Chiefs' Brady Quinn, and one premature question about his future in Kansas City


About Brady...

An incredibly premature question that you'll probably make fun of me for but I'm gonna ask it anyway:

What if Brady Quinn continues playing well?

Do the Chiefs consider him as the quarterback of the future? Does it not matter at this point? Could Quinn earn a job with the Chiefs in 2013?

Do the Chiefs still draft a quarterback in the first round?

OK, five premature questions...

Jamie Squire Getty Images Sport

The questions are premature because we've had exactly one game good game from Quinn. We've seen more bad than good. Past history suggests to us that Quinn will not be very good. Let's keep that in mind. This scenario is unlikely to happen, but it's worth discussing given the importance of the position involved.

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Brady Quinn only had 12 career starts before he came to the Chiefs this season. Obviously coaches have been seeing something (or lack thereof) in practice to keep him on the bench for the last few years but his relative lack of experience makes the question a little more intriguing. He's relatively young and in the NFL that means potential.

So what happens if he keeps playing well during these final four games? Does that affect the future?

My take, in big letters so you know I'm serious:

Even if Quinn continues to play well the rest of the season, there is absolutely no way that should make the Chiefs reconsider selecting a quarterback at the top of the NFL Draft in April.

J. Meric Getty Images Sport

There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- that should derail the Chiefs from selecting a quarterback very high in the draft next season. Well, absent a Manning hitting free agency or a Cutler being available in a trade.

That said, Quinn continuing to play well would be a very good thing for the Chiefs. I would LOVE to be in the position in a few years where the Chiefs have drafted their guy No. 1 overall but Quinn turned into a good starter and makes it a difficult choice. Those are decisions good teams have to make. I would also LOVE to have a No. 1 pick on the bench in case the Chiefs do enter 2013 with Quinn at quarterback and he's a total flop.

The only way I can see Quinn remaining with the Chiefs next season is if Romeo Crennel remains in town. A new regime always wants their new quarterback. They will have no loyalty to Brady Quinn.

Is it that far-fetched to have the Chiefs quarterback depth chart moving into next season show Brady Quinn and a first round pick? It may not be likely -- that would mean Quinn playing well over the next month, which past history tells us he will not do -- but I can envision the scenario where that happens.

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