My fantasy team through the eyes of Clark Hunt

Being a fan of KC chief football holds many ironies for me. Being an anti-corporate, usually leaning toward the point of view of labor than that of management type of person my football fandom is the complete opposite. I love a good story and love it when my team has players with cool stories, such as Hali and war torn Lyberia and Cassel the 2nd string college Qb that could. But the reality is that I only like those stories if the players perform on the field. I could care less for high quailty people if they suck on the field and I can tolerate an asshole if he can provide plays that help my team win. My real support lies in the owner of the team. I want to see good desision making from the owner which includes his GM and the coaches that the GM hires.

The owner of a football team gets to play a version of fantasy football that I can only envy. A 32 team league that is run like the desisions one makes actually matter. Trades only happen if they are a win-win proposition........injuries or unfortunate luck being the likely mechanism that a trade ends up of being a one-sided coup. Desisions are made without the virtue of hindsight, only with gut impulses and models of what has happened in the past.

The point of this fan post is to examine Clark Hunt as an owner. Speculating on his decision making by trying to see the KC chiefs though his eyes. So CH gets an invite to this exclusive fantasy football game by virtue of his father. Isure he wants to make his own name for himself but it is easier to make that name MUDD so one needs to be smart. After Daddy dies it is probably best not to dump Peterson---the guy who has known you and probably has been mentoring you in the ways of running a football team since high school. But you are young and want to make your you direct your GM to scrape the old team and build a winner........good choices CH in the years 06-08....... I understand.............So CH has known the Peterson has been trying to build a winner for 20 some years and has yet to do it so when the oppurtunity comes around to hire Pioli he lets Peterson go......thanks for everything Carl but I need to be my own man and not stay in the shadow of my dear ole dad's choices...............Great choice CH....I agree.

Pioli wants to hire his own coach and build the dynasty the way he know how...............I understand CH but with the virtue of hindsight this was not a good choice..............Herm's strongpoint as a coach seems to be a good talent evaluater. The task you saddled him with remember....scrap the old and build new. This was going pretty well, some good choices on drafts ( Johnson, Hali, Bowe, Carr, Flowers) and good trades were made yeilding us Albert, Charles, Arenus and Moeki. So in comes Poili he waits around to get Haley and is rushed to get his draft evaluations and thus a bad draft class. I am left to wonder what would of happened if CH would have pursuaded Pioli to keep Herm one year while Pioli was task with getting his machine up and running was going to be a growing pain year anyway. Nobody had any hopes of 2009 being a playoff and learn CH you are the boss not the egomanical Pioli.

A weak schedule and the development of prior smart moves resulted in a playoff appearance. CH has to be happy.....maybe too happy and thus persuading Pioli into keeping Haley. There would have been a fan rebellion if Haley was fired after the 2010 season................even with the virtue of hindsight I agree that Haley should not have been fired at this time. All the good things that happened in 2010 just hid some of the flaws of the team.......2011 injuries have exposed these allowing the rebuild to happen without fan interference. All in all 2011 maybe the best thing that could have happened for CH and his dream of a dynasty KC Chief team.

So now we are into the 2012 season. What is CH to do. Most here on AP seem to thing a franchise Qb is needed. Thats all great and wonderful except for the fact that franchise Qb are rare. The best way to get one is by developing the right person, but you dont have the virtue of a flashing billboard identifying who the right person is...and that includes Luck and RG3. Even if you have a franchise Qb life isnt so easy because you have to pay them so much of your cap that other personnel choices become critical in order to compete at the highest levels. The model that has been shown to work in the NFL is a marginal Qb and a hell of a team.

If I am CH, at this time I would persue the hell of a team model as opposed to the franchise Qb. (the one in the hand is worth two in the bushes arguement). We are getting close to having a hell of a team due to the development of many good choices of drafting and FA signings. The NFL is a passing to have a defense that can attack others passing game plan........The NFL is a passing league and most teams will try to make a defense capable of handling the pass.......could be pretty fun to have a powerful RUN based offense. If I am CH I am thinking Trent Richardson could be a fun draft addition or if I really knew how good Jackie Battle was I would say offensive line is the way to go but either way if I am CH I realize I am not smart enough to make that decision and its Pioli that MUST make the right one because 2012 is the season I want to make some real playoff noise.

So in conclusion I think Clark Hunt has done pretty well as an owner of his fantasy FB team these last 5 years. But if 2012 does not turn into a strong playoff run there had better be some extraordinary reasons why it didnt happen or my opinion changes if CH allows Pioli to keep his job.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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