mocking the QBs

After listening to plenty of qb talk on the combine coverage, I decided to explore the likelihood of teams and their QB situations.

Here are the teams I believe we can safely say aren't in the market for a starting QB:

New England-Brady

GreenBay- Rodgers

New Orleans- Brees

Pittsburgh- Roethlisberger

San Diego- Rivers

Atlanta- Ryan

Philadelphia- Vick

New York (NFC)- Manning

Dallas- Romo

Baltimore- Flacco

Houston- Shaub

Tampa Bay- Freeman

Detroit- Stafford

Carolina- Newton

Cincinnati- Dalton

Chicago- Cutler

Then there are the teams who are most likely not looking for a starting QB:

Minnesota- Ponder

Oakland- Palmer

San Francisco- Smith

Tennessee- Locker

Jacksonville- Gabbert

Then we have the teams that may or may not have the answer. They probably aren't looking for an upgrade, but maybe should be:

St Louis- Bradford

Arizona- Kolb

New York (AFC)- Sanchez

Buffalo- Fitzpatrick

Kansas City- Cassel

Cleveland- McCoy

Denver- Tebow

These teams are very likely looking for a new starting QB:

Indianapolis- Manning

Seattle- Jackson

Miami- Henne

Washington- Grossman

Next, let's look at the top 5 (pending) free agent options and top 5 rookie prospects at QB:

Peyton Manning. The Colts can't even see him throw until April. They can't trade him until the middle of March. But they have to pay the man a $28M roster bonus in less than 2 weeks. He's as good as gone.

Matt Flynn. The big news is that the Packers apparently aren't going to tag and trade Flynn.

Kyle Orton. He lost his job to Tebow, which may have hurt his stock. However, he was 2-1 as a Chief. He is a vet, and showed some positives with the Chiefs, despite their anemic offense.

Vince Young. Should he be on this list? Maybe, maybe not. I'm putting him on here because he actually has 31-19 record as a starter. Compared to other starting QBs in the league...

Jason Campbell. Prior to his injury, was looking like a pretty decent starting QB. He has some talent, and can compete for a starting job somewhere.

Feel free to argue the merits of these guys. I'm just trying to provide some depth for the sake of the conversation of this post.

Top 5 rookie prospects:

Andrew Luck. I won't waste your time here.

RG III. Same.

Tannehill. Moved to QB half-way through college, Tannehill needs more time to grow.

Weeden. The big knock on Weeden is his age. However, a team seeking a mature QB who should be able to step into the fire on day one may look no farther than Weeden.

Cousins. I liked what I saw out of Cousins in his bowl game, and thought he might be a nice sleeper prospect. It looks like he won't be a sleeper, however.

These are Mayock's top 5.

Without further adieu, let's head toward our mocking of these qbs and qb situations. We have 10 players and we have 11 teams that may be looking for a QB or definitely are looking for a QB: Indianapolis, St Louis, Cleveland, Washington, Miami, NYJ, Kansas City, Seattle, Arizona, Denver, and Buffalo.

* With the first pick in the NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts draft.....Andrew Luck

No explanation needed. Manning is cut, Luck is in.

* Before the beginning of the 2012 season, the Cleveland Browns trade for.....Matt Flynn

Before you think I'm crazy, there is an NBC Sports report that the Browns are attempting to do just that!


Mike Holmgren decides he wants two first round picks and a possible franchise QB, instead of giving up at least both of those first round picks to draft a possible franchise QB.

* At the beginning of free agency, the Washington Redskins sign.....Kyle Orton

Shanahan needs to win now. RG III would need more toys. They go with the veteran QB.

* On or before March 8th, the Miami Dolphins sign.....Peyton Manning

NYJ, Miami and KC seem the most likely options. Miami makes a strong push because Miami sports are about entertainment. Manning is the big draw. Manning takes the weather and the money and moves on to a retirement community. I must admit, I'm not completely sold on this. The Jets make too much sense on both sides.

* The St Louis Rams stick with Sam Bradford, but gain some help for him by trading out of #2

But if Bradford doesn't make a leap in year three, an unsuccessful Rams team may be dreaming about Barkley....

* The New York Jets, in a surprising move, go off of my boards and make a trade with the New England Patriots for.....Ryan Mallet

Both teams grind their teeth, momentarily shelve their hatred and make the trade. Bellichick forces the Jets to give him a huge cardboard check with the traded draft picks written on it. He's latter seen clutching the check to his body, whispering "my precioussssss."

* The Kansas City Chiefs, in another surprising move, trade....................Matt Cassel to the Seattle Seahawks

Nobody sees it coming, but should. Cassel, even with his short-coming is better than Jackson. Pete Carroll, his college coach, welcomes him with wide open arms.

* The Denver Broncos sign.......Vince Young or Jason Campbell. I'm not saying they're both the same player, but they can move the ball down the field, and will give Tebow legitimate competition.

* The Arizona Cardinals........stick with Kolb

But he has to bring it in 2012, or he'll be on his way out....

* The Buffalo Bills.......keep Ryan Fitzpatrick......but also draft Weeden

Chan puts the pressure on Mr. Ivy League.

* Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs.....draft RG III and sign Josh Johnson

There are plenty of decent QBs available. It should be a fun off-season.

How do you see the QB carousal playing out?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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