What Stanford Routt-Chiefs Visit Means



Former Raiders Cornerback Stanford Routt, who was released a few days ago, Visited with the Chiefs today. He is an above average CB, and started with the Raiders the past 2 years. He racked up 4 interceptions, and 49 tackles, and he is 28 years old, 3 years older than Brandon Carr, who is also going to be a free agent, if not re-signed. Many of you may think that this means that Brandon Carr may not be back in 2012, but I'm going to give my 2 cents on what I think about this little visit the Chiefs and Routt had.

Here are all of the Chiefs Cornerbacks, listed asy they are on the depth chart:

1. Brandon Flowers- 59 tackles, 4 interceptions

2. Brandon Carr- 45 tackles, 4 interceptions

3. Javier Arenas- 33 tackles, 2 interceptions

4. Travis Daniels- 14 tackles, 2 interceptions

5. Jalil Brown- 8 tackles, 0 interceptions

Brown, who was a 4th round draft pick last year, had very limited playing time, and didn't really have a chance to show what he's got. Travis Daniels, who plays good in the nickel, also didn't play too much, but when he did, he was good in coverage, and also got to the cornerback quite a bit. His contract is up, and I think it'd be smart to bring him back, and have his veteran presence in our young secondary. Arenas, who will enter his 3rd year in the 2012-2013 season, struggled in coverage, and was constantly picked on throughout the year. He's a very good kick and punt returner, and it's safe to say his job isn't in jeopardy, but he may be replaced, or moved down a spot on the depth chart. Carr, who' had the best season of his career this past year, his contract is up and is one of the most vital parts of the Chiefs defense. He has to be brought back, and then there is Brandon Flowers who was pretty consistent, and is playing very well, and his starting role is definitely locked up, because HE himself is locked up for 5 years on a long term contract.

Now, this brings in the main topic of our conversation, Stanford Routt visiting the Chiefs today. He has practically the same exact stats as Carr, and is 3 years older.

To me, Routt would be a HUGE addition to our defense, only if Carr was also retained. The thing is, Routt isn't looking to be the #3 CB on a roster, he probably looks at himself at least as a #2, which he won't be if Carr is retained. Myself, I would definitly want Carr, instead of Routt, because he is younger, is more familiar with our defense, and has always been a Chief, so he should stay a Chief. But that's just me.

If Brandon Carr is released, then yes, Routt would be a great pickup, because he's probably the best cornerback out there in free agency that Scott Pioli would look at. The way I look at this, is that they did the visit for sort of like "insurance" if they can't make a deal with Brandon Carr. Because Carr is younger, will have more upside, and they probably want to keep their talent in-house. If they were to make a deal with Carr and Routt, the Chiefs defense would be unstoppable. They would have three starters, at cornerback, and then Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis at safety. The Chiefs would be set up with a great secondary for the long-term, and honestly, their passing defense would be incredible. But let's be realistic, I don't think Routt would want to be a #3, unless he is offered an abnormally large amount of Money.

If I'm the Chiefs, I would first handle the most important player, Brandon Carr. If he is re-signed, and Routt is still on the market, then yes, we should try to get him, but not get too carried away in a bidding war. If we can't sign Brandon Carr, then Pioli should be in a real hurry to try to sign Routt, or Brent Grimes, or Cortland Finnegan, because I don't think Arenas is ready for a starting role. We can't let the Chiefs lose the best player they have at their strongest position, and the only way it should change, if it was getting stronger by re-signing Carr and then Signing Routt, or somebody else in free agency.

So, this wasn't a real in depth article, it was just what I thought about the Stanford Routt-Chiefs visit. But what do you think? Should we leave Routt Alone? Sign Carr? Sign Both? Sign Neither? Oh, how I love free agency talk! Comment, Recommend, and Vote in the poll! Most Importantly, Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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