Mock Draft Thread 2/18/12 - 2/25/12 Rec it guys!

Alright our last post is past due and with some recent Chiefs news involving potential free agents the draft is becoming more interesting. The early favorite in the first round is David Decastro and he is a pro bowl guard prospect. With that being said I really like the potential idea of moving back and selecting Mike Adams in the early 20's. Barry Richardson is absolutely terrible and I believe the upgrade to RT is a more significant and a larger upgrade than Decastro over Lilja. I also believe that the interior offensive line is more deep this year than RT is. With all that being said here is my mock draft making a few assumptions:


Signings: Dwayne Bowe, Stanford Routt, BenJarvus Green-Ellis.


The Chiefs trade pick number 11 to Cincinatti for pick number 21 and a second round pick this year, they move up to select Trent Richardson.

The Chiefs franchise and trade Carr to New England for pick 31 this season and a third round pick next season.

With those assumptions in place my draft is as follows:

Rankings are from CBS Sports

1 (pick 21): Mike Adams, RT, Ohio St.

An instant starter and upgrade to Barry Richardson with the potential to challenge and push Albert and provide quality LT depth. Adams has the measurables and talent you look for but has inconsistency and work ethic issues. What i saw at the Senior Bowl was a player playing mad while others say it was him trying for a pay check.

1 (pick 31): Peter Konz, G/C, Wisconsin

I believe Konz slips a bit because of Decastro and Glenn going so high. A team that is in desperate need of a center might snag him but I really love the versatility and leadership he brings to our interior line. He can back up all three positions and push Hudson / Lilja for playing time immediately.

2. (pick 11): Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

A very talented and physical corner. With Routt and Gilmore we have a lot of versatility in our defensive backfield. Both are 6' 1" and very physical. I believe either one could play the nickel safety position we run and both are capable of manning up and being physical with tight ends or recievers.

2 (pick 21): Orson Charles, TE, Georgia

The most complete tight end in the draft who excels at being an inline blocker. He also has the ability to get out and make plays in the passing game. Moeaki and Charles should be able to form a solid duo and punish opposing defenses across the middle.

3 (pick 12): Alameda Ta'amu, DE/ NT, Washington

Defensive line depth and potential. Should begin at 3-4 DE and learn to two gap effectively while he adds strength and works on his game and in time could be part of a NT rotation.

4 (pick 11): Janzen Jackson, S, McNeese St (Tennessee)

Jackson was Eric Berry's teammate and played along side him at Tennessee. He has second round talent but falls because he was kicked off the team when he got in trouble with the law. Should provide quality safety depth and help on special teams.

5 (pick 12): Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama

Falls because he is a run stuffing defensive tackle with no pass rushing skills and because he is injured and played injured much of last year. Chapman has the strength to be a NT at the NFL level and should be a developmental NT to rotate with Powe.

6. (pick 11): Andrew Datko, OT, Florida St.

Datko is another very talented player that has injury red flags but he is a very hard worker and shows great athleticism and strength to be an offensive tackle in the NFL. Developmental depth with starting potential.

7. Beau Reliford, TE, Florida St.

A former basketball player that switched to football in his junior year of high school. Very good blocker at Florida St. Possesses solid hands and leaping ability and could be a developmental TE and depth.

7. Aaron Corp, QB, Richmond

A QB that was recruited to USC and possesses very good arm strength and accuracy. Has injury concerns and never seemed to put it all together but a late round flyer on his potential and because he could be a solid backup or possibly more.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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