about anyone in the league, and averaged 3.6 yards per carry, and can compliment Jamaal Charles, very well. But, the buzz right now is that Hills is in "Good Graces" and would like to return to Cleveland. Either way, he'd be a fantastic pickup, and would do the Chiefs well, but I think he's staying in Cleveland, and also, that GM Scott Pioli wouldn't want to mess with his desire to Play.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks- Marshawn_lynchs_blowaway_run_seen_through_many_eyes_medium

Man, would it be great to see Marshawn Lynch in a Chiefs uniform, and eating skittles on the sideline, in Arrowhead Stadium. Unfortunately, I think he's staying in Seattle. He is the main part of their offense, and really broke out into one of the best running backs in the league this past year, and the Seahawks would really struggle without him. But if Lynch hits the market, oh man, I would love to have him.

Michael Bush, Oakland Raiders- 107344202_crop_650x440_medium

Michael Bush filled in for the Raiders greatly this year when Darren Mcfadden went down with a season ending injury. He also would be a great fit for the Chiefs, but he may stay, because Mcfadden has been went down with a fair amount of injuries in his career and they can't afford to lose him. He would be one of the best RB's in free agency if he was not re-signed, but I can't see it happening. It would be nice though, because Bush and Charles, would be like an improved version of Charles and Jones in 2010.

Mike Tolbert, San Diego Chargers- Mike_2btolbert_medium

Mike Tolbert runs lower, and harder, than almost any back in the league. After the Chargers try signing Garay, and Vincent Jackson, I could see Tolbert slipping away since they already have the up and coming Ryan Matthews. He is the same type of back as Jackie Battle, but we can probably all agree that he is a notch higher than battle whatever way you look at it. The only downside of signing Tolbert, is that we'd have 2 running backs that are smaller, run hard, but don't have a lot of explosiveness. But don't get me wrong, he'd make the Chiefs running game complete.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis, New England Patriots- 4234779f1b93e2f1c8039110e88990a3-getty-136319786_medium

The defending AFC Champions, the Patriots, won't be in any hurry to re-sign Green-Ellis, because they have 2 young rookies that were just drafted, and Danny Woodhead who can be a real threat. I think Green-Ellis is the favorite out of all of the Running Backs in free agency, for a couple reasons. First, he has the "Patriot Connection" and Scott Pioli loves signing old Patriots. Secondly, Green-Ellis has some explosiveness, he runs in between the tackles like a pro (which he is) and can score virtually everytime on the Goal Line. With Jamaal Charles and Green-Ellis, the Chiefs would have the best all-around running game the league has seen in years, or ever seen. Also, Green-Ellis wouldn't require a big paycheck, either.

There are 4 rally convincing running backs here, that would make the Chiefs offense dominant. I think those are Peyton Hillis, Michael Bush, Mike Tolbert, and Benjarvus Green-Ellis. They all would make a great duo with Charles, and if Charles was to go down with another injury, they'd all be able to easily carry the load for a long period of time. But who do you think? Vote! You should comment, recommend, and give me all your thoughts and the post in the comment section. Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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