My Team Rules!

My team is better than yours.

I am a Chiefs fan. A big Chiefs fan, as is everyone visiting ArrowheadPride. I haven't posted in awhile, yet I still read others' posts and 'fanshots' regularly. Considering we haven't got to see our beloved Chiefs in over a month I have a few comments to add to the entertainment value of ArrowheadPride fans who have the craving to see, hear and feel Chiefs for a few brief moments. I have so much to say in fact, this post may become down right un-readable, but stay with me. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

First, I am incredibly biased when it comes to our players like most fans, but I, more than most, try to be objectionable to add possible over-looked perspectives. Some of my fellow fans are becoming infected with "Off-season Ridicul-itis". I'm sorry to be the one to tell you. You are infected.

Dwayne Bowe is the, read closely, best WR free agent for the Chiefs. Hands down, no further questions. Did anyone watch the Denver game, week 17? When D.Bowe got injured our offense completely stalled. Besides a few great catches, both Jon Baldwin and Steve Breaston were almost completly shut-down. I see the drops, we all do, but we cannot forget how great he can be when he is running on all cylinders, and for the first time since he entered the league he has complementary receivers around him.

Unfortunetly, the offense that was being installed for the regular season had to be completely re-worked; first in the pre-season when the freakish first round pick Baldwin was injured, then last game in the pre-season when our TE went down with an ACL injury and so on and so on (which people FORGET).

If three/elevenths of our offense, weren't injured (Moeaki, Charles, [Baldwin,returned week 7 or 8]) within the first few weeks and four/elevenths by week 9-ish(Cassel) we would be in the play-offs.

And for the pessimistic fans saying "one and done in the play-offs, again", I say "no team in the wild-card weekend would've wanted to face our Chiefs at the end of the season, fact." Our defense was elite at the end of the season and Orton was Montana compared to Cassel. Even without a stellar run-game our defense was absolutely smothering.(Our Offense was so bad)

I know some say that Baldwin was drafted to give the Chiefs the ability to replace or trade Bowe, and I would agree to an extent. I think there are a few issues with Baldwin that Pioli must take into account before making a decision on D.Bowe. Baldwin had the locker room fight, if I look at his Twitter page and am unimpressed by his character, I think Pioli would agree. As it is right now, WR is a position of strength. If we re-sign Bowe, it not only continues to be a position of strength, but you can still have value in the form of a trade. Trade Bowe if Baldwin becomes incredible or trade Baldwin if he becomes an incredible pain is the ass-cheeks.

What I want to happen: I want Bowe to return, with the money saved on first round draft picks should make this a no brainer. Sign this man.

What I think will happen: he will be signed and traded or tagged and traded, depending on what happens with Carr.

This is the guy you want to return though, trust me:

Beast-mode!(Can anyone guess who his back up college QB was? Hint: We beat the team he now playes for.

Carr is greater than every corner on the market. No question. I like him more than Flowers and everyone fellates Flowers.

Carr is over six feet tall is quick and physical, forcing his man out of bounds or into late routes. Brandon Carr is 25 and he is listed among the best in every statistical cornerback catergory including QB completion percentage against him.

For your information; Flowers is the best statistical tackler among corners which is nice to know. Fact.

Arenas and Jalil Brown are not ready to be the starter and frankly Brown still has to try and beat out Arenas for the nickle spot. I love Arenas in the nickle more than i like the remote very glimpse of a whispered thought of him replacing Carr. The knock I have against Flowers is his height, and he may tackle like a 6'2 240lb. linebacker hybrid beast cornerback cruise missle, but he isn't tackling the ball out of mid air when the receiver is 6'5 Calvin Johnson. so, why would I want Javier Arenas, 5'9 to pair up with 5'9 Flowers? I don't. Considering we are playing a few taller WR's next year, Charger's(Vincent Jackson, pending return), Bengals(AJ Green), the Saints (Colston, pending return), etc. I want Brandon Carr wearing red and gold.

I think Carr is what makes our secondary great, because he forces the QB to throw to Flowers which makes Flowers look great. It's nice to see the proverbial 'plan B' with the inquiry of Stanford Routt. If Carr is un-signable, Routt is the exact duplicate of Carr, except Routt is, 28, has more speed and Carr is, 25, and a better tackler. Speed is fine, but when I see a sweep and a corner flops on the ground rather than sacrifice his body for the tackle, it makes me sad.(unless it's on the other team and its Jamaal or Dexter running for dozens of yards).

What I want to happen:

retain Carr, sign a free-agent, or draft a later round DB to compete with Javier. Our secondary is a position of strength, keep it that way.

What I think will happen:

we will sign Stanford Routt or Cortlan Fineggan to a 5yr 30mil deal saving 20mil when Carr signs a huge deal with the Lions. We will franchise tag him and he will request a trade with the Lions. We get their 1st and 3rd and next year a conditional draft pick.

I want Carr here for life! 5th round gem, lets sign him to a 5yr deal with a 6yr option, he keeps the iron horse streak of consecutive games started without missing a game. Solid corner and will averaged 6 interceptions a year for the remainder of his career.

This is the guy you want:


Free Agency:

Lets Get Solai. He is a man beast bear. Man-Bear-Pig. He is the only free agent I really truly want. I am open to others, especially to have some X-Men secondary. Imagine If we signed a good free agent corner like Routt to a one year or super cheap 5yr deal and signed Carr Long term. It wouldn't be fair. We would match up with any team, Berry has been salivating watching the oncoming year of the TE emerge headstrong leading into 2012. Signing a big name like Ben Grubbs or Carl Nicks isn't Pioli's M.O but it would be nice to have a bigger man added to the middle of the line. Asamoaha and Hudson can still add size to their young long frames(Hudson has long arms for a dwarf).

