How the Chiefs Should Handle A Very Important Off Season


The Kansas city Chiefs, New coach and all, need to win, and they need to win now. Their star players, Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Tamba Hali, and Dwayne Bowe are all in their prime. The 2012-2013 has to be the Chiefs big year, the year where they can become a well known, elite team in the NFL. The draft is loaded with their main needs (OT, QB, NT) and the free-agency market is also has a lot of good players who should catch the Pioli's eye. This here, is an in-depth post, on how the Chiefs should handle the biggest off season they have had in years.

And yes, it is my last post about it in a while ;)

Coaching Staff:

With Bill Muir Retiring, The Chiefs now officially have an opening at The Offensive Coordinator Position. There's a ton of speculation on who is in the running for the job. First, it was Brian Daboll, There were reports they were interested in Mike Sherman, but he was hired by the Dolhpins, and now, today there were reports from Adam Teicher, saying that Jim Zorn was interviewed by the Chiefs for the opening, and wants the job. I'd say that the Chiefs are likely to promote Jim Zorn to Offensive Coordinator, and I think they should. So that is taken care of.

If Zorn is the Offensive Coordinator, that leaves an opening in the Quarterbacks Coach. Honestly, I'm not sure who is out there in the QB's coach department, but I imagine Zorn could possibly keep his role there, too. The Chiefs have other openings, such as Offensive Line Coach, and Wide Receivers coach. I don't really know who's out there, but I imagine they would find somebody good for the job.

That leaves Romeo Crennel as the Head Coach, and also calling the defensive Plays. Crennel said himself he would call the plays, so I imagine he would name himself the Defensive Coordinator, or Cornerbacks coach Emmit Thomas would get the job. But it will come from inside the organization. Then lastly, Jim Zorn is the Offensive Coordinator.


I won't go way too far into this, but if your looking for that, here is my post, on their re-signing their own free agents (Here) But Here are the Players I think should Be Re-signed.

Brandon Carr CB Dwayne Bowe WR

Le'Ron Mcclain FB Jackie Battle RB

Wallace Gilberry DE Javon Belcher MLB

Amon Gordon DE Jon Mcgraw SS

Travis Daniels CB Barry Richardson OT (depth)

Anthony Becht TE

Note: I would have QB Kyle Orton on this list, but I have another QB being signed in free agency. If they do not sign that particular QB, I would want Kyle Orton back in Kansas City.

Free Agency Signings:

QB Peyton Manning- With questions on Manning leaving Indy, It seems pretty clear that he will either be retiring, or playing for another team next year. Just yester, Manning had said that he has "No plans on retiring" so I guess he isn't reitiring! I would Love to see Manning as a Chief for the reasons In My Post About Peyton Manning Here. There is not an elite QB that is on the market that can take us to a Super Bowl, other than Manning. That is why I think Manning would be a great 2-3 year answer for the Chiefs, and he'd put Ricky Stanzi under his wing, and maybe have him ready for when Manning is done.

RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis- Although the Chiefs have star RB Jamaal Charles coming back this year off of injury, they need someone to share carries with Charles just as Thomas Jones did in 2010. That year they had the #1 ranked running game in the NFL. Green-Ellis can run in between the tackles, break tackles, and if Charles was to have another injury, Green-Ellis would definitely be able to carry the load for the Chiefs offense. Plus, he has the "Patriot Connection"!

(If Dwayne Bowe is not re-signed)

WR Pierre Garcon- If Dwayne Bowe in fact is re-signed, then this would not be necessary, But if not, Garcon would be a great pickup. The Colts have a ton of people to re-sign, and They may not have room for Garcon. Also, If the Chiefs bring in Manning, there would be even more interest on both ends, the Chiefs and Garcons, to get a deal done. It is a lot of "if's" But it's pretty convincing. Also, if the Chiefs bring in Manning, and Bowe isn't re-signed, WR Reggie Wayne would be interesting also, since Manning and Wayne have had both of there best seasons together.

DE Jon Abraham- Abraham is by far the Falcons best pass rusher, but they may not give him the big Check he demands. They also have to re-sign Brent Grimes,Harry Douglass, and Kroy Biermann. He would be a great pickup for the Chiefs, and would be a terrific compliment to the Chiefs growing Pass rush with Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. The Chiefs have the money to pay for him, and Abraham should be interested since he would be with Tamba, and Houston also. If signed, the Chiefs would have a very dynamic Pass rush that would cause major problems for the opposing offenses.

TE Scott Chandler- Chandler is a TE who would fit great with Tony Moeaki next year. The Chiefs would then have by far, the best Passing game in tyhe NFL. Chandler scores a lot of Touchdowns, and Moeaki catches a lot of balls, for a lot of yards, With those 2 at TE, Bowe, Breaston, Baldwin, and Mayo at WR, the Chiefs Passing game would be incredibly hard to stop.

A lot of readers want the Chiefs to sign Guard Carl Nicks,but I think the Chiefs are all set there, with Ryan Lilja and Jon Asamoah. Lilja is going into the last year of his contract and may be released this off season, but If not I think They are all set at the Guard position and Lilja's replacement should be taken care of through the draft.

But if the Chiefs sign these players this free agency, that gives them a lot of options in the 2012 draft.

