Memo to KC Sports Media: Your Questions Stink!

Is it me or are the questions being asked of guys like Pioli and Crennel predictable, boring, lazy, and less likely to generate a thoughtful insightful response than if Kim Kardashian was conducting the interview. You know Pioli, coming from the Belichik school of media relations isn't going to want to share too much information so for pete's sake, ask a question that will stimulate him intellectually and allow an opportunity to get some insight into how he views the roster.

What questions would you like to see asked and why?

Here are some questions I would have liked to see asked and why:

1. Wiegmann has been a solid productive player at the center position for years despite being undersized. I think most people would say his best years were when he was flanked by bigger players like Waters and Shields. Rodney Hudson is also a bit undersized. Do you feel it necessary, if the center is going to be undersized compared to his peers, that he be flanked by bigger players at the guard positions? (The point of this question is to draw out whether Pioli believes he needs to upgrade the LG/Ryan Lilja position. We have the DeCastro camp out there in full campaign mode but maybe Pioli doesn't even think it needs to be addressed. And wouldn't his answer to this likely be a little more telling than: "We need competition at every position."

2. Every QB's completion percentage goes down when pressure is applied but this seems especially true of Matt Cassel. Knowing that, what was your thought process in not successfully addressing the RT position last year? Did you feel the players there would develop but they didn't? And where do you rate on the priority list improving pass protection, and not only at the RT position but across the whole line? (The point of this question should be clear.)

3. Given the trend for big athletic TE's to play such a focal point in passing games, what are some of the things that you see can be done to counteract that kind of player in terms of personnel? Do you think we will see smaller faster LB's deployed to defend such a player? Or do we need to see a bigger faster player develop at the safety position? Is that even possible? (The point of this question is to try and judge whether we are going to see a suprise major free agent signing or higher draft pick at the safety or LB position that we as regular fans might not anticipate. I think we all know that we need depth at safety but does anyone think that Pioli will be targeting a starting safety like Landry or someone of that caliber? I doubt it. But hearing his answer to this question might tip us off to something on this front.)

4. We are used to seeing the type of player for the DE position in the 3-4 look like players such as Richard Seymour, Ty Warren, the guys from Pittsburgh and Baltimore, etc. You drafted Allen Bailey last year and he doesn't really fit that mold. What things does Bailey bring to the table that you think overcome the fact he doesn't have the size of a Richard Seymour? (The point of this question is to see if Pioli thinks he has his replacement for Glenn Dorsey already on the roster or if he is going to be targeting a true 3-4 DE again because he drafted Bailey to be a sub-rusher only.)

Okay, those are just a few of the things I would like to see asked. Certainly not as sexy as asking about Peyton Manning but might actually provide more insight into what the Chiefs will be doing this offseason. I'd like to see what questions you guys would have for the KC brass.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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