Why History Will Repeat Itself

The obscure title is to hide a secret.

History will repeat itself for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What piece you say? Superbowl baby.

Not to beat around the bush, I am saying that a Purdue QB will take the Chiefs to a Superbowl.

Now the only question is which one?

According to Wikipedia there are three QB's in the NFL from Purdue. Kyle Orton, Curtis Painter and Drew Brees.

Interestingly enough all three are possibly going to be available. Kyle Orton is a UFA, Painter is likely to be cut and I am willing to bet that Drew Brees gets the tag.

Curtis Painter got the short end of the stick. The man had to fill Peyton Manning's shoes in Indy and proved that one man does in fact make a team. He nearly took the Chiefs to the woodshed in Week 5 but then Matt Cassel had a good day and Jackie Battle ripped right through that Defense.

Verdict: I don't think Pioli will sign him.

Kyle Orton is who most Chiefs fans want. I have to agree with that. He did admirably in the three games. He ripped Green Bay a new one, was one blocked FG from beating the Raiders and got revenge against his old team. His only flaw was that he sucks in the Red Zone. In between the 20's he is good but he is horrible in the Red Zone, just like the Chiefs throughout the season.

Verdict: Between him and our final candidate, he is the cheaper option and more likely.

Now comes the one Free Agent I am really paying attention to. Screw Manning or Carr or Bowe, I am paying attention to what the Ain'ts are going to do with Drew Brees.

It is all but certain that Drew Brees is going to get the Tag. The Chiefs have the money to get a nice deal done with him and one of our Free Agents. I say give him Tom Brady money and give those two first round picks in a gift basket. If the owner is as cheap as people say, then Brees is going to be available. If the Chiefs want to fix the QB situation and give competition, then sign Drew Brees and make the Saints pay for not extending him after the Super Bowl.

Verdict: Scott do me a favor, sign him and ship those first round picks in a gift basket signed "Kansas City Chiefs fans."

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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