And now for something new...

Oh God, another post about our QB situation. Don't worry im about ready to blow my brains out too, but this is what the off season was made for right? Beating the dead horse to a second death!

I guess this is my response to a recent fan post that simply stated that Matt Cassel made him want to barf and then posted Matt's 2011 stats. However, this will be my first ever fan post so PLEASE be easy on me!

Let me first state that I don't think Matt is our long term answer to QB. Even though he isn't the second coming of Christ he is still starting quarterback material in the NFL. Is he dominant compared to the other QB's? Of course not, but that doesn't mean that we decide he HAS to be the exact opposite of elite. Some people just simply disagree with this seemingly bold statement, so lets take a trip inside the mind of swish and see how I can justify myself before you all, after the jump. (always wanted to say that! haha)

With the way I see it there are different tiers of Quarterbacks in the NFL. First you have the Elite Quarterbacks. This is pretty self explanatory, but for the sake of making things clear an elite QB in the NFL is a record setting QB who will make the rest of your offense look better than it might actually be. (ie. Peyton Manning is a guy that constantly put up numbers that left him top 5 for his respective position and made his offense more productive than it would have been without him. Without Peyton the Colts ended up picking No. 1 overall in this years draft.) Peyton is elite along with guys like Brady Rodgers and Brees.

Next you have your franchise QB. These guys aren't necessarily overachievers, but hey not every QB can be elite. They franchise QB is a solid quarterback that can man an offense for their career. Yes these guys can and will win the big game, but they aren't going to be setting records and being in the top 5 of their position every year. These are the names like Roethlisberger Eli Manning Rivers and Matt Ryan even.

Next we have the mediocre QB. This is a QB who can have a chance to start for a lot teams around the league. This guy is going to win you games if he is given a fair chance(ie. the right system, the right coaches, and the right players around him). He wont make the rest of his offense look better like an elite QB would, but provided with the right core group of players around him he can produce and win games. If ALL the stars aligned I see no reason why a guy like this cant make playoff runs. They have all the necessary tools a QB needs just not much else These are quarterbacks like our very own Cassel and *Gasp* Kyle Orton and for the sake of more names, guys like Kolb and Alex Smith.

Now finally we have QB's that are downright shitty. These guys get the chance to play and prove that they just shouldn't be in the long term picture. If your starter goes down for a week or two then this guy will fill in and might win a game or two if he's lucky, but he is nowhere near the status of elite and in no case is the face of the franchise. He will most likely make his supporting cast look worse, and in some cases his supporting cast will make him look OK at best. These are guys like Tyler Palko ( It just hurts my head typing his name out) and Seneca Wallace and maybe Blaine Gabbert (eventhough he was thrown into a shitty situation).

I guess my point of this post is to ask why people keep classifying Cassel as one of these shitty QB's. He isn't elite and never will be, that much is as clear as it gets. But for people to call out Matt and put him in the same class as Tyler Palko just blows me away, saying he is just a good backup. Would Cassel make a good backup? Yeah but so would half of the starters in the league that are not franchise guys. But just because a guy would make a very good backup doesn't mean he cant start somewhere and have a decent career. Do we need an elite QB right now? Saying it would be nice to have one is an understatement, but it's not a need necessarily. IMO we can get by easily once we find our franchise guy. I'm perfectly willing to have Matt be a serviceable stop gap guy until we find our guy in the next year or two.

Oh yeah, GO CHIEFS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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