Kyle Orton, The Chiefs, The Packers And Mediocrity

From the Fan Posts. Thanks Texan_Chief.

20+ years ago the Packers were mired in misery. They briefly showed sign so life by going 10-6 in 1989 (after a 4-12 campaign in 88) thanks to a very weak schedule (111-145 vs 106-150 for the 2010 Chiefs) thanks to #7 the Magic man Don Majikowski. A tougher schedule followed in 1990 and the Packers digressed to 6-10 followed by 4-12 in 1991. 3 year record 20-28 vs 21-28 for the last 3 for the Chiefs.

During that 91' campaign the Packers defense did show up to play (Reggie White did not come to Lambeau for another 2 years) finishing a respectable 10th in total defense despite a weak offense. The Packers even tried jump starting their offense with a castoff qb from the their division rivals the Bears, Mike Tomzcak, after Majikowski showed himself to be a one year wonder benefiting from a weak schedule.

The Packers did get better results by averaging 21 pts a game in Tomczak's 7 starts vs 14 a game under Majikowski. Plenty of reason to resign Tomczak right? Especially since the Pack was bringing in a new HC from the 49ers who just made Steve Bono look like a Pro-Bowler? The same guy who rescued his college qb Steve Young from languishing with the Bucs whould do wonders with Tomczak? Why would Holmgren want anything to do with Majikowski?

Of course Holmgren knew that although Tomczak may have "looked better" than Majikowski it was a mute argument. Holmgren had SB rings as an assistant and wanted them as a HC, neither Tomczak or Majikowski were the answer. Tomczak was a FA and how dare those Packers who had all of 4 winning seasons since the merger and only two post season appearances since the departure of Lombardi let him walk. Even worse the Packers kept Majikowski as their starter (GASP!) although they did bring in competition. Some kid from the Falcons, their 3rd string qb who spent his rookie season drinking beer and getting fat. For additional "competition" the Pack drafted Ty Detmer at #230. How the hell were they going to succeed with this kid Favre who never even played football outside of Dixie and Detmer? Shouldn't they have just settled for Tomczak who was obviosuly so much better than Majikowski? How crazy is it to pass up an average to mediocre vet for some young unknown gun slinger?

Meanwhile the Chiefs in the 92' draft addressed our qb needs by drafting Matt Blundin @#40

Favre took over by week 3 and lead the Packers to only their 5th winning season in 20+years, but he got blasted week 17 by the Vikings and costing the Packers the NFC Central championship and a sot at the post season. Favre was awful that day, 23-35 187 yrds no tds and 3 ints. Surley there were better options out there. Maybe trade the 49ers for Steve Bono? Steve Beurlein was fa too. But wait!! The 49ers were shopping HOF qb Joe Montana! Holmgrens old qb! Could their be no better fit? Never mind the injuries Montana had endured and his health was questionable much less his longevity! The Packers wouldnt even need any offensive coaches once Montana came on board? Nope, those crazy azz Packers passed on Montana and drafted some kid named Mark Brunell in the 5th rd. What morons. Hell even Mike Tomczak was available again after a one year stint with Bill Belicheck and the Browns? I wonder how one of their young scouts named Pioli felt about letting Tomczak walk. Especially when Tomczak found his true calling as a pretty decent #2 for their hated rivals the Steelers?

So the Packers rolled into the 93' season with Favre, Detmer, and Brunell and their combined 13 starts. avre thanked the by throwing 24 pics, 5 more than the 19 tds he tossed. Surley this wasn't working out. Steve Bono was now available too, didn't Holmgren make him look like a pro-bowler? Instead those crazy azz Packers only addressed their qb situation by giving a tryout to some kid from the HYVEE farm team named Kurt Warner. They should have gone with that solid average to medicore qb in Bono right? Why keep rolling the dice with these young kids?

Of course since 1989, when Majikowski had his pro bowl run (despite being leveled by the #2 defense 21-3 at Lambeau week 14) the Packers post season record is 16-12 including 3 Super Bowl appearances (two titles), 5 championship games vs the Chiefs 3-10 post season record and no SB's. The Packers even dared draft Aaron Rodgers when they had 36 yrd old Brett Favre on the roster (while the Chiefs with 35 yrd old Trent Green passed on Rodgers in the 05' draft). The Packers have been rewarded with 20+years of success, much like what is expected from the Colts should they draft Andrew Luck to replace Peyton Manning.

But yet sadly we have a number of Chief fans today that want Mike Tomczak, aka Kyle Orton. Overlooking what our division rival painfully learned about this ex Bears qb that may "look better" than Don Majikowski/Matt Cassel despite no stellar track record to prove otherwise after 7 years in the league.

The Kyle Orton/Mike Tomczak/Steve Bono/Retread Joe Montana/Retread Peyton Manning model has beentried in KC for 20+years, raise your hand if your happy with the results? Even better yet endorse Kyle Orton in any way shape manner.

Its time to move on, weather that be Ricky Stanzi, RG3, another qb drafted in 2012 or trading for a young gun sitting on the bench somehwere (doubtful on the trade option). Chief fans need to get over their Kyle Orton syndrome and be like the Packers and roll the dice with some young guns until we find our guy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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