Reviewing AP's Predictions For The Chiefs 2011 Season

From the FanPosts. Awesome compilation of our awful predictions. -Joel

We all say them. Things like, "Mark my words," or "I 100% guarantee," or, "and you can quote me on that!" But how often does anybody ever actually mark our words, or actually quote us on that? Last summer I decided that, going into the season, it would be fun to do just that.

So, from the end of the lockout into the beginning of the regular season, I jotted down some of the bolder predictions I saw APers make and saved them to a file on my hard drive. I figured it would be fun to look back at them after the season was over and see whose predictions were awful, whose were spot-on, and whose still needed more time before we could judge them. But since I'm a horrible procrastinator, I'm doing it halfway through February instead of at the beginning of January like I had initially planned. Please don't judge me.

So, without further adieu, your predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs 2011-2012 season.

Concerning the Chiefs' Season:

- User: LO Thighs

- Prediction: Chiefs go 4-12 in 2011

Robot Fans

Face the facts, the Chiefs are a 4-12 team this year. KC will be exposed this season with a first place schedule. Cassell is the most overpaid player in the NFL and our running game isn’t going to sneak up on anyone this year. Tail gate away Chiefs fan and continue to let Clark Hunt and Pioli empty your wallet!!

wake up

we had the weakest nfc division last year…this year we have the best…we play pitt nyj colts all playoff teams our own division will be tougher. Den at home and buff are the only games i’ll give them right now. Remember ROBOT

- Actual Result: 7-9. Even after Charles, Berry, and Moeaki got hurt, the Chiefs were able to exceed LO Thighs' expectations for the team. Interestingly enough, the only two games that he was wiling to give us, home games against Buffalo and Denver, were both losses. To be fair, I think most of us were predicting 4-12 at best just a few weeks later.

But the real problem with LO Thighs' prediction was probably that it was way too specific. Had he left out the part about 4-12 and just said that it would be a disappointing season, the prediction would have feared better.

A great example of this strategy can be found in our next prediction, one of my favorites for the season.

- User: TheK-Man

- Prediction: The Chiefs finish between 5-11 and 11-5

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict the Chiefs will either finish....

11-5, 10-6, 9-7, 8-8, 7-9, 6-10, or 5-11.

and I personally guarantee it.

- Actual Result: 7-9. In an impressive display of almost shocking clairvoyance, TheK-Man was spot-on, with the Chiefs record falling almost squarely in the middle of his 5-11 win window. Ladies and gentlemen, a modern day prophet walks among us.

Our next prediction was looking great about halfway through the season, but now makes me a little sad.

- User: Flowers 24

- Prediction: Kansas City blows out Oakland Twice


I’m not saying this as a Chiefs fan, but what reality do both of them live in? Kansas City is better than the Raiders at every position group. Jokeland lost Asomugha, Gallery, etc and picked up nobody, and they’re better? This division is a two team race.

For the record, the Chiefs will pound Oakland twice this season. We took 17 penalties (and 10 points off the board) the first game, and had nothing to play for the second game.

I’m not into making excuses, but let’s not pretend Oakland was some insane force. By the way, Haley won’t let the team forget about what happened. Two wins against Jokeland, book it.

- Actual Result: 1-1 versus the Raiders. Even after all the early season injuries, Flowers 24's prediction was looking pretty good coming off the Chiefs 28-0 win at Oakland. But we all know what happened over Christmas. Let us speak no more of it.

Besides, predicting records is boring. The next grouping is where it really starts to get fun.

Concerning Chiefs Players:

- User: bamachief5558

- Prediction: Matt Cassel will never repeat his 2010 numbers

I think he finished the season second only to Brady in TD:INT.

But I guarantee he’ll never do that again.

And as soon as news broke that Weis was gone, Cassel promptly tossed two (including a pick 6) against the Raiders (a game he looked AWFUL in, by the way) and 3 against the Ravens when it really counted.

27:7 is nice numbers. It was also a fluke. If it happens again I will personally apologize to every Cassel fanboy on AP.

And, honestly, hopefully I’m dead wrong. I just doubt it.

- Actual Result: To be determined. Technically we won't be able to put this one to rest until Cassel retires. But following a very troubling season after which most of the Chiefs fandom wanted Cassel to be replaced, it's looking like bamachief was more right than any of us (save maybe HIV2Elway) ever wanted.

- User: banksy

- Prediction: Wallace Gilberry gets tagged

i'll throw a curveball...

Gilberry will get the franchise tag. he’s playing for his first big money deal this season…he’ll earn it.

