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If you are not familiar with Brandon Weeden, spend some time checking out these video links:

Brandon Weeden 20+ minute Compilation

Brandon Weeden on Sportscenter

When speaking with the media, Brandon Weeden's crooked smile and composed demeanor is one of the first things I notice and like about this 6 foot 4, 220 lb quarterback, who will turn 29 in October. He looks like a gentle Roethlisberger that's not fat. But he's smart.

According to, here is how Weeden has stacked up against other college quarterbacks since 2000 (rank in parenthesis):

2010 NCAA 2010 Big 12 2011 NCAA 2011 Big 12 Career NCAA Career Big 12

Pass Completions

342 (5th) 342 (3rd) 408 (2nd) 408 (1st) - 766 (9th)
Pass Attempts 511 (6th) 511 (3rd) 564 (3rd) 564 (2nd) - 1102 (14th)
Pass Completion % 66.9 (9th) 66.9 (3rd)

72.3 (5th)

72.3 (2nd) 69.5 (5th) 69.5 (3rd)
Passing Yards 4277 (3rd) 4277 (2nd) 4727 (2nd) 4727 (1st) - 9260 (8th)
Passing Yards Per Attempt - 8.4 (1st) - 8.4 (2nd) 8.4 (18th) 8.4 (4th)
Passing Touchdowns 34 (6th) 34 (3rd) 37 (4th) 37 (1st) - 75 (9th)
Passing Interceptions - 13 (2nd)


13 (3rd) - 27 (17th)
Passing Efficiency Rating - 154.1 (1st) 159.8 (9th)

159.8 (2nd)

157.7 (12th)

157.7 (3rd)

*Top 5 bolded (27/38 are bold)

The Scenario

No one really believes that the Chiefs will move up in the draft. If we did, most have their wishful sights set on RGIII.

I'm offering a different move. A move that will cost much less than RGIII. A move that involves moving up and taking Justin Blackmon. A move that would take yet another WR in the first round. Just by the thickness of the letters you can tell how bold a move this would be. Before your hands go Parkinson's on your keyboard, allow me to explain.

Blackmon has been mocked similarly to Julio Jones last season. The Falcons moved up from the 27th pick in 2011 to snag Julio. It cost them that 27th pick, a 2011 2nd round pick, a 1st in 2012, and two 4th round selections. The Chiefs have a top 12 pick in this years draft, so I'm expecting Blackmon to cost us less than half the kings ransom that Atlanta paid. This would mean giving up a second round pick in 2013. That's believable, right?

Best case and even dreamier scenario, Blackmon drops and falls into our hands, eliminating the need to trade up at all. I have seen him mocked outside the top 10. Stranger things have happened. Either way, the most he could and should cost us is an extra 2nd round pick.

Blackmon will replace Bowe and still give the Chiefs the killer bee continuity. Waving bye to a tagged Bowe could grab us a future 1st round pick, but since this post is a completely believable scenario, we'll say Pioli settles for a 2nd (in 2012) and 3rd round pick (in 2013).

Weeden becomes our 2nd round (mid/low forties) pick in 2012. I understand there is massive risk here. Another team could slide in and steal Weeden. Then we're doomed. Not really. Allow me to introduce you to plan B,C, and D.

Orton (B), Cassel (C), and/or Stanzi (D) are still there waiting for another shot to prove to the world they can step up their play when games matter most, and most importantly win, playoff games; and very most importantly win a Super Bowl, and win them a lot.

The risk we would be taking shrinks when we look at the possible ceiling for our offense with a very skilled QB and his best/favorite weapon. That best/favorite weapon could arguably add something more, something Bowe could not. Then again, it could add less, but that is highly unlikely.

If we do draft Weeden, why not also give him a very familiar target? We would only be setting our new QB up for success.

After this, find that beef on both sides. Most importantly, pass blockers and pass rushers. Go and find another one in FA, and keep him, if he wants to be here.

I'd like to say thanks to Steve for the inspiration of this post. He cleared the smoke Weeden had been associated with before. Not really, I just wanted to say "smoke Weeden" at least once. Thanks Steve!

In all seriousness, this guy might be worth a look. The more comfortable we make our future franchise QB the better. Adding Justin Blackmon would be an enormous step in that direction.

Peyton who? RG4?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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