Help Me Understand our Cap Space

Several items on the Chiefs' cap situation have been posted today, with a H/T to vplus10 for really getting me thinking about this. I feel like I'm working with only partial information.

I'm going to try to do the math, but if I mess up, please let me know what I've done wrong. I have to have done something wrong...because if my calculations are correct, we will have cap space equivalent to almost double the GDP of Tuvalu (or in other words, the amount Bill Gates makes as he drops a deuce in the Corn Palace).

  • Salary cap for 2011 Season = $120.38 million
  • Chiefs' were under the cap = $32.76 million (this was as of Aug. 29...didn't immediately find better info)
  • Salary cap for 2012 season = $121 million(TBD, but between $121-125, so I'm going conservative)
  • Players under contract for 2012 as of now = $95.84 million

In addition, we can roll the amount we were under in 2011 over to 2012 (right guys? H/T to vplus10 and bossmanham on this info!).

So that means $121MM + $32.76MM - $95.84MM = $57.92MM

Wait! We have to leave something for the rookies...that's about $5MM, so now we're down to a paltry $52.92MM that we can spend in free agency.

We have $52.92 million to work with??? Can that possibly be right? If so, then don't we end up being able to do just about anything we want in free agency?

I've never been on the "Clark is cheap" bandwagon, but if we really have this much to work within and still end up well under the 2012 cap, then I have to jump on board. With this kind of space, we should be front loading contracts with really good players.

I'm a business owner, so I understand why Clark wants to spend wisely, but every business owner also wants to WIN. And we've got a lot of key pieces in place. With nearly $53 million, we should be able to easily plug those holes up and become an instantaneous contender.

But my numbers have gotta be wrong. $53MM? My heart leaps, but my head says, 'No way.' Tell me what's up with my numbers.

Numbers from:

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