How many of you, especially after the recent reports we've been hearing, expected to hear that we had officially hired an OC before the Super Bowl, let alone that it is Brian Daboll? either.

After seeing the reactions to this hire on AP, I've noticed that everyone has pretty much quoted Rob Schneider from The Waterboy, "Oh no! We suck again!" We'll, let me quote Lee Corso (and no, I'm not dropping the F bomb), "Not so fast, my friend(s)!"

First, I completely agree in the context of not agreeing with the hire. I feel like we could have brought in someone else who has a better track record (*cough* Al Saunders *cough*) and who doesn't have a history of hazing players so badly that they have to take their helmets off to call a play (I'm looking at you, Daboll).

HOWEVER (all caps on purpose), I am not throwing in the towel on 2012. We all did that after the first two games of the 2011 season, and we know how that went...(well, not a good example...let's move on). Anyway, I will say that even though it isn't the sexy hire (or in my opinion, the right hire), Crennel and Pioli know more about football and personnel than we do. That's why we watch the games on Sundays, Mondays, and now (THANK YOU NFL!) more frequently on Thursdays and they actually work for the team.

Do we have flaws? Um, DUH! Will this hire have an effect on personnel moves? I say, "Yes." However, we need to take a deep breath here. I'm urging you to step away from the ledge and see how this all plays out.

Having said all that, if this hire leads to us not retaining D. Bowe and not being able to bring in the other offensive pieces we need (RT, Guard, and a QB that will at least REALLY -not just in Pioli's theory- compete for the starting job), then I'll be standing right next to you with my pitchfork to chase Daboll and whoever made the decision (sure smells more like Pioli than anyone else) out of town.

Until then, we have a TON of things left in this offseason before I'll be ticked (especially since I've already renewed my season tickets...I'm a little more lenient because I'm financially invested...WHOOPS!). If this move does not hinder us making the player personnel moves we need to make, then I'll be fine. We can't forget that we have a solid nucleus of players here, and that if we add a few more pieces, we do have a LEGITIMATE chance to at least win a playoff game (baby steps, people...I won't talk Super Bowl until we win a playoff game).

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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