Kansas City Mock Draft 1.0

Hey Chief Nation

It about time to make my first mock draft. Some people may disagree with it but it simply is a matter of opinion and this draft is looking at the needs and finding the best suitable replacement for the holes.

1st round pick 11- Trent Richardson RB Alabama

We need another powerful runner besides Jamaal Charles. Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle walk. Dexter Mccluster is a great back but not powerful like richardson.

2nd Round pick pick 44- Kelechi Osemele G Iowa State- He is a great pickup and would improve the interior line.

3rd round pick 75- Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State- Eve though he had a horrible combine, he plays at a much higher level. He would provide depth at the ILB position and also an improvement.

4th round pick 107- Mike Martin DT Michigan- We need a replacement for Kelly Gregg, this is the guy to do that. even though he is not huge he plays at a big level.

5th round pick 138- DeVier Posey WR Ohio State- Provides depth at WR and improvement

6th round pick 171- Eddie Whitley S Virginia Tech- we need another S just incase Kendrick Lewis or Eric Berry get jurt. Eddie Whitley is the bes available and a tremendous player.

7th round pick 206- Rhett Ellison TE USC- Great bloker and catcher, pretty slow but would help run game and pass game.

Free Agent Moves-

Dwayne Bowe- New Contract

Brandon Carr- Franchise Tag

Peyton Manning- 1 year deal

Ben Grubbs- 4 year deal

LeRon McClain- 5 year

Kyle Orton- Release

Thomas Jones- Retires, Released

Jackie Battle- Released.


QB- Manning/Cassel/Stanzi

RB- Charles/Richardson/McCluster

FB- McClain/Bannon

WR1- Bowe/Posey

WR2- Baldwin/Urban/Cooper

Slot WR- Breaston/McCluster/Posey

TE- Moeaki/Pope/Ellison/O´connel

LT- Albert/ Mims

LG- Lilja/Osemele

C- Weigmann/Hudson

RG- Grubbs/Asamoah

RT- Richardson/Mims

RDE- Dorsey/Gilberry

DT- Gregg/Gordon/MArtin

LDE- Jackson/Bailey

LOLB- Houston/Studebaker

LILB- Belcher/Burfict

RILB- Johnson/Williams

ROLB- Hali/Sheffield

RCB- Flowers/Routt/Arenas

LCB- Carr/Routt/Arenas

Nickel CBS- Arenas/Routt

FS- Lewis/Whtley/Washington

SS- Berry/ McGraw/

KR- McCluster/Arenas/ Posey

K- Succop

P- Colquitt

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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