My mock draft

When it comes to this off-season, if we can get Peyton Manning, great! I go into this mock assuming the roster stands as is. So keep Cassel or re-sign Orton, Bowe coming back, etc. I tried to make this a reasonable draft, but of course draft stock could change dramatically in the next 2 months. Also, as much as I would like to see it, I don't believe the Chiefs will trade up for Luck or Griffin, and I don't believe either will be available at #11. Given that's the case and that the dropoff from those two is so large, I don't think we find an immediate fix in the draft, much as I would love to.

The one roster-related comment I will make is that I think we should pass on Poe and sign Soliai. Poe did not play much NT in college and is extremely raw IMO. That being said, here goes...

1 (11) Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

Everybody knows about this guy. He’s big, skilled, intelligent and regarded as a team leader. Played left tackle in college, but has the skill set for either side. He’s a top half of the first round lock. We need help at RT and he would step in and play that position well Day 1.

2(11) Bobby Wagner, ILB, Utah State

A four year starter who led the conference in tackles three consecutive seasons while playing both inside and outside, Wagner is built like a fireplug and packs a hit to match. Very high-motor guy who was dominant at the Senior Bowl. Extremely solid fundamentally, he’s also a 2-time team captain.

3(11) Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State

Smart, tough, hard-working, accurate, and a team leader, Cousins is a player who engenders the respect of teammates and opponents both. Has a history of leading comebacks and being cool under pressure. Draws comparisons to Andy Dalton. Regarded as the most polished passer at the Combine.

4(11) Cyrus Gray, RB, Texas A&M

Solid runner who is effective both inside and out. Does an excellent job both securing the ball and getting an extra yard or two even when stopped initially. We need a second back and Gray, while no superstar, should get you consistent yards.

5(11) Nick Jean-Baptiste, NT, Baylor

Opinions seem to vary greatly on this Nose Tackle, projecting him anywhere from Round 3 to Round 7. I think he’ll land about here. He’s strong, has naturally good leverage (just plays low) and was consistently productive on the college level.

6(11) Tysyn Hartman, S, Kansas State

Second-team All-Big 12 performer who has shown ability to make plays both in coverage and versus the run. Also named to academic All-Big 12 team and was a team captain. He possesses good size (6’3”, 210) and is a converted QB so there is still some upside.

7(11) Rhett Ellison, TE, USC

A tough, physical, hard-hat guy who played all over the field – can line up at fullback, wide receiver, or tight end, and also plays special teams. Ellison is just an average pass catcher but is a very good blocker. Ellison is the kind of guy that would run through a brick wall if it would win you the game.

7(31) Greg Childs, WR, Arkansas

Likely a second round pick last year, Childs tore his right patellar tendon and instead returned to Arkansas to recover. Many believe he rushed back too soon, and his production was poor this year. He has ideal size, toughness, route-running, intelligence and strength, and is an excellent run blocker. His production in ’11 was so bad he’ll probably drop this late. If he’s healthy, he’s worth a shot here.

So, theoretically, that would leave us:

QB: Cassel/Orton/Manning, Cousins, Stanzi

HB: Charles, Gray, RunDMC, Battle/Draughn

FB: McClain, Bannon

WR: Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston, Childs, Copper

TE: Moeaki, Pope, Ellison

LT: Albert, Mims/Richardson

LG: Lilja, Bruggeman/Hudson/Weigmann/FA

C: Hudson, Weigmann

RG: Asamoah, Bruggeman/Hudson/Weigmann/FA

RT: Martin, Richardson

LE: TJax, Bailey

NT: Soliai, Powe, Jean-Baptiste

RE: Dorsey, Gordon/Gilberry

LOLB: Houston, Studebaker

ILB: DJ, Wagner, Siler, Belcher, Williams

ROLB: Hali, Sheffield

CB: Flowers, Routt, Arenas, Brown, Daniels

SS: Berry, McGraw

FS: Lewis, Hartman

K: Succop

P: Colquitt

IMO, that's a team with very few weaknesses and a lot of talent. I bet some will hate it, but I'm ok with that. :-)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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