Why Re-Signing Our Own May Be The Most Important To The Chiefs


With Free Agency looming, officially starting on March 13th at 4:00 pm, The Chiefs have yet to Re-Sign any player on the team who's contract has expired. Actually, they have given LB Brandon Siler a 1-year extension, along with TE Jake O'connel. But the main point is there haven't been a lot or any commotion at all yet, not from the Chiefs, or really from any other team. There usually isn't, but we should be hearing some things pretty soon, especially since teams are allowed to apply the franchise tag to a player on February 20th. With that aside, were going to go into why I think, Re-Signing our own players, is just as important, or even important, than free-agency or maybe the draft.

One of the main reasons that Re-Signing our own could be more important than free agency, not the draft, but free-agency, is because of specifically this, right here:

The Chiefs can sign their Starting QB in Kyle Orton WR in Dwayne Bowe, FB in Le'Ron Mcclain, CB Brandon Carr, Possibly starting LB Javon Belcher, and (Let's hope not starter) OT Barry Richardson. That means a lot to the team. And if they can sign every one of these key free agents, which is very possible, since the Chiefs have $63 million dollars to spend, they will have sured up a lot of key spots, and still have the money to make a dent in free agency. Another advantage of signing these players, would be that the Chiefs would practically be able to take the best player available with their 1st round pick. Now, were taking a nosedive into who I think should be Re-Signed, and who should not.

First Here is a list of every player who is due to be a free agency on March 13th, the start of free agency:

QB Kyle Orton
RB Jackie Battle
RB Thomas Jones
FB Le'Ron McClain
WR Dwayne Bowe
WR Jerheme Urban
TE Anthony Becht
TE Leonard Pope
OT Ryan O'Callaghan
OT Barry Richardson
OC Casey Wiegmann
DE Wallace Gilberry
DT Amon Gordon
DT Kelly Gregg
CB Brandon Carr
CB Travis Daniels
S Jon McGraw
S Sabby Piscitelli

Players Who Should Be Re-Signed:

CB Brandon Carr- Carr is one of the most important players of the defense. He is very consistent, and Flowers and Carr are one of the best 1-2 punches in the NFL at the cornerback position. The Chiefs would suffer tremendously if Brandon Carr was lost, and both parties have said they would like to make an agreement, so we have that going for us.

WR Dwayne Bowe- Like Carr, Bowe is a huge piece of the Chiefs offense. He may be a little inconsistent but he has cut his dropped passes down this past year. He is more likely to get the franchise tag to see if he can be more consistent next year, and with good QB play he should be. I expect him to be back, and want him to be back.

FB Le'Ron Mcclain- Mcclain is an interesting free agent here. Starting RB Jamaal Charles went down with an injury, so Mcclain was blocking for only Jackie Battle, and still produced pretty well. I can see him getting a 2 or 3 year contract, because he should be better blocking for Jamaal Charles and possibly a new face in the backfield, plus he can take some carries and be productive himself, too.

OT Barry Richardson- Before you get mad at me for saying we should re-sign the horrifying Barry Richardson, let me explain. Richardson could provide the Chiefs with some very good depth at the Tackle Position, assuming they draft, or sign a starter in the off season. He should be re-signed for depth purposes.

DE Wallace Gilberry- Gilberry to me has a boatload of potential. In 2010 he was 2nd on the team in sacks, even with limited playing time. Last year, Gilberry saw even less playing time, and still was fairly productive, with 2.5 sacks. He could provide depth, and even possibly take the starting position if given the chance.

DT Amon Gordon- Amon Gordon who like Gilberry, also didn't see much playing time in 2011, but still shopwed some bright spots at the NT position. Gordon is far from a starter, but could fight with Jerrell Powe for the 2nd string position, since the Chiefs are predicted to go after a NT in the draft or free agency.

CB Travis Daniels- Daniels, who usually is on the field with the Chiefs defense in the Nickel formation, to me deserves a contract that will possibly let him end his career as a Chief. Last year, Daniels intercepted 2 passes, and also got to the Quarterback a little bit too. Daniels is far from a starter and not a replacement for Brandon Carr if he is going to free agency, but he can provide some great depth, and play well in the Nickel.

These next two players, may be brought back depending on what the Chiefs plan is going into free agency in the draft.

RB Jackie Battle- Battle, who has been on the Chiefs roster as a 3rd string RB since 2007, finally got his chance to shine this year with Jamaal Charles going down with a season ending injury. Battle filled in quite well, considering he wasn't expected to light up every defense that tried to stop him. The Chiefs are supposed to either draft a mid round RB, or go for someone like Benjarvus Green-Ellis in free agency. If not, Battle will either not be re-signed, or be able to fight his way onto the roster in training camp. Personally, I think Battle would do well pairing up with Charles because he is a very hard runner and is good in short yardage situations, but I think that he would also do well even if someone else was brought in.I think he should be re-signed no matter what.

QB Kyle Orton- Kyle Orton who was the Chiefs starting QB the last 3 weeks of the year, played really well, and to me looked like he couuld be the answer for the Chiefs with a healthy offense and defense, which he didn't have at the time. Orton went 2-1, beating the undefeated Packers, and the only thing holding Orton back from leading the Chiefs to the playoffs was a blocked field goal vs. The Raiders. But that doesn't matter anymore. Orton may not even want to come back, because he would have to compete with Matt Cassel for the starting job, and he may have the starting job easier somewhere else. I would bet that if the Chiefs offer Orton the right amount of money though, that he would come back and compete with Cassel, because he knows he can win the battle. I don't expect him to be re-signed right away, because he probably wants to test free agency to see what his choices are, but I would like him back, unless the Chiefs are planning on signing a certain, PEYTON MANNING!

These are the players I think the Chiefs would be smart to re-sign. You may be wondering why Javon Belcher wasn't on this list, I think he would be okay to re-sign for depth but the extension to Brandon Siler, and the predictions of the Chiefs drafting a MLB early makes it a little unlikely that he will be brought back. With that said, Siler and Belcher would be good together sharing the starting role but I can't see it happening.

If the Chiefs were to Re-Sign every one of these players, they would have a lot less holes to fill in free agency and in the draft. They would be able to pick up an OT such as Demetrious Bell, or Max Starks in free agency, although I'd be much more comfortable with them drafting an OT like Johnathan Martin or Riley Reiff. In free agency the only needs they had would be depth in the offensive line, safety position, and defensive line, and then they could pick up a top notch starter, in maybe Paul Solali or Antonio Garay, and then possibly a RB to share carries with Jamaal Charles, such as Benjarvus Green-Ellis who is the favorite. The Chiefs definitely, no doubt about it, do have the money to do all of this in free agency, and they should.

If all of this was done before the 2012 draft, the Chiefs would be all set. They would have no choice but to take an OT in the 1st round, such as Riley Reiff or Johnathan Martin. Then, after that, the Chiefs would be able to take the best players available, and provide some depth on the offensive line, and maybe pick a TE to pair with Tony Moeaki, to add even another weapon to the Chiefs offense.

SO, this is who I'd re-sign, and how I'd set the Chiefs up for Free-Agency, and the draft. It does sound like a lot of players, but the Chiefs have $63 million dollars to spend, and this would be spending it quite wisely. Tell me what you think and who'd you re-sign and let go, and everything else in the comment section and make sure to vote and recommend! Go Chiefs!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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