2011 Chiefs Do Over

HC-In hindsight maybe Pioli should have fired Haley at the end of 2010 and reained Charlie Weiss as OC and moved Romeo to HC. What Pioli could have done also was provide greater oversight and require Haley to have offered Chris Palmer (TitansOC, Patriots wr coach 93=95, Pats qb coach 96, Jags oc 97-98, HC Browns 1999-2000, Texans OC 2002-2005, Cowboysqb coach 2006, Giantsqb coach 2007-2008) the OC job instead of Muir. Haley did offer Palmer the qb coaching job which Palmer declined (probably after roflao over hiring Bill Muir as OC).

Throw in Pioli sitting back while Haley flushed the limited pre-season down the drain and you see what a miracle it was we finished 7-9. Lets take a look though at what is u Pioli's responsibility, the draft:

Trading back and picking up a 3rd rd pick gets an A. Jonathan Baldiwn's disappearing act year one gets an F. Redo?

26. Andy Dalton, QB TCU. The end of the 2010 season should have been a sign that Matt Cassel is not the answer. Dalton had a decent rookie season. We even scouted him last offseason and had he fallen a little further we may have taken him. This would have truly brought "competition" to Cassel's plate and ended his Sacred Cow status.

58. Torrey Smith, WR Maryland, drafted by Pioli's old running buddy Ozzie Newsome. Smith managed to avoid fights and db's while snagging 50 catches and 7 tds, not that the Ravens are pass happy but not bad. Team him with Dwayne Bowe and we can only imagine what may have been.

70. Justin Houston OLB Georgia......NO CHANGES!! Pioli got it right on this one no second guessing here.

86. Allen Bailey DE Miami...see above, may have been other players I would have liked to have seen but Bailey is lite years ahead of where Alex Magee and Tyson Jackson were 2 years ago....hmmm you and you shouldn't draft 3-4 DE's at the top of the draft because you can find them later?

118. Jalil Brown DB Colorado, again see above, Brown didn't play alot but wasn't a bad pick, raw bit has good size and some Bronco fans gave a good review.

135. Ricky Stanzi, QB Iowa, as seen from my other pos I feel very strongly about bringing in kids/young gun slingers by the bushels until we find our guy. Stanzi was projected much higher and is a decent pick here.

140. Evan Royster, RB Penn St, Imagine a RB in a ZBS scheme that averaged 5.6yds per carry with Roysters size. His numbers are not schewed by one long run, this pick would have also been used to pack Thomas Jones's bags even if we had to eat his $3mil contract and his so called "leadership".

199. Chris Neild, NT West Virginia. Powe may show us something yet but Neild played in 15 games.

224. Anthony Allen, RB Georgia Tech, we scouted this guy and yet took some guy from Yale that never saw the field. Allen could be a hybrid FB/RB like Jackie Battle or Le'Ron McClain and once again a player Pioli passed on his old running buddy Newsome pounced?

End result? Not hard to see at least 9-7, AFC West champs and how we gave the Steelers a fit with Palko at QB no doubt we could have beaten them with Dalton or Stanzi. This would also free up this draft to get O-line and possibly safety depth and ILB. Your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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