The need for a franchise quarterback...

First off, if you haven't read SuperPioli's write up one RG3, check it out. A lot of time was spent and was a great write up.

While I was watching the game on Sunday, while I saw Eli holding up that trophy, I could only imagine that it would be a Chief next year..but I tried to picture Cassel being the MVP on the most watched game in the season with more than 165 million people watching. I couldn't do it. I realized the serious need the Chiefs have of a franchise quarterback.

The answer? Robert Griffin the Third.

I imagined seeing him in red in yellow making big plays with JC and Bowe, looking at the enormous potential this team has. All of the talent stops at one of the most important positions in football. The quarterback. A backup all of his life, Matt Cassel came from New England back in 09? Something like that, and has shown potential to be an average quarterback at best. Yeah he had 27-7 TD to INT ratio in 2011, but that was against one of the weakest schedules you can have.

Im just gonna cut straight to the point, we need RG3. Both the Rams and Vikings are willing to trade their #2 and 3 spots in the draft which will almost ensure Griffin being in red and yellow.

People have been saying it will be expensive getting him, trading very valuable picks to get him, which I agree. But the need at other positions can be filled through free agencies. Top Chiefs offensive lineman, like Will Shields were drafted in the 3rd round or later. RB's can be found in late rounds.

Im here to draw out possibilities on getting RG3.

I will list the teams before us that are in need of a quarterback.

1. Colts

2. Browns

3. Redskins

4. Dolphins

5. Seahawks (T-11)

Other teams like the Bucs or Rams have indicated that they will stick with they're quarterbacks, for now. We all know Luck will end up in Indianapolis. So that leaves us 4 teams. If Manning doesn't end up in blue next year, he'll probably end up here. I've read articles where he will probably end up in Washington, but he would like to play for the Dolphins. Personally, I want him to be a Redskin because there is a possibility that the Dolphins will stick with Matt Moore, who showed signs of being a possible Franchise Q. We have Kyle Orton, assuming he doesn't resign with us. That leaves 3. We have the emerging Matt Flynn, whose contract is up in Green Bay, probably wont return. He looks to be a starter and may end up in one of these teams.

And then there were 2.

Lets just say that Manning doesn't go to Miami, and they stick with Moore, which seems to be the case.

That leaves one.

The Seahawks' Jackson showed signs of potential this season and actually looked to be solid QB, plus if we win the toss, they aren't even a contender any more.

That leaves the Kansas City Chiefs. I know all of this is very unlikely to happen, but it is possible to get RG3 at the 11th pick.

I personally do not want to take this risk, I want to go for #2. Even though this isn't Pioli's style, he HAS indicated that there will be competition for QB next year, whether that means with Stanzi, Orton, or RG3 we dont know.

Lets look at what it will cost us to get the #2 spot.

2012: 1st Round, 3rd Round

2013: 1st Round 3rd Round

Maybe a 5th round in there should probably do it. I also believe that we need a lot of picks to cover BRich and Gregg, and add a TE and a RB to Jamaal. The Chiefs still have some holes to fill, but maybe KC decides to stick with Battle.

Now we have 3 great WR's: Bowe, Breaston and Baldwin. Baldwin and Breaston will be here for a bit, but Bowe is in need of a contract this year along with Carr. We should resign Carr and slap the franchise on Bowe. Here is another option. The Rams are in desperate need of a WR, and if they end up keeping the #2 spot, Mocks have them taking Blackmon. What if we trade Bowe with the first round this year and a 3rd round either year? maybe it will cost more, i dont know, but it will open up 2, 3 or 4 picks

I absolutely love seeing Bowe play, and I'd hate to see him go, but Baldwin showed great signs of being one of the best. Breaston is a great #2 guy and we can pick up a #3 in FA. I will be willing to eat the cost of saying bye to a great wide receiver if it means getting a franchise quarter back.

If you look at the QB's not entering the draft this year, but will next year, you don't get any GREAT players like RG3, people think he is once in a generation player..and i agree.

Manning in my mind would be a bigger gamble, we dont know that he will be up to arm strength again, or what his accuracy is like. in 2 or 3 years, we'll be right back in the same shoes.

Orton played great the last 3 games, but also showed is a mediocre QB, not the guy that will lead you to the promise land.

Yes, Pioli is not this type of guy, and seems to be in love with Cassel. Personally, I'd love to see us use the draft picks to get #2. Keep the Killer B's and have one of the best offenses in the nation. Sign Nicks, or draft a OT, keep Battle another year (maybe?) and draft a TE.

I am not the smartest guy about what it takes to get a #2 draft pick, so maybe all of my analysis was completely off, but its the thought that counts right? Someone tell Pioli to take his diaper off and bring in RG3. I have waited too long,42 Super Bowls is long enough. Lets win some championships..

Vote on what you want to do...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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