Rebuttal to No1CHIEFSFAN

I’m writing a full fanpost to answer No1CHIEFSFAN’s post of a couple of days ago, in which he takes the position that the Chiefs should NOT fire Pioli. I feel he is incorrect in Oh, so many ways. The case for the dismissal of Pioli is almost airtight (and I’m not even going to mention the mismanagement of the QB situation).

First, unless Pioli retains the services of Coach Crennel, he will have hired THREE coaches in his first five years. This is simply unacceptable. On the other hand, retaining Crennel isn’t acceptable either. Someone must be accountable for the disaster that has been this season.

The second reason Pioli must go concerns his drafting history with the Chiefs. The selection of Jackson as the third overall selection in ’09 is a monumental error, which can’t be excused by lamely stating that the ’09 draft was a weak draft all around. Third overall is far too high for a player who to date sees barely half the defensive snaps. Then there is McCluster, who was chosen significantly higher that was warranted. Other than his punt return in his first pro game, he hasn’t justified his selection early in the second round. He’s too small to be an effective RB, and an alarmingly large number of passes seem to deflect off his hands into defender’s hands. Finally, the jury is still out on Poe. As I write this, Weeden is making our Chiefs look lame.

Pioli has also failed to distinguish himself in Free Agency. Carr was allowed to leave, and Pioli attempted to plug the hole with Routt. That didn’t work out too well. To his credit , the signing of Winston appears to be a solid move. Unfortunately, this next off-season, we may watch Bowe, Albert, and/or Dorsey also dessert a sinking ship. I seem to remember that he wrapped up Charles and Flowers well before things reached a critical stage. Since, by most accounts, the Chiefs do have cap room, Pioli’s miserly ways may well cost us another key player or two.

Next, pick the 10 or 12 best players (your choice) on the Chiefs’ roster. I can guarantee you that the majority of the players pre-date Pioli. There isn’t really anything else to be said on this topic. No1CHIEFSFAN’s assertation that the roster is much better now than when Pioli took over is specious, at best. When Peterson left (and Edwards) the team had just “blown up” Vermeil’s team. Edwards correctly read the writing on the wall after his first season as HC, when the team backed into the play-offs, only to lose soundly to the Colts in the first round. The roster was old, and it was time to start over. Hence, Pioli did inherit a weak roster. After four years, it darn well better be improved over what he inherited.

Finally, Pioli apparently has some serious “people issues”. When Haley suggested that perhaps his phone was bugged, most of just laughed and assumed that it was Haley who was “bugged”. We’re not laughing now. Pioli, at best, micromanages the office situation.

In summary, I just can’t lend any credence to No1CHIEFSFAN’s assertation that Pioli should be retained. His record speaks for itself. Pioli and Daboll-ee both gotta go-ee.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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