Super Bowl XLVII Champs?

I listened a few weeks ago when GM Scott Pioli was on the Border Patrol on 810 and he said that the team had approximately $38 million dollars. This I do not believe. The way he spoke it sounded like he was exaterating, on the high side. I assume that the real number is actually somewhere around $45 million so for purposes of this post thats the number I am going to use. I am setting asside 5 million for the draft and subtracting the 6.5 from Routt's contract giving us approx. $33.5 million to spend. I believe that with this amount of money spent in the proper places and a few key offseason steps the chiefs can be super bowl XLVII champs. (Note: When I started doing this I was surprised at how little 30 million dollars went in the NFL)

Active Free Agency(Main Guys)

WR Dwayne Bowe- With Carr likely gone we have to bring him back. 5 years, $42.5 million(8.5/yr)

QB Peyton Manning- This is obviously assuming he is healthy. I hear a lot of people not wanting him because they believe "it's too much about winning now and not being a winner for the next decade", this I don't understand so I'm going to show you how we win now and down the road. 2 years w/ team option for 3rd, $30 million(15/yr)

RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis- Not the best running back in free agency but I think he is the best value in free agency. Very reliable guy that can handle the workload. 4 years, $16 million(4/yr)

DE Adam Carriker- I was looking at the list of defensive ends this year and stumbled across this name. Not a particularly great end but fits in our scheme and can stuff the run at probably a very good price. 3 years, $10 million(3.3/yr)

FS Brandon Meriweather- I'm a big fan of Lewis but recognize we need some serious depth at safety and with a weak draft class I think he provides a very talented 3rd safety at a very affordable price. 3 years w/ team option for 4th, $6 million(2/yr) Approx. Total= $33 million

Replacing Old with New

-Tag Brandon Carr and trade him to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 71st pick(round 3). I would like a second out of him but I think since he will cost alot that teams will be hesitant.

- Trade Matt Cassel and Glenn Dorsey to Philidelphia Eagles for 51st pick(round 2) and pay half of both players contracts. These are two guys that are very replaceable to us and would be good to get them off the books as much as possible. Also both would fill needs for Philly.

Fantastic Draft

1.) #11 NT Dontari Poe-Love his athleticism and I think with some coaching from Crennel he will be the best NT in the NFL very very soon. Some of you will criticize and say that this is a reach and I thought about moving back to 15 with philly but I think that there would be a very good chance of a team moving up in front of us to get him.

2a.) #44 QB Brock Osweiler-Im glad he was a little shorter at the combine then expected. His biggest flaw is lack of experience but that wouldnt be a problem with two years behind peyton. Has the one thing you cant teach;big arm.

2b.) #51 RT Zebrie Sanders- Solid RT ZBS prospect and can start from day one.

3a.) #71 OG Kevin Zeitler- I love decastro but I simply think that there are far more pressing needs. Zeitler has a ton of potential.

3b.) #75 TE Ladarius Green- Injuries have been a small problem but when he's right I think hes the best tight end in the draft.

4.) #107 SS Harrison Smith- I've seen him projected from 1st round to 6th round so I wasnt sure. Provides great safety depth.

5.) #138 WR Tommy Streeter- Blew up the combine. Has a ton of talent but is raw.

6.) #171 RB/FB Terrance Ganaway- Can run in short yardage situations, run block, and play special teams

7a.) #201 CB Asa Jackson- Great physical tools

7b.) #206 FB Cody Johnson- Could be a great blocking fullback someday and can play special teams

2012 Depth Chart




2nd String

3rd String


P. Manning

R. Stanzi

B. Osweiler


J. Charles

B. Green-Ellis

D. McCluster


T. Ganaway

C. Johnson

WR 1

D. Bowe

S. Breaston

T. Copper

WR 2

J. Baldwin

T. Streeter


T. Moeaki

L. Green


B. Albert

B. Richardson


K. Zeitler

R. Lilja


R. Hudson

K. Zeitler


J. Asomoah

R. Lilja


Z. Sanders

B. Richardson




2nd String

3rd String


A. Carriker



D. Poe

J. Powe


T. Jackson

A. Gordon


J. Houston

A. Studebaker


B. Siler

J. Belcher


D. Johnson

D. Williams


T. Hali

G. Sheffield


B. Flowers

J. Arenas

J. Brown


S. Routt

T. Daniels

A. Jackson


E. Berry

H. Smith

J. McGraw


K. Lewis

B. Meriweather

So what do you guys think? Would we be next years super bowl favorites?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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