I had written Joel Thorman a letter because quite frankly I am tired of hearing that Scott Pioli has to go. We all make mistakes in life whether it was with family, school or any decisions and for the most part I'm sure we were forgiven as long as it wasn't unethical or illegal. When Joel responed to my email he recommended that i post it, so here we go.

I believe Scott Pioli has made one mistake, the QB. If he finally realizes it i am more than willing to wipe the slate clean This all stemmed from me being an impressionable 9 year old in 1988.

Hi Joel, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Scott and I consider myself the biggest Chiefs fan which I'm sure everyone does. I live in NJ and have been a fan since 1989. I am also an Alabama fan since 1988 which you might have guessed the reason is a person named Derrick Thomas I have been coming to one home game every year since 2005 against the Redskins, however I haven;t witnessed a victory since the 2006 Chargers home game. I make a whole week out of it by staying at Harrah's. Usually hit up the Plaza and even take a ride every year to a store called Sportsnutz to buy as much stuff as i can that will fit in my luggage without having to pay the extra ridiculous fees for heavier luggage. In fact if you have ever been there, there was a framed autographed Derrick Thomas Jersey that was there for about 5 years. That now is hanging in my basement thanks to an awesome birthday gift from my wife. I am writing this letter to you for a few reasons.

I for one am a huge Scott Pioli supporter. As a matter of fact while I was tailgating at the Chiefs Vs Jets game last year at Metlife stadium I noticed Scott walking through the parking lot. As i walked over to get his attention he came right over to take a pic with me. I had a great conversation with him for about 15 minutes. He is from the area so he was tailgating in the parking lot with family, friends and some athletes he used to caoch in the area. As our conversation went on I said this is a once in a lifetime opportunity would you mind if I asked you a question and he said sure.

I asked why Tyler Palko was still starting while I thought we had an awesome rookie prospect in Ricky Stanzi and also pointed out that the Texans were on the verge of riding into the playoffs with their own 5th round pick who's college career in no way compared to Stanzi? I guess I caught him off guard because he was so excited to be home and around his family that he actually answered " I know I really like this kid also". Then iI guessed he snapped out of it and gave me the most politically correct answer possible "I'm the GM and Todd is the coach". Coincedence or not Haley was fired the next morning.

When my wife and I heard the news we just looked at each other and didn't know what to think. Now for why I am a huge Pioli supporter. I believe he has made one mistake and that is unfortunatly the most important one and that is the QB situation. If you look at the rest of this roster it really is unbelievable what he has done. I know people say the talent was there already, however he has recognized the talent and extended very team friendly contracts ie. Tamba, Jamaal and DJ.

If you look at the draft in 2009 it was tough. I know he came late and it was his worst draft to date , however T-JAX is coming into his own this year. Number 1 run stopping 3-4 DE and now looks like a beast on sub plays with Dontari next to him. Only other player worth mentioning is Mr. Irrelivent Ryan Succop. 2010 Eric Berrry (rookie pro bowler) and coming back to form as of late, DMC when used how he should be is an awesome asset to the offense and special teams. Who knows how 2010 would have went without his opening night return, Javier Arenas, not the greatest slot corner but sufficient. He also had the highest punt return average without returning one for a TD, Jon Asamoah looks to have the potential of Brian Waters as a 3rd round pick, Tony Moeaki broke every Chiefs rookie TE record set by the greatest TE ever. A little slow coming back from injury but looks to have turned the corner as of late. Kendrick Lewis a FIFTH round pick basically starting from day one and taking over at a high level when Berry went down last year. Now we soon might have to think of a new FS soon because of injuries he tends to have but being a BAMA fan i was excited when they drafted Menzie last year. Can't really go wrong with a Saban pick on defense. Fianlly Cameron Sheffield I consider a wasted pick. 2011 draft:

Jon Baldwin, get some consistency at QB and watch what this kid could do. Rodney Hudson is a quality starting center and i think he will be phenominal when he comes back for years to come. Justin Houston could possibly be the draft steal since the draft started. I was happy Scott went away from what he believes is the right 53 and took this chance. almost like Romeo going for it on 4th downs now, finally thinking taking chances could be more positive than negative. Allen Bailey, I was excited about the pick because he is just a monster but the jury is still out. Jalil Brown, I like this kid, he's big and tall and if you watch any Colorado tape you would be impressed and how about Jalil on special teams? Great pick I think. Ricky Stanzi, almost everyone knew this pick was coming. Pro style offense, cannon for an arm. I really want to see this kid with the 1's, again however the jury is still out. Gabe Miller, wasted pick. Jerrell Powe, I thought this was the steal of the draft. He canpenatrate the pocket like no other but you can see he has no dicipline as far as being a NT in a 3-4. I would love to see him develope into that typical 3-4 NT they want and then use him and Dontari on sub packages while mixing in T-JAX. Shane Bannon, not a fan of the pick, rally no different then having Mike Cox on the roster.

