Setting the Trenches: Offensive Line

From the FanPosts. Enjoyed this. -Joel

Many would agree that in order to succeed in the game of football, a team must dominate the line of scrimmage. Even though some say the league has evolved, this remains constant. It's essential to protect the QB and provide clean running lanes for your RB's.

Most would also agree that the biggest need for the Chiefs this offseason is on the offensive line. I firmly believe KC can set the trenches for years to come by making wise decisions with their first two draft choices in 2012.

Drafting the Beef

Scott Pioli has repeatedly indicated he wants to build this team through the draft. We haven't seen any blockbuster free agent deals in Pioli's time with the Chiefs, so a reasonable person would assume that will not change now.

The first draft pick for the Chiefs has got to be obvious. Maybe even the second. More info after the jump.

Round 1 Selection

By many accounts, he's best Offensive Guard prospect to come along in quite some time. He's slotted to go in the middle of the first round. It's a can't miss, 100% certain pick that Pioli should be salivating over. You guessed it.. His name is David DeCastro, OG, Stanford (6'5", 315 lbs).



I can see this coming in the comments... "Spend the 11th (12th?) overall pick on an OG?? You must be crazy. You can get a quality OG in the 2nd and 3rd rounds." Let me give you a nudge to get you on board with this pick. Per

Player Comparison: Will Shields

Okay, now I have your attention! That guy seemed to work out pretty good for us.

More from

Simply put DeCastro has no flaws in his game or in his personality. He should be protecting the president. He has dominated every game I have scouted. He has handled big DT’s with no problem such as Alemeda Ta’Amu and he has dominated quicker DT’s as well. He gets to the second level quickly and demolishes second level defenders which allows for many big plays. Every team could use him but I don’t see him lasting past early 20’s and he could be a top 10-15 pick due to his talent. Teams such as Titans, Chiefs, Chargers, Cowboys, Buccs, Lions, and Texans will look to pick this kid up.

NFL Mocks: David DeCastro Scouting Report

DeCastro moves in and starts right away. Along with Hudson and Asamoah, the heart of the offensive trenches is set for years and years to come. There are no red flags and no foreseen flaws. He's got to be the pick.

Round 2 Selection

Now that you're on board with that selection, what will the Chiefs be thinking with the second round selection? Let me first say that I believe Barry Richardson should be retained by KC. I know that won't be a popular statement among AP'ers. But... He provides nice depth as a swing tackle and is surprisingly one of the better RT FA's (or FART, if you must go there). However, it's plain to see this position needs upgraded. A guy that looks to be available when KC is on the clock in Round 2 is Zebrie Sanders, OT, FSU (6' 6", 307 lbs).



Sanders, like Richardson, could be used as a swing tackle. He did time at both tackle positions with FSU, sliding in at LT (and excelling) when the starter went down. Sanders could potentially challenge Richardson right away for the starting RT job.

Per NFL Mocks:


His best attribute his is ability to move well in the passing game “range” and to get to the second level in the run game…He has Good size…big wingspan and huge hands (this is the 40 yard dash for OL)…agile…athletic…moves his feet well…can really get to the second level well…bends well and plays with good leverage…has played both right tackle and left tackle at Florida State and is athletic enough to play LT (has actually looked better at LT this year)…a lot of upside…


Though he has the body type to fill out he needs to continue to add more strength because he can overwhelmed at the snap by powerful defensive linemen…raw from a technical standopint…doesn’t have elite awarness…not extremely disciplined too many false starts and holding penalties have been called on him…

You better believe that Pioli will have Hudson in his office soon to get the inside scoop on Sanders.

NFL Mocks: Zebrie Sanders Scouting Report

Walter Football has Sanders ranked as the 5th best OT prospect in the draft.

Walter Football - 2012 NFL Draft: Offensive Tackle Rankings

Closing Comments

To an extent, the big guys up front can determine the level of play of the guys behind them. A solid O-Line can turn a mediocre QB above average. They can make a stud RB All-World. The best option for this team is to solidify the Offensive Line right away. Whether it's Kyle Orton, Matt Cassel, or Matt Moore (you can also insert the other 15 names here), it's likely KC will have a mediocre QB under center this year.

Here's the kicker. Pioli has said he hopes to draft a QB every year. You better believe he will eventually hit with one of those picks, if given enough time. Hear me when I say: The offensive trenches must be set when that QBOTF is realized. Here's to hoping Pioli will draft the beef this year, solidifying the Offensive Line for the next 10 years.

- ExRoyalsFan

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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