The Good From Today

When I heard that Stanford Routt today my initial reaction was anger. I was mad at Pioli cause of his consistent talk about resigning "our guys" and his infuriating lack of participation in free agency. But then I started to think...

The more I think about this move the more I like it. Let me first say yes, of course if I had to pick between Brandon Carr and Stanford Routt I would pick Carr. But maybe, just maybe, going down the Routt route we have much more possibilities. In my opinion 3 positives came of today when Routt signed with us. First of all we saved roughly $4 million for a very good cornerback who I think is a SLIGHT downgrade from Carr. Routt led the NFL last year in penalties and was 2nd with the most TDs allowed and Carr was very, very good last year so obviously Carr is much better right? Let us remember that it was Routt's first year covering number one wide receivers and Carr rarely saw them. I do think Carr is the better player but I think when considering money, Routt is the better value. The second positive from today was that Pioli avoided a disasterous offseason. Imagine if we had been negotiating contracts with both Dbowe and Carr, couldn't decide on who to tag, both got massive offers elsewhere, and lost both of then half way through the free agency period. I give Pioli a lot of credit for being proactive and not reactive. The third and most important thing that developed today is the options. This signing gives our front office a ton of flexibility and that's what this post is about. So if I was Pioli, this is what I would do from here on out. Team Needs: QB, T, NT, TE, RB, ILB, G, S depth


The first part of this is pretty straight forward. I like most the guys we have that are free agents this season and would like to see them back in a KC uniform next year. Resign(UFA's):

WR Dwayne Bowe-If he's not back next year I'm pretty sure everyone on here will riot... OT Barry Richardson-Not a big fan but would provide solid depth at tackle RB Jackie Battle-Love the way he runs. Very underated and valueable player on this team. FB Le'ron McClain- I don't think this year was a good gage of what he is and would love seeing him clear the road for Jamal next season. DE Amon Gordon- Great versatility and RAC loves him. CB Travis Daniels- Very solid and versatile back up corner. Provides good depth S Jon McGraw- Not a popular choice but I like him for depth. QB Kyle Orton- I debated this one because while I do believe Orton is the better QB I think Cassel deserves one more year behind a good line and under a good coach and coordinator.

Free Agency

This is where I oddly feel like I am actually Scott Pioli for some reason...

RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis- Dude has never fumbled in the NFL. Never! Underated guy, good value, and yes he's a patriot

S Brandon Meriweather- Pro bowl caliber player who'd look damn good next to Berry and Lewis. Just another weapon for Romeo's D. Oh and he's a patriot!

NT Paul Soliai-Look at this beast. If your reading this then I don't have to explain anything here.

NFL Draft

I didn't really know where to put this but since it involves draft picks it's going here, and it's where that Routt thing comes back in. 1) Tag and trade CB Brandon Carr to the Cleveland Browns for 2nd round pick(#36) 2) Trade DE Glenn Dorsey to Indianapolis Colts for 3rd round pick(#65) 3) Trade Cassel to Seattle for 5th round(#138/139)

Round 1- Chiefs trade #11/12 to Cincinnati Bengals(RB,OG,CB-they will look to move up with the great talent at these positions where we're picking) for #21 and #53. Trade 2nd rounder #43/44 and 3rd rounder #73/74 to New England for #27. #21) OT Mike Adams #27) SILB Vontaze Burfict

Round 2 #36) DE Jared Crick #53) OG Kevin Zeitler

Round 3 #65) TE Ladarius Green

Round 4 #106/107) WR Joe Adams

Round 5 #138/139) QB B.J. Coleman #138/139) WR Jarius Wright

Round 6 #170/171) DE Dominique Hamilton

Round 7 #202/203) CB Asa Jackson #223) C William Vlachos

2012 Depth Chart

Offense: QB- Orton, Stanzi, Coleman RB- Charles, Green-Ellis, McCluster, Battle FB- McClain, Battle WR- Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston, Adams, Wright TE- Moeaki, Green, O'Connell LT- Albert, Richardson LG- Zeitler, Lilja C- Hudson, Vlachos RG- Asamoah, Lilja RT- Adams, Richardson

Defense: LDE- Jackson, Hamilton, Gordon NT- Soliai, Powe, Gordon RDE- Crick, Bailey, Gordon LOLB- Hali, Sheffield, Miller WILB- Johnson, Belcher SILB- Burfict, Siler, Belcher ROLB- Houston, Studebaker, Miller CB- Flowers, Routt, Arenas, Daniels, Brown, Jackson FS- Lewis, Meriweather SS- Berry, McGraw

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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