Moving Forward.


Today, I was auto-programming my TV, because I was watching the game on a television that I don't normally use... When the Chiefs game finally came on, it was when Jamaal Charles was scampering down the field for an 80 yard touchdown. I was elated... that was two games in a row where the offense finally had first drive touchdowns.

Just awesome!

There is no need to rehash the history of this feat, we all know the Chiefs has been abysmal on first drives since 2010. When the Browns got the ball, the game seemed like it was going to go in the Chiefs favor. Tamba Hali sacked the QB, the Browns eventually had to punt and the Chiefs drove down the field again with the help of some great passes from Brady Quinn to Dwayne Bowe.

Of course, then Steve Maneri dropped what would have been an amazing one handed touchdown reception as he hit the ground. Ryan Succop soon followed that up with a field goal try that clanked off the uprights from only 27 yards out. At the time, I still had hope that the Chiefs could find some resolve, hold the lead and beat the Cleveland Browns in their house... like the opening minutes of the game suggested would be inevitable.

However, it wasn't to be. Most of you guys watched the game, you watched Dustin Colquitt's effort on Joshua Cribbs huge return and other moments in the game where the Chiefs just didn't seem to be in it. Overall, beyond the first quarter, it was just the return of 2012 Kansas City Chiefs football.

A team with poor coaching, questionable fundamentals and the Houdini like ability to disappear when the going gets tough. I don't want to pound on the Chiefs. None of this is new, we have watched this team all season, no matter how much we want them to be... they are just not a good football team.

Last week was incredibly difficult. I still feel for Romeo Crennel, Scott Pioli and Gary Gibbs. What they witnessed with Jovan Belcher is something that would be impossible to watch for any human. That has still got to be weighing heavily on their minds, though I can't pretend I know what they are going through or how they are coping, because I have no idea. It's just speculation.

Watching this team today, I was hoping for a victory as I always do. But, there was a small part of me that wanted to see the Chiefs put it together under this current regime. Part of me was rooting for them to win out this season and look like the team that Scott Pioli envisioned since he first told us about "The Right 53" in January of 2009.

Because I felt so badly for him, I didn't want to continue to face the reality that he hasn't done a very good job, at least this week. I felt just as bad for Romeo Crennel because of what happened and how the team responded to his good nature, he was perfect for that moment and I wanted the Chiefs to pull it together, because I genuinely respect, admire and appreciate Romeo as a man.

Perhaps that's stupid, perhaps I am not saying what I am trying to say the right way. After all, I'm just an idiot with a keyboard and membership to Arrowhead Pride. But during this game I felt a lot of emotions for what I want from this team moving forward.

Sure, the story book tale would involve the Chiefs overcoming everything, putting it all together and finally becoming the team that some of us thought they were capable of being the last couple seasons. However, this isn't a story, the Chiefs aren't imaginary and a happy ending doesn't appear to be in the cards.

This was the Chiefs eighth blowout loss this season. It started with a lot of hope, but then the lack of leadership, talent and ability to execute remembered reality. And the reality is, this is not a good football team. It's not "The Right 53", the process has failed and despite all of the soft feelings we had over last weekend... these aren't the men to lead this team into the future.

It's sad, our Kansas City Chiefs are a broken franchise with several high quality pieces. Matt Cassel is a fine human being. Romeo Crennel is one of the nicest coaches that I have ever seen, you just want to give him a hug. Scott Pioli seems like a genius, I wanted him to be "The Don" and witness him hoist a Lombardi Trophy. Brady Quinn's words were very touching last week and he seems to have some talent and received little opportunities in the NFL, we wanted to love him as our QB.

The problem is that together, as good as they are, it's just not working and I don't think moving forward it will ever work, it's just not the right mix in the NFL. That really sucks, because these are good people, they seem to have good morals and they handled a delicate, dreadful situation in the NFL with as much class as can ever be expected.

That said, when it comes to winning football games, it's just not enough and I think we will see the team move on soon. Last week, I questioned myself, I wondered about life and how important winning is, I wondered about all the time I spend as a fan and how much it really mattered in the big picture... In the big picture, winning means nothing, it's just a form of entertainment, it's a feel good notion and not much more.

Though... Steve Chiefs reminded me that football isn't reality. It's an escape from reality that a lot of use to just enjoy life. A vacation from the everyday, a metaphor to the bigger problems that we face in the real world. It's simply meant to be fun. Watching the Chiefs is supposed to be fun. Talking about Super Bowls and individual players performances is meant to be entertaining, there is nothing wrong with picking up the pieces and having fun again.

I want the Chiefs to be good. I like to discuss draft picks and who the GM will be, I like to be a smart ass on Arrowhead Pride and breakdown every little thing Chiefs related.

Moving forward, I think we will see some change...


I don't know, but under this regime the team is broken and I want it to be fixed... now. The Kansas City Chiefs have a lot of good pieces, but they need more than that. They need a new set of eyes going into the draft, they need to get a QB that can throw the ball down the field and a Head Coach that can game plan at a current NFL level with the best of them. We need some changes on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball... not to mention special teams.

The philosophy seems dated. We are watching winning football teams air it out and putting points on the board. This Chiefs regime seems content with kicking field goals and running the clock out. On defense, we like to play off the receiver and play zone, have linebackers chasing down WR's and tight ends instead of blitzing the QB. That won't work, you have to hit WR's early in this new NFL because of the rules, if they sit back and can't attack the receiver after five yards, they have no chance to cover them. It just doesn't work... we need coaches that can coach with these new rules and adjust. Kansas City tries to force it's scheme on the league, instead of adapting it's scheme to the new age. At least, that's how it seems to me.

I don't know what the answers are, I don't know who we need to hire, but I do believe that if we are ever going to move forward, we need to move on.

Geaux Chiefs!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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