Jeff Allen vs. Carolina Panthers

Hey guys.

You all know of my liking of Jeff Allen.

I began by disliking him at the draft. I them did a film breakdown of him in college and came away impressed, but cautious. He then proceeded to have one of our teams best preseason's so I was (along with MN, who saw similar as I did) spearheading the "MOAR JEFF ALLEN" bandwagon.

When his time came when Rodney Hudson went down, I was impressed by him in the Saints game. He then went on