2012 Draft:

1. Jonathan Martin OT Stanford- Even with the off season signings, the Chiefs would be smart to draft Jonathan Martin. He's an athletic tackle who fits their offensive Line scheme, and would protect whoever their QB will be next year. Barry Richardson needed to be replaced, and with this pick, he will be replaced.

2. Vontaze Burfict MLB Arizona State- Not many AP readers really like this pick, but I think it would be very smart. With Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, and then Vontaze Burfict, they would have the most athletic Linebacking corp in the NFL. Also, they'd have solid backups in Javon Belcher and Brandon Siler. There are major cautions on Burficts attitude and temper, but I think if, and when he can keep his emotions under control, he could be a major dynamic in the Chiefs young, growing defense.

3. Kendall Reyes NT Connecticut- To Make the Chiefs defensive line complete, they need a good, quality Nose Tackle. Kelly Gregg didn't fill in too great for the Chiefs after being a pretty big off season pickup, and rookie Jerrell Powe was barely on the active roster on each sunday for every game. Kendall Reyes would be able to come in, and play pretty much right out of the gate, and if Reyes and Powe can both develop, they would be able to have a great rotation at the NT position for a long time.

4. Senio Kelemete OG Washington- Starting guard, Ryan Lilja is aging, and his production cut down this past year and wasn't playing as well as expected. The good thing about drafting Kelemente, is that if Lilja isn't playing well enough, he would be able to take his place, and possibly start. Kelemente could be the long term answer after Lilja is gone, and he would really be a steal at this late in the draft.

5. Jamell Fleming CB Oklahoma- The Chiefs have one of the best CB duo's in the NFL with Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr, but after that there is a minor drop off. Then, there is Javier Arenas who has struggled all year, and was picked on by QB's every game. He is far from terrible, but he is an average #3 CB. Jalil Brown hasn't gotten much playing time in his rookie season and was a 4th round pick, and Travis Daniels, who has played pretty well in the Nickel, should stay where he is, in the Nickel. Because Daniels is very affective there. With Flemming, Daniels, Brown, and Arenas, they would have strong depth at the CB position.

6. William Vlachos C Alabama- With C Casey Weigmann most likely retiring this off season, Rodney Hudson is likely to be his replacement. That means that there is right now as the depth chart stands, no backup for 2nd year Center Hudson. The Chiefs most likely would look to free agency for a backup, and then I'd have them drafting Vlachos from Alabama for depth, because that is exactly what the Chiefs need on their offensive line.

7. Thomas Mayo WR California PA- Reports from the Senior Bowl said that the Chiefs were very interested in Mayo. Mayo had a good 2012 season and is very underrated in this draft. If the Chiefs can grab a steal here, then Scott Pioli would look like a genius.

Depth Chart:

After this off season, This is how the Chiefs depth Chart will look like:


1. Peyton Manning

2. Ricky Stanzi

3. UDFA/Minor FA pickup

Running Back:

1. Jamaal Charles

2. Benjarvus Green-Ellis

3. Jackie Battle

4. Dexter Mccluster

Tight End:

1. Tony Moeaki

2. Scott Chandler

3. Anthony Becht

Wide Receivers:

1. Dwayne Bowe

2. Steve Breaston

3. Jonathan Baldwin

4. Thomas Mayo

5. Dexter Mccluster RB/WR

Offensive Line:

LT- Brandon Albert

LG- Ryan Lilja

C- Rodney Hudson

RG- Jon Asamoah

RT- Jonathan Martin

Defensive Line:

RE- Jon Abraham, Allen Bailey

DT- Kendall Reyes, Jerrell Powe, Amon Gordon

LE- Glenn Dorsey, Wallace Gilberry, Amon Gordon


ROLB- Tamba Hali, Andy Studebaker

MLB- Derrick Johnson, Vontaze Burfict, Javon Belcher, Brandon Siler

LOLB- Justin Houston, Cameron Sheffield


1. Brandon Flowers

2. Brandon Carr

3. Jamell Fleming

4. Travis Daniels (Nickel)

5. Jalil Brown


1. Eric Berry

2. Jon Mcgraw


1. Kendrick Lewis

2. Free Agent


1. Javier Arenas

2. Dexter Mccluster


1. Javier Arenas

2. Steve Breaston/Dexter Mccluster

To me, this roster here, looks like a Super Bowl contending team. The Offensive Line is stellar, the We have a great TE duo, the defensive line is good, We have a great Line backing corp, and the Corner backs are even better than last year! If Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel can handle this off season just like this, The Kansas City Chiefs can establish themselves as a team that can compete for a Super Bowl.

A Look At Next Years Opponents:

Since the season is over, we now know the teams that the Chiefs will Play next year, and we know where the game will be too. We just do not know when the games will be. Since the opponents have not been well advertised by the NFL, here are the teams the Chiefs will play next year, and where it will be.

Home Games- Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Carolina

Road Games- Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

The Chiefs schedule isn't close to as bad as last year, but it still can be decently hard, assuming most of the teams play around the same level of skill as last year.

Well, if I was Scott Pioli I would try to handle this off season this way, or very close to it. The Chiefs have the money, and the players could see Kansas City as a good place to come to given the great fan base we have here in Kansas City. Leave all your comments thoughts, opinions and anything else down in the comment section, and let me know what you think of the post!

Go Chiefs!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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