Top 5 WR with bottom five QB's

The man I'm going to be talking about is obviously none other than Jacoby Ford.... ok not really it's Dwayne Bowe of course. The man formally known as the D-Bowe show. Dwayne Bowe is the exact WR that I used to scream for the Chiefs to have when we had Trent Green and Priest. A man who can make catches and make plays to take heat off the running game. Dwayne Bowe is highly underrated here on AP. You know who you are out there. All the people trying to trade him to get a draft pick or just to flat out get rid of him. Dwayne Bowe is flat out the best receiver the Chiefs have ever had. He is a top 5 WR in this league and I feel has HOF potential depending on if we can get him a QB of course. Lets look at some stats and some more of my crazy way of convincing people I'm right after the jump.

Alright lets look at some stats without names and you try and figure out who's they are...some should be easy.

GP Rec Yards YPC Long TD

16 81 1,159 14.3 52 5
16 98 1,493 15.2 65 23
16 83 1,264 15.2 71 13
16 101 1,569 15.5 72 9

16 96 1,431 14.9 78 12
16 72 1,162 16.1 75 15

Sorry those are in the middle not quite sure how to fix it but stick with me.

Alright now who do you think those belong to? By the way they aren't all from this season but they are all from pretty good Wr's. Well I'll just go ahead and tell you so we can move on to looking at these stats. The first one is of course Bowe's stats for this year. The second and third would be future Chief...I mean HOF member Randy Moss. The third is Andre Johnson and the next one would be none other than Larry Fitz. The final one is also Dwayne Bowe with his best season to date from last year.

Now who was there QB's for these years you ask? Well for this year Bowe's stats it would be none other than Brodie Croyle... oh wait we got rid of him for TYLER PALKO. Ok but really the men throwing, if you can call what Cassel and Palko do as throwing, were Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko, and of course Kyle Orton. The anemic trio as I feel they should be called. Let's look at that sure HOF Wr's QB... well looky there it was another future HOF member in Tom Brady. Alright so let's move on from that dynamic duo. Andre the giant with statistically might be his best season had none other than Matt Lienart throwing to him... Ok now i'm just taking shots at players I don't like. But really it was Matt Schaub in what was his career year and possibly one of the best QB performances by a man not named Brady or Manning as of late. Schaub completed almost 70 percent of his passes and threw for almost 4,800 yards.

Alright I think you get the point there now lets look at Fitz. He had the former grocery sacker but future HOF QB Kurt Warner chucking him the football for that season. This was also when they made that crazy run at the Super Bowl in which Fitz was a manimal in the playoffs. But all in all Warner threw for nearly 4,600 yards that season in what may have been his second best season ever. Finally we look at Dwayne Bowe's stats for his best season to date. He had Cassel throwing to him for almost the whole season. I seem to have blanked a certain game from my memory that year so I can't tell you who was the Qb. Cassel had probably the best season he will ever have and it still wasn't as impressive as his stats may say as many of us know.

So what's all this rambling supposed to mean? Look at the Qb's that these Top 5 WR's have and then look at the bums we have had during Bowe's tenure and try and tell me that he couldn't have a lot better season. His stats with these average at best Qb's have been close to those of the top WR's in the game while those players had HOF Qb's and guys who had career years throwing to them. Bowe needs to get a check and it needs to be signed by Hunt not some other owner. Pay the man and don't look back till he makes that game winning catch in the Super Bowl. Also can we please get a Qb that can get this man the ball cause he is by far the best player on the Chiefs offense even better than Charles because he doesn't miss games and he hasn't reached his potential yet.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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