2012 draft. To be honest i wanted Stephon Gilmore, Luke Kuechly or Alex Barron. However with them off the board and rightfully so I thought Poe was the next best pick althougha huge gamble.. A gamble that looks to be paying off. Let's not forget who coached the 1990 NY Giants D-line to a Super Bowl title. Mr. Crennel himself. Jeff Allen, aside from his first game being thrust into the starting line up and not playing so well this kid has stepped it up. Drafted as depth but is starting quality. Doesn't look like we are missing a beat with him in there now and still a top rushing team, not even giving up a sack last week, Donald Stephonson, aside from the embarassig safety against the Chargers you would never know Brandon Albert wasn't playing.

Those two picks show why Pioli is good for this team. He drafted what we thought was depth but now could be the starting left side of the line for a while if Albert isn't resigned and Lilja isn't back. If that was to happen we would 100% have the best and youngest offensive line for years to come. Devon Wylie, give hm another year to be evaluated because of injury. That pick could go either way. DeQuan Menzie, I already showed excitement for this pick, could be Lewis replacement if he can't stay healthy. Cyrus Gray, could be a great three headed monster next year with JC and Draughn if Hillis isn't retained.

The last 2 picks I thought were bad moves and here's why, I thought Vontaze Burfict was definitly worth a late round flyer. This kid would have brought an attitude to this defense that they are lacking. The other pick I wanted to see get chosen was Leonard Johnson from Iowa St. I watch the Iowa St. Vs Oaklahoma St game last year and he handled Justin Blackmon like no other DB did last year. Low and behold Tampa signs Johnson and he even has a pick six this year as an undrafted free agent.

Free agent signings: 2009 Cassel did bring some excitment to the position which we all have a different perspective on now and Vrabel was smart considering we were transitioning to a 3-4 and needed leadership. You can also consider Travis Daniels for the versatiliy he brings. The other aren't even worth mentioning.

2010 Palko played worse then som high school QB's which i think was a Haley decision. Terrence Copper, great special teams signing and some consistent receiver help when needed. Chambers was definatly the wrong choice on giving a contract to since history showed he stopped playing after receiving contracts. Thomas Jones was older but I thought very servicable the first year and great locker room leader. Shaun Smith, love this guy and attitude, I was very upset when they didn't resign him but glad he's back. Casey Wegman and Ryan Lilja were good signings because they filled a need and played admirably. David Grimes and Jeremy Urban were worthless.

2011 I was vey excited about Steve Breaston. He proved to be a good signing until this year which appears they are looking to go youger at WR. It really is baffling me why he is always inactive. Kelly Greg, finally a prototypical NT which I feel served his purpose for the 1 year. Brandon Siler I actually thought was gonna take Jovan's spot before his injury but just proved he can jump in and play at a high level. I would like to see him retained after this year. I was excited about McClain but that didn't work out.

2012 When everybody heard Eric Winston was in town they were practically calling for Pioli's head if he let him leave, however he pulled off aquiring what people said was the best RT in the game. Can't blame Scott for the way Winston has played sometimes this year, Scott did however do what every fan wanted including me an got him signed, even though he had to bribe him with some BBQ. Brady Quinn, I love this signing. Give him time with NO1 offense and you can see he improves as the weeks go on. Goes through progessions, can throw any route and has great velocity on his throws.

My final thought is I would love to see Brady Quinn show he can be the starter long term so we don't have to waste a No1 pick on a QB who isn't woth it just because he is there. I would love to see them draft MLB Manti Teo with the first pick.

I know I dragged this email on and on but what made me write this to youis what happened last night. One of the reasons I married my wife was her passion for football. She is a die hard Giants fan and is even part of Go Big Blue and travels to an away game once a year so she can see every stadium, which by the way she was blown away by Arrowhead last year and pissed that the new Metlife stadium doesn't compare even after they must have spent 3 times as much on it. Last night we went to a Hakeem Nicks autograph session. I got her authentic Nicks jersey signed along with an authentic NFL Super Bowl Football and a picture with Hakeem, my wife and 2 year old son. When I got to the tablei asked if it was ok to ask him a questionand he said sure. I asked if he had played Virginia Tech while he was at North Carolina, he said yes so I proceeded to ask him if he played against Brandon Flowers which again he replied yes. The next question was since you played Brandon Carr twice this year, who do you think is the better CB. He stopped signing whatever he was in the middle of signing, leaned back, really gave it some thought and replied "Flowers". So basically a college Brandon Flowers is better then a 5 year pro Brandon Carr. Great call on who to give the $50 mil to Scott!

In closing I think Scott should be given another year. If Romeo continues to coach like he did against the Panthers then maybe the light is comng on for him and if Brady plays like that the rest of the year we might have our QB for the next few years. I would love to hear your thoughts on this letter if you ever have a chance.

Regards, Scott

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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