Draft Notes:

I like Rd 1, Jon Martin or trade down and get Mike Adams.

What I want to happen:

Proof of God would be New England trading both their 1st rd picks to us. They draft a huge bust, and we get Jon Martin/Mike Adams and we get Trent Richardson in the first round.( I know some are against it but if he fell to round 2 you wouldn't want Trent Richardson? Slap yourself, hit exit internet browser, turn off the computer)

What will happen: Pioli trades down to the Jets(if Pioli drafts Brockers would anyone start crying), Jets get Upshaw, We get Martin/Adams and a 3rd round pick.

Round Two may surprise you. We may go right back to OT like Zebrie Sanders, Brandon Albert is a free agent next year and it seems to be a trend to draft for impending contract completions. We draft Kontz center from Wisconson. He can play Guard or Center, competes with Lilja. Don't be surprised if you hear this summer O-lineman playing all positions. Asamoaha has the Length to play tackle. There is alot of great interior lineman in this draft and Pioli has been drafting guys who are multi-positional players.

3rd Rd we have two picks, in my mock draft here, so we get (NT, if we don't sign Paul Solai) George Ilolka safety from Boise St. Tall 6'3 210lb safety, has played corner in limited rolls. Having a good safety that can play both safety positions and cornerback is a luxury in todays NFL and we have the pieces in place, money in the bank and draft picks to take him. Our next pick is a player that WILL drop in the draft. Alshon Jeffery will be our next TE paired with Moeaki when he shows up to the combine with a gut weighing 245lbs and a joint in his mouth and runs slower than BJ Raji.(Write that down and bring it to the bank) He gets in shape at camp gets punched by Tom Jones' ghost and becomes the next Tony Gun but better faster, stronger and with a Super Bowl ring in his rookie year.

4th rd we get another highly talented yet highly troubled middle linebacker, Vontaze Burfict. He is a freak, physically, mentally he is a Tazmanian devil. Crennel will mold this one, rehabilitate. Grasshopper becomes Praying mantis. This dude becomes the ultimate 'Inspector Gadget' with the speed to play any position on the defense, with a disciplined approach next to Derrick Johnson we might have a guy that can offer a blitz from the MLB position and just as easily fall back into a zone.

5th round pick if he is their, Foles, but the only other quarterback I care about in this draft is Russel Wilson. The dude is poised like very few, learned a different system in three weeks, was playing in the Minors for the Rockies(?) while attending NC state, playing QB on a scholarship. Look this guy up, watch him play:

6th Round pick: to be honest we will have a compensatory pick or two, so plus the 6th and 7th rd pick we have four late round picks. We get a O-Lineman that has fallen,(Vallos, etc.), we get a RB that has fallen(Polk, Gannaway, Turbin, etc.), Safety, DL.

Quickly: After reading some comments, I know this draft doesn't make alot of people happy, but it is what I think Pioli will do. 1.) I sense a trade down 2.) I sense the secondary is more of a priority for Pioli than we think (We play not only alot of nickle but a quarter defense, with three Safeties on the field, one in the box with the LB's, and a quick-agile NT like Amon Gordon/Kelly Gregg/Gilberry)




3.) We will roll the dice on players who have fallen in the draft due to some form of off-field issue.

I personally would like O-lineman in the first, a trade down wouldn't hurt (I like every O-lineman in the first 2 rounds except Riley Reiff) to get something extra. Ever since we got Houston and Bailley in the 3rd last year from a trade down, I am on board with the idea of acquiring more talent. 2nd Round I want a TE or a RB. Fleener or another top tier tight end would be warmly welcomed. I want a RB in the 2nd or 3rd, I like David Wilson more than anyone else but we all have our preferences. Here's a few video's of the favorite RB candidates:

Lamar Miller:


David Wilson - fast forward through his speech, trust me, lol.

Doug Martin:

Fourth round, through our last pick should be depth. Secondary, MLB, NT, OL, QB.

I am a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. I am not your enemy, "Off-season Ridicul-itis" has infected most of you but I hope this article has helped suppress it for now. The good news is the combine coverage starts Wednesday. I just want to say "Off-season Ridiculitis" is premature pessimism towards the team. As far as I'm concerned, every team has a clean slate; we finished strong with several key injured offensive players, a key defensive player. We were one game out of a play-off berth in which we could have beaten the Steelers and Played New England. Revenge anyone?Here's some more positive thinking to help "cure" the "off-season ridiculitis": we have $63 million cap room, two great free agents, both important weapons that can be easily kept or valuable assets on the trade market. Our draft position is favorable and this draft is loaded with talent.(some positions lacking)So don't get down on the team before you truly reflect on last season and/or before the off-season even starts. Are team is on the precipice of defensive greatness and our offense has huge potential. Even having Orton still under contract until March 13 with Stanzi having a year under his belt should be a positive thought before complete negative criticism. We are not Cle, Sea, Jax, ect. An entire positive article without one bad car analogy. Crazy adjectives are fair game.

If any one asks, tell them, "My team is the Kansas City Chiefs and my team will be in the Super Bowl next year."

Also, If anyone wants: Who would you keep long-term, Bowe or Carr, if either one or the other can be franchised and traded for a sure fire first round pick, future Hall of Famer? If there is one free agent you think the Chiefs absolutely need, who is it? Who are the 8 realitively realistic draft picks, you would see our Cfiefs selecting, considering your previous free agent acquisitions? (Please, don't get mad, laugh, I no its bad taste, its funny, I'll change it if you want)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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