10 Free Agents That Would Improve Chiefs Roster

Before I Start

- First Five are High-Profile Free Agents That Would Fill Holes In The Chiefs Roster. Won't Be Cheap, But At The Same Time Won't Be Overly Expensive. I Know The Chiefs Cannot Sign Them All But If They Are Aggressive In The Free Agency Process They Should Be Able To Sign At-least 2-3 of Them. Ordered In Terms Of Priority.

- Last Five Are Great Fits In The Chiefs System And Would Add Depth And Situational Strength To Select Positions.


- Carl Nicks (OG)

A disciplined, hard-working, elite Offensive Guard. Dominates while run-blocking, is phenomenal in pass-protection, and is a well-rounded beast at his position. The Chiefs are in serious need of a dominant player on the line, and Nicks would be a great, no, a prominent addition to the chiefs roster.

- Paul Soliai (NT)

The Chiefs are in serious need of a long term solution at the NT position, and Soliai could very well be an elite long-term solution. Soliai isn't as flashy as most fans would like, but he gets the job done. At 6'4 355 he is a massive run stopper and he will demand double teams. His presence would boost the production of the linebacker corps, and increase the success percentage of blitzes. He is a Pro-Bowl talent for a reason, he makes the ILB look good, and he opens up the pass rush in the 3-4 Defensive Scheme. He would be a great addition to the Chiefs Roster.

- Calais Campbell (3-4 DE)

The Chiefs were 26th in the NFL against the run last year, and that not only signifies weakness at the NT position but at the D-Line as a unit, Tyson Jackson and Wallace Gillbery are not getting it done for the chiefs, there are better options on the market and the Chiefs have to target these positions. I recommend they make Calais Campbell a priority. Aside from Justin Smith and Haloti Nghata, Campbell may be the best 3-4 Defensive End in the NFL. He recorded 53 tackles, 8 sacks, and 10 pass deflections in 2011, he's a ferocious pass rusher, is strong against the run, blocks kicks, and even drops into coverage very well. He is young and will be a long-term solution, has no weaknesses in his game, and due to his level of production in a similar system should be another top priority for the Chiefs.

- D'Qwell Jackson (MLB/ILB)

The Chiefs need an elite ILB next to Derrick Johnson. Jovan Belcher is at this point an under-rated liability,and is better kept for depth and special teams. Jackson had a monster 2011 season, he racked up 158 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 3 pass-defensed, and 1 interception. He would be phenomenal next to Johnson, the Jackson-Johnson tandem would be among the leagues best. He would be a great addition to the roster.

- Peyton Hillis (RB)

The Chiefs need a power back to pair with Jamal Charles. They could address this in the draft by getting Trent Richardson, but even still Hillis would be a solid addition. Hillis is a mauler and will never shy away from contact, paired with Charles and Richardson would give us the best group of running backs in the NFL. Even with out the addition of Richardson the Hillis-Charles Duo would be a phenomenal. Hillis has good pass catching ability, can explode between the tackles, and pick up extra blockers on blitzes. He's a complete back, has great work ethic, is a good team-mate and could a great addition to roster.

---I Love The Idea Of A Charles, Richardson, and Hillis in the backfield. I already got a good name for the trio, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Charles(Fire), Richardson(Wind), Hillis(Earth).


- Kendall Langford (3-4 DE/DT)

Langford could very well be included in the top 5, he is a great five-technique who excels at putting pressure on the quarterback and stopping the run. He is also young and would be a brilliant long-term solution. Kendall will only get better and will be among the leagues elite in the near future. He would be a great addition, and if the chiefs choose to focus on the d-line through free agency he would be a beast next to Soliai, and Campbell.

- Antonio Garay (NT)

Garay's best years are behind him, but he is still an adequate run stopper, he can be a valuable on goal line defense.Could you imagine Garay next to Soliai, a monster combination.

- Martellus Bennett (TE)

Bennett is a great blocking tight-end, in terms of offensive production he hasn't reached his full potential. But the fact he is a big bodied elite-blocking tight-end is more than enough to introduce him to our system. He would be a valuable asset on running plays.

- Zach Potter (TE)

Another great blocking TE, At 6'7 280 pds he has the height of an offensive tackle and a weight that exceeds that of the average linebacker. His primary skill is blocking, but he also has solid hands. He has phenomenal blocking, can catch, and is a match-up nightmare down the middle of the field, in my opinion that makes him a person that would be great in the system and that should be targeted in free-agency..

- Lardarius Webb (CB)

Webb is young and has tons of potential, he held opponents to a 54.6 completion percentage, and has 7 interceptions. If the Chiefs don't want to re-sign Carr, Webb is definitely a solid option. The best thing about Webb is that he has shut down corner potential, and is still not in his prime, when he gets a little more experience i think we are looking at a next great thing in the NFL Cornerback Position. He is definitely going to be a major figure.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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