A Few QB's The Chiefs Should Show Interest In


With the news coming out yesterday with Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel saying that they will bring in competition for Matt Cassel. Obviously, they didn't come out and say any players they will be interested in, because that would be too easy! But here are the QB's that I think the Chiefs should take a look at to replace Matt Cassel, because I don't think we need competition for Matt Cassel, we clearly don't need Matt Cassel.

1. Peyton Manning- There has been so much buzz lately about Peyton Manning lately, that we don't even know what to believe. The only thing we do know, is that Manning said Himself he has no plans on retiring. To me, Manning is a perfect fit for the Chiefs. Most readers have already heard my reasons on why I think Manning is a perfect fit, so I won't go into great depth on this one. If you haven't, Here is the link. Next!

2. Matt Flynn- Next to Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn will most likely be the 2nd most talked about QB this off season. In his 1 start of the 2011-2012 season as Aaron Rodgers' backup, he threw for 6 td's and a boatload of yards. A lot of teams with Quarterback openings would love to have Matt Flynn on their roster. But I don't think the Chiefs will. First, because the Chiefs have already taken their chance at a clearly unproven QB in Matt Cassel, and it hasn't panned out exactly how GM Scott Pioli would have liked, so far.I would be happy with Flynn because I think he has all the mechanic's that a franchise QB needs to have, But I just don't see it happening.

3. Jason Campbell- Jason Campbell is a really interesting candidate. Campbell's 2011-2012 campaign was cut short with an injury, and he is likely to be let go since the Raiders are now committed to Carson Palmer. In only 6 games, Campbell threw for about 1,200 yards, 6 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. His completion/attempt ratio was 100/165, which is very good for a running based offense, which is what the Chiefs are. I like Campbell in KC, and he may have some connections here, also. The Chiefs interviewed the Raiders OC Al Saunders. If Saunders is hired there is even a better chance of landing Campbell.The Other connection, is that our QB coach Jim Zorn was the head coach with the Redskins when Jason Campbell was the starter. I would be very happy if the Chiefs signed Jason Campbell, and either traded or kept Matt Cassel as a backup.

I would have Alex Smith, the QB of the 49ers on this list in the #4 spot, but all things are pointing to him staying in San Fran.

4. Kyle Orton- Orton, Next to Cassel, is probably the front runner for the Chiefs possibly open QB situation. In 3 starts for the Chiefs, Orton threw for 800 yards, and 1 touchdown. The Offense played much better with Orton under center, and actually looked like a decent team. Head Coach Romeo Crennel said in his most recent interview that they are going to try and bring back Kyle Orton, and I think that's smart. Orton played well, and with a returning star RB in Jamaal Charles and one of the better TE's in the league, who is still improving, in Tony Moeaki. The Chiefs would be smart to bring him back.

If the Chiefs signed any of those 4 Quarterbacks, I would be extremely excited. All of them can win with this team, and they would have a great running game alongside them, which all of them have never had in their careers. But recently, Scott Pioli said they will bring in competition for Matt Cassel. That doesn't mean starters, that means someone who can compete with Cassel to make him better. Here a a couple QB's the Chiefs would be smart to pursue, IF they are only looking for competition.

1. Chad Henne- This past season, Chad Henne went down with a shoulder injury in week 3, but will be healthy and ready to come back and play next season. I'm expecting he will be released, because either Matt Moore, or somebody else will be under center for the Miami Dolphins. Henne is somebody who is capable of taking over the team if the original starter is either injured, or benched. But Henne is not the long term answer. I wouldn't be completely disappointed, because Cassel is still capable of putting up a year like 2010 when he had 27 td's and only 7 interceptions. But sadly, I think the best of Matt Cassel is far behind him, and we need a starter. But if the Chiefa re looking for only competition, Chad Henne would be a good pickup.

2. Vince Young- Vince Young's contract is up in Philly, and he is likely to not be re-signed, because of his expensive contract. He played above average with the Eagles when Mike Vick went down with a 3 game injury, and he would definitely be good competition for Matt Cassel. He also gives the Chiefs options of putting him in, in certain packages for play actions, and QB runs. If the Chiefs are only bringing competition, I would be very staisfied with Vince Young because he can take over the team for the short-term, just not the long-term. Liek I said, we don't need backups though, we need starters.

3. Jimmy Clausen- Clausen was drafted into a terrible situation in Carolina, and has yet been given a chance to show what he's got. We really don't know if he is good enough to be considered competition, but He will keep Cassel playing his heart out. I wouldn't be too happy if Jimmuy Clausen was picked up, because that really means that Cassel has the starting job, because I don't think Clausen has enough skills to steal the starting job.

Honestly, there aren't a lot of Quarter Backs out there that are capable of winning the training camp battle with Matt Cassel, other than the first 4 I named in the first half of the post. All of those 4 QB's are capable of taking us to a Super Bowl, given the weapons around them. We have a good running game, good TE, great receiving group, good O-line (assuming it's taken care of over the off season) and a good, young defense. The only thing missing is the QB. From Manning, to Campbell, to Flynn, to Orton, all of them to me are answers at the QB position that clearly needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. This was just a short post giving my opinions on the soon-to-be free agent targets for the Chiefs. Leave your comments, Opinions, thoughts, or other QB's you'd like to see the Chiefs target.

Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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