AP Draft Discussion Thread 2/8/12 to 2/15/12

A new discussion thread for this week where we can share our mocks. The chiefs are picking at either 11/12 based on a coin flip and we have the following picks as a template.









My draft scenario is after the jump!

*** Franchise Carr and trade him to Tampa Bay for their 2nd this season and their 2nd next season.

*** Trade down from the 11 spot with Cincinatti who moves up to select Richardson and we get their pick number 21 and their 1st next season. Trade value of 1250 for us and assuming they finish 17th again a trade value of 1210 for them.

*** We now have 2 firsts and 2 seconds in the 2013 draft which is ammunition in case management feels comfortable going after Barkley or the top QB.

*** Player Rankings are from CBS Sports

And now the 2012 NFL Draft

1 (pick 21) – Mike Adams, OT, Ohio St
An instant starter at RT that also provides LT competition to Albert and pushes him to raise his game even more. Shores up the weakest part of the team and allows this line to function without needing help from a TE on the right all game.

2 (pick 4) – Lamar Miller, RB, Miami
My favorite running back in the draft because of his elite speed. He would excel in a one cut ZBS and he possesses that second gear that is so hard to find. Insurance for JC and a quality rotation guy with him.

2 (pick 12) – Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia
The replacement to Brandon Carr and a very talented man corner. He should be able to step in as a rookie and do a solid job as a number two corner. He won’t be Carr from day one but could be better eventually.

3 (pick 11) – Ladarius Green, TE, LA. – Lafayette
A raw athletic tight end with a high upside. Should be able to learn behind Moeaki and provide additional weapons and insurance at the TE position.

4 (pick 12) – Marvin Jones, WR, Cal
He continues to rise up the boards and i had him as a pick in the 7th when he was ranked there. I still think he is worth this pick where he is now slated. He is quick, tall, fast, and he catches absolutely everything.

5 (pick 11) – Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama
A big strong NT that falls because he is just a nose tackle and has almost no pass rush. He is also undersized for most 3-4 defenses liking but he is available on these rankings so i grab him.

6 (pick 12) – Janzen Jackson, S, McNeese St
A very talented safety that played with EB at Tennessee but left the team for personal reasons then was kicked off for possibly substance abuse issues. 1st or 2nd round talent that falls for substance abuse issues. This years Houston.

7 (pick 11) – Joe Looney, G, Wake Forest
Looney is compared to Asamoah in the analysis and he could be used as guard depth with starter possibility if Lilja struggles and Looney impresses.

7 (pick 31) – Brandon Hardin, FS, Oregon St.
A solid player that missed his senior season with a shoulder injury. He has the size. 6’ 2" 220 lbs, and speed, 4.5 40 to be able to come in and challenge those big tight ends in the league if he develops right. A high upside low risk pick.

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