- Actual Result: Still technically possible but, for all intents and purposes, 100% incorrect. Props to banksy for going out on a limb here, even if it did break under the weight of his prediction. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, Carr and Bowe both got re-signed to team friendly deals during the regular season and Gilberry had a monster year and was tagged. But in this one, he probably shouldn't have put on that extra muscle weight.

Speaking of bold but, in hindsight, pretty silly predictions...

- User: citadelchief

- Prediction: Cameron Sheffield leads the 2011 Chiefs in Sacks


Cam Sheffield will come on strong and supplant Studebaker as the starter. Romeo Crennel will gameplan for teams constantly double-team Hali, and as a result, Sheffield will lead the Chiefs in sacks.

- Actual Result: Tamba Hali lead the Chiefs with 12 sacks. Cameron Sheffield had 9 tackles and no sacks. This would have been an absolutely epic prediction had it come true. But, unfortunately for citadelchief, it was Houston, not Sheffield who emerged this year. And fortunately for all of us, Tamba Hali further proved that he's a stud whether teams gameplan for him or not.

- User: cyberry

- Prediction: Javier Arenas will lead the NFL in sacks by a defensive back.

My Prediction...

Javier Arenas leads all DB’s in QB’s Sacks..this year!

- Actual Result: Saints' safety Roman Harper led the NFL's DBs with an impressive 7.5 sacks. Arenas only had 1 sack, but did lead the NFL in rushing touchdowns by a defensive back. Probably. I'm too lazy to actually look that one up.

- User: DCJayhawk57

- Prediction: No Chance that Jared Gaither Starts at Left Tackle

Chance that Gaither beats out Albert for left tackle?


Read: no way in hell.

Albert is healthier, has more years in the system, is a great run blocker on a run-first team, and actually played last season.

Gaither needs to be used on the right side. The fact that we’re always saying things like "will it be O’Callaghan or Richardson" should be evidence enough that this is the weakest position on the line.

- Actual Result: Gaither was cut from the Chiefs mid-season without ever starting a game. Good news for DCJayhawk, who was correct both that Gaither wouldn't start over Albert and that right tackle was our weakest position on the line. Bad news for the Chiefs, who looked pretty stupid after Gaither got picked up by the Chargers and started dominating at left tackle for them.

- User: gavitron

- Prediction: Cassel doesn't complete 89.5% of his passes

I would bet my right testicle that matt cassell will not complete 89.5% of his passes.

- Actual Result: Matt Cassel completed 59.5% of his passes, only 30% away from making gavitron look like a fool. Your right testicle is (barely) safe this time, gavitron, but I'd be more careful in the future if I were you. You got lucky.

- User: gregorychief

- Prediction: Tyson Jackson Breaks Out, Chiefs Send 6 to the Pro Bowl

My added predictions are, the special teams will be amongst the best in the NFL this season.

T Jax will have a breakout year, and 6 Chiefs will make the Pro-Bowl.

- Actual Result: Sigh. Another prediction that makes me a little sad. Tyson Jackson did finally seem to turn the corner, but didn't quite have a breakout year. We did send two players to the Pro Bowl in Hali and D.J., but no others. Finally, special teams play cost us a trip to the playoffs against the Raiders, and Steve Hoffman was not retained.

Now let's look at some of the predictions of our esteemed fellow APers regarding players for other teams.

Concerning Non-Chiefs Players:

- User: CapsLockKey

- Prediction: Tyler Thigpen Will Struggle to not Wash Out of the League if the Dolphins Don't Re-sign Him

Thiggy will be lucky to even make a roster

He’s only decent in a gimmick offense, and the only team running a gimmick offense anymore was Miami. If the Dolphins don’t want him back, he’s probably done.

- Actual Result: Tyler Thigpen signed on with Chan Gailey to backup Ryan Fitzpatrick for the Buffalo Bills. Perhaps Buffalo would have even made the playoffs had they been willing to unleash the Thigbone.



And before you even ask, the answer is, "yes." Yes I did include that prediction mainly as an excuse to post the Thigbone picture.

And finally, we've come to my favorite prediction.

- User: craig in calgary

- Prediction: Tony Romo Wins 2011 NFL MVP

Tony Romo: Most underrated QB in the history of the NFL

He’s Aaron Rodgers, without a Superbowl ring.

Fine, I’m going to put my name on it.
September 6, 2011 @ 2:08 Calgary time:

Tony Romo is going to win the NFL MVP in 2011.

- Actual Result:



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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