Chiefs 2012 Off Season: Poised to Make Noise


The 2012 Chiefs off season should be a memorable one, in fact, it better be. With a new coach, a new coordinator several needs and a lot of cap room the Chiefs are poised to make some noise.

The Staff-

I like the hiring of Crennel for a few reasons, mainly because the players like him and believe in him. I feel as though a lot can be said for a confident team and they certainly seem to buy into what Romeo is selling.Although the defense was inconsistent, mainly due to the lack of a steady pass rush, they made strides as the year went on. I give a lot of credit to Romeo for getting the most out of this team, bringing along a guy like Houston slowly but giving him more snaps as he progressed. If Romeo can get the pass rush to step up the way he got the secondary to progress the defense will be a top 12 defense.

I do not like the Brian Daboll hiring. Not at all. I don't like bringing in a guy from a losing environment like Cleveland and Miami. He does nothing for me. I want to change the culture a bit and I don't see him as that guy. Please prove me wrong! The offense needs to be less predictable and to hopefully take some more shots down the field.

Our Free Agents-

I think Carr is a must re-sign, I see Flowers and Carr as a poor man's version of Carter and Hasty. Back in the day, you had those two manning the corners with their in your face attitude and dared people to throw on them. I love when I see Flowers and Carr do the same. Flowers needs Carr, the Chiefs need Carr. Pay him.

I think Bowe is an integral part of the offense, not indispensable, but a key cog. The offense bogs down without him and he has strung together several good seasons without consistent quarterback play. Without Bowe, they take a step back and will have to rely on Baldwin (unproven, can he be counted on, on and off the field?) and Breaston (a great complimentary player, not a lead guy) and whoever else they choose to bring in (Lloyd, Garcon, a rookie- none as good as DBowe). Pay him.

I like McGraw for depth but he cannot play as many snaps as last year. Langford can help, maybe. But we keep hearing about how athletic he is and what a hard hitter he is. I just see him chasing after open receivers and wishing he was faster!

Gilberry, Richardson, Battle, Belcher- all fourt can be brought back for depth/back up positions. None of the three should see significant time but can each foill a role. Wally can get to the passer, but lets see him drop 20lbs and get his quickness back. Barry can be the backup swing tackle, but he cannot start 16 games again. Belcher can play in some sets but I think they need an upgrade at the ILB position. I like Battle as a compliment to both Charles and Dex.

I think Wiegman is going to retire and hats off to him for a very good career. To me he defines the word solid. Never spectacular, always reliable and a solid player.

To me McClain can stay or go. The offense does not do much with the fullback so of he wants to stay for a decnt salary and block a bit fine. If not, go younger and cheaper. His 20 carries and 15 catches are easily replaced.

Thomas Jones- see Wiegman. If there was a Hall of Good not Great Players, they could go in together.

Pope, Palko, Becht, Urban, O'Callahan, Gregg, Sabby, O'Connell- thanks for the effort and good luck next year. Mr. Farmer wants to see you, bring your playbook.

Who To Target-

QB- In my opinion Cassel defines mediocre. He is average in every facet. He is as good as the players around him. They lift him up, he does not lift them up. I am tired of the Chiefs QB being brought "up" by his teammates, let's get a QB that elevates those around him. is that #18? If he's healthy, then yes. He is the type of player to help them take the next step. If Peyton cannot go or chooses balmy Miami or the riches in DC then we need a plan B.

Orton is a bit better than Cassel and I do feel as though hes an upgrade. If for no other reason than I don't have to see Cassel "turtle" and take sacks in big spots. Orton > Cassel, but not by much.

I have zero interest in Campbell and I don't think Flynn will be worth the contract he gets. To me, it's Manning, then Orton (versus Cassel in camp) or go with Cassel and hope he reverts to 2010 form.


Carl Nicks would be a huge upgrade and he comes from a winning organization. He's not a retread from the Miami/Cleveland regime (see Daboll, Brian). he is a physical presence along the line that they sorely need. This will allow Lilja to slide to a backup role as he winds down his career. If he is too costly, I like Ben Grubbs too. He is a poor mans Nicks. The Chiefs have the cap room, let's spend some money on a stud lineman!


Curtis Lofton has been a leader on a decent Falcon defense and he would be an upgrade to an already emerging LB corp. Atlanta will have to choose to pay him or Grimes, I say they keep Grimes as CB is a tougher spot to fill. Lofton stays in Atlanta, Stephen Tulloch from Tennessee would be a nice option too.


Scott Wells or Chris Meyers- both guys are hard nosed centers who are 30,31 years old with a few good years left in them. Both will offer an upgrade of Wiegman. I liked Hudson but the fact that he rarely played last year is a concern to me., Hudson may prove to be a valuable reserve but not quite starting material.


JerMichael Finley-if the Packers let him go we should be first in line. I like Moeaki but his scouting report coming into the league was "talented but injury prone", and in two years he has proven just that. Finley is a stud and if we could pair the two of them the offense would be that much more dynamic.


If Bowe stays then we do not need anything here, I like the group we have including Copper as a special reams guy. If he leaves then we need to look at a guy like Stevie Johnson. A guy entering his prime who has proven he can produce on Sundays, even with some bush league antics. I like him, I don't love him...

The Draft

Huge opportunity here to upgrade the offensive line with a tackle like Martin or the defensive line with a guy like Still. I also like some of the receivers coming out and if Bowe goes you may see a guy like Blackmon if he drops to 12 or maybe Floyd from ND.

I think we need to go OT first, DT second. Then fill in with a WR, a Safety for depth, an ILB and a RB. I can also see them taking a flyer on a QB in the later rounds.

As I said, they are poised to make some noise. Some core pieces are in place. Any team in the league would like to build around guys like Hali, Johnson, Berry, Flowers, Carr, Houston and Lewis on defense. On offense, guys like Charles, Bowe, Albert, Asomoah, Moeaki, Breaston, Baldwin are all players you can win with. With these guys in place, there is talent; with the cap room they have there is money to spend; with their draft position there is opportunity to get better and younger in a hurry. They are make some noise!

Well, tell me what you think...GO CHIEFS!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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