How the Kansas City Chiefs Can be Elite.

1.) New Quarterback.

Whether you love or hate Matt Cassel, I think it's easy to agree that he is not the answer as a starting quarterback to lead the Chiefs to win any playoff games and ultimately the Superbowl. With Peyton Manning possibly becoming a free agent (which seems rather likely at this point) and two teams willing to trade down out of the 2nd and 3rd picks overall it's a possibility to get a better quarterback. It's whether Scott Pioli will or not. I would like to see the Depth Chart go as, 1.) Manning/RG3/Flynn. 2.) Matt Cassel 3.) Stanzi.

2.) Solidifying the Offense.

The offensive line..... It looks great at times, others not so much. With Albert coming on being one of the best blockers in the AFC West and a couple of young guys ready to step in to their roles, I think it's fair to say replacing Barry Richardson with a good tackle would make them one of the best lines in football.

The other thing that is important in making a great offense is having two Running Backs that can make plays. Jamaal Charles will hopefully recover and be back to normal. Thomas Jones is ancient. In running back years he is about 86. The Chiefs must pursue a draft pick or free agent to replace him.

This is what I would like to see for the offensive Depth Chart.

QB: 1. Manning/ RG3/ Flynn 2. Matt Cassel 3. Ricky Stanzi

RB: 1. Jamaal Charles 2. Tashard Choice/ Tim Hightower/ Peyton Hillis/ David Williams/ Anyone but Jones. 3.) Jackie Battle.

FB: LeRon McClain

WR: 1.Dwayne Bowe 2. Steve Breaston 3. Jonathan Baldwin 4. Copper/ Draft pick 5. Copper/ Draft pick

TE: 1. Tony Moeaki 2. Leonard Pope 3. Anthony Becht

OL: All the same except replacing Richardson and getting depth. Also, move Rodney Hudson to starting Center.

3.) Solidifying the Defense

The defense at times during the season (especially near the end) looked like one of the best defenses in the NFL. They finished up 10th overall in defense. The Chiefs did this without a possible starter in Brandon Siler and their pro bowl safety Eric Berry. The first priority is to re-sign Brandon Carr. I believe Carr has developed in to a shut down Corner.

To be the top Defense they must get a pass rushing Defensive end or Nose Tackle. I like Tyson Jackson in running situations, not passing. Same goes for Glenn Dorsey.

Depth Chart:

SS: 1.Eric Berry 2. Jon Mcgraw / Donald Washington 3. Not Sabby Piscetelli

FS: 1. Kendrick Lewis 2. Jon Mcgraw/ Donald Washington 3. Not Sabby Piscetelli

#1 CB: 1. Brandon Flowers 2. Javier Arenas 3. Travis Daniels

#2 CB: 1. Brandon Carr 2. Jallil Brown 3. Travis Daniels

#1 OLB: 1. Tamba Hali 2. Cameron Sheffield 3. Andy Studebaker

#2 OLB: 1. Justin Houston 2. Andy Studebaker 3. Cameron Sheffield

#1 MLB: 1. Derrick Johnson 2. Demarrio Williams 3 Cameron Sheffield

#2 MLB: 1. Brandon Siler/ Jovan Belcher 2. Demarrio Williams 3. Cameron Sheffield

#1 DE: 1. Tyson Jackson 2. Wallace Gilberry 3. Amon Gordon

#2 DE: 1. Allen Bailey/ Robert Mathis 2. Glenn Dorsey 3. Amon Gordon

NT: 1. Sione Pouha 2. Jerell Powe


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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