Fate of the team/front office Decided ?

Perhaps it's me , but something just feels like Romeo isn't playing for his job right now. Which to me means, that his fate of the 2013 Season has already been decided. Perhaps Pioli's as well.

The play right before half-time , didn't feel like last week's attitude at all ( where we went on 4th down 3x ). Despite a majority of fans still hoping for the no.1 overall pick (and whatever mediocre QB comes with that ) , you'd think that he'd want the team to keep things close and have something to smile about when reflecting on last season.

Sure it could have been INT'd for a TD. But the season , in terms of playoffs is over. And for the same sake, so is the Browns. This was a game of revenge for 4 players and 3 members of the Coaching staff.

The saying "leave your emotions on the field" couldn't be further away.

Some Things Appear to be Certain

1. Steve Breaston , Peyton HIllis and Glenn Dorsey are off the team next year.

Hillis only had a one year contract. Breaston is inactive , but there hasn't been a major injury report regarding this. Dorsey was put on IR , but it would appear that he and the team have come to terms that he won't be re-signed next season and that he will be able to gain the weight needed to become a 4-3 DT ( the position he was originally drafted to play).

Albert as well? Tougher to call as his injury might be serious. But Donald Stephenson is coincidentally getting a serious 1/2 season audition - in a draft where LT could easily be the no.1 overall pick.

2. Brian Daboll , Joe Gibbs, and the Majority of Assistant Coaches will be gone as well.

The sideline today looked deflated. When you look at the Brown's they were putting on a nice circus for their loyal fans. Testing & Executing Gadget plays. Putting in new players. They knew they were a young team, but they were in transition of developing that winning attitude (see Chiefs at end of 2011 season).

The plays being ran were minimalist. Even for a rain game.

Now , perhaps you could argue that Javon's funeral caused the situation to really kick in for this team. They probably missed some practice and locker room day-to-day changed. The media changed as well.

3. This is a silent Swan song for Romeo Crennel

MEDIA MEMBERS - call this audition time.

A) Players with larger, long term contracts will do their best to not get cut by the new administration =

We saw that from Tyson Jackson today. (who has a contract that could cut him easily in the offseason or keep him for a rational price). We also saw this from Hali , who has been 1/2 the player he was compared to last year.

Jamar Newesome playing "starter" time is a perfect example of this.

B ) Head Coaches prepare their resume for college or assistant positions

Romeo had to be talked out of retirement to become Haley's DC. Infact , prior to the Green Bay win - many Kansas City fans would have said that he would just go back into retirement after the Chiefs regroup and figure out how to replace Haley.

The calls on the field today were eerily similar to ( also retired ) Jim Caldwell's mid-season in Indianapolis last year.

Does Pioli stay?

C) It's a chance for the team to audition , itself ...

Fans who have been around for 20 years understand what the Chiefs are. No matter who our GM is, we're not going to land the top DE or WR in the offseason. Quarterback falls into that category as well ( remember Montana was traded to KC - although out of respect the 49ers took consideration of his choice ) . Especially in offseasons where we have a losing record.

We're not Baltimore or New England where the veteran takes a pay cut to win a ring. We're not New Orleans or Atlanta where the young coach or young QB can convince you to come over during the Pro Bowl.

Kansas City has cap room galore , but Crennel & Pioli are flawed when it comes to persuasion. The fact that they're missing the 3rd piece at QB is apparent as well.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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