Draft Day Armageddon! (Inspired on previous posts)

I'm a big supporter of AP, and I catch myself reading the site a couple times a day- with that in mind I'd like to bring in another scenario for all us readers. I'm asking you to be the General Manager for the Chiefs on Draft day. I don't want you to answer as to what you think will happen with the laid out scenario, I want you to draft who you want!

So let me set the mood... Picks 1-10

The draft results look like this:

1) Andrew Luck Colts
2) Robert Griffin Da 3rd Browns via Rams
3) Morris Claiborne Vikings
4) Justin Blackmon Rams via Browns
5) Janoris Jenkins Buccaneers
6) Trent Richardson Colts via Redskins
7) Quinton Coples Jaguars
8) Michael Brockers Panthers
9) Matt Kalil Dolphins
10) Riley Reiff Bills

So... Wtf happened on the 6th pick??? How did the Colts end up with Luck and Richardson? Before everyone freaks out and says "no way in H-E- double hockey sticks that happens!!!" for the sake of fun and imagination let's say it happens! Let's say that the Colts never released Peyton Manning, and every day after March 8th the whole world was like "woah the Colts are keeping Manning" and then come draft day the Colts trade him off to the Redskins for the 6th pick. Highly unlikely but highly plausible at the same time. So let's take a quick look at what just happened with each pick.

1) The Colts now have apparently the next John Elway, what ever the heck that means, someone who will help take their team to the next level. Someone who will have to out throw Jake Locker on many, many great Monday night/Sunday night games in the future (At least I hope so!) personally not a huge Luck fan my self. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I know how bad the PAC-10's competition is (PAC-12)

2) The Browns now have two of Texas' best college QB's ever, even though we know that either A) McCoy is traded to the Raiders or B) He outplays Griffin, which we all know won't happen
All joking aside I'd love to see KC pursuing Griffin but I just don't see it happening. He's a weapon every time he touchs the ball.

3) What are the Vikings doing passing on Kalil? Well they decide to go with a great shutdown corner, in hopes that one day he can help contain the great divisional receivers Megatron, Jennings, and Knox (haha jk) Watching almost all LSU games, Ive learned at least one thing; dont throw towards Claiborne.

4) Sam Bradford now has a legit target, and helps the Rams get a step closer at competing with the 49er's - I truly believe Justin is a better receiver than AJ Green, Julio, and Dez Bryant. That's just my opinion though so... He will for sure upgrade Sam's numbers, as well as help take some attention away from his teammates.

5) The Bucc's decide to pass on Richardson and go with what appears to be the most unpredictable draft pick since the Raiders drafted Heyward-Bay over Crabtree; but they now have a great young corner who again like the Vikings can help cover great divisional rival receivers Steve Smith, Colston, and at least one of the freaks in Atlanta- the more I think about this the more I like it. Jenkins is a great corner, with a lot of upside.

6) Now here we are... Andrew Luck handing off to Trent Richardson, a little payback to the Jag's for all those broken tackles Pocket Hercules has caused over the years. This would be such a great pick in my opinion. Being a huge LSU fan my self, I know first hand how good Addai, and Richardson are. But let's face it- the colts last couple of draft picks on RB's have been bad! Combine that with a declining Joseph and this pick looks better and better. I mean they might be decent but this would put them over the top. Think about this, Andrew luck doesn't have to force a lot of throws as a rookie because he can now hand it off to "The Beast" yes the Dog from the Sand-Lot. So the Colts get what they want, and the Red Skins get a great QB in Manning, plus they most Likely have to pick up a $28Million tab.

7) Don't know too much about Quinton besides the fact Mike Mayock says he has "a big beautiful body" btw Does mayock freak any of you out like he does me? Haha, any ways he's supposed to be a pretty good pass rusher, and last time I checked the the Jag's couldn't sack a paper bag lunch (again what ever that means)

8) So my boy Michael gets to finally fulfill his life time goal of being a pro. But Like I said earlier I'm a big LSU fan and I know Michael will be a great pro, albeit I said the same thing about Tyson, and Dorsey though that's another story (I think they do their job well though we all wish they could put a little more pressure on the QB. Fare?) Brockers isn't the best pass rusher, but he is good for clogging lanes; just what the Panthers will need for Jon "Beast Mode" Beason.

9) So the biggest steal in the draft since well... Jamarcus Russell!!! Jk (that's the LSU in me trying to defend him haha) anyway I know the Dolphins might have other needs, and I know everyone calm down- yes Kalil will be forced to play RT. but my goodness can you imagine having the two best tackle tandem in the league? It would be crazy to think that Kalil, the only true LT in the draft according to many, will be forced to play RT! I mean I'm sure we've all read the story on how he forced Tyron Smith to play RT, well Matt here's some karma haha... Anyway great pick for them to protect their QB Matt Moore haha! (or possibly another great Bayou Bengal Matt Flynn???)

10) The Bills now select Riley Reiff to play on there oline. Whether he starts at LT or RT I don't know. To be honest all I know about the Bills is if I ever seen Stevi Johnson I'm Gunna take out his damn knee (yeah it was clean but he didn't have to go low)

Also with this pick, Chiefs fans are left with great sorrow because not only are the Best QB's gone, but the best tackles are gone. To make things worse (yes I know this is way over the top and again, extremely unlikely) both David Decastro, and Jonathan Martin tore there ACL’s on Stanford’s pro day. With the results of the injuries the players draft status is likely to fall, but assumed they will be drafted in the bottom end of the 1st round, where teams that don’t have huge needs for the players but wouldn’t mind having one of them miss a majority of their first season.

So Mr/Mrs (Insert name) General Manager, I ask that you lead this Chiefs team with a great draft pick. I'm in hopes you will select a great player to help our team! Oh and one more thing... NO TRADING! That just kills these drafts for me! Yes I know I did the whole trade scenario but that was to spice things up,and see your response to the whole scenario. So with that in mind Brandon Carr is a Chief... At least during this whole draft process. Thanks for reading, and let me know what your opinion is in the comments as well as your selection and why that player would be a good fit! Thanks!!! And Rec if you enjoyed reading, I just want to hear as many people’s response to the draft as possible on all the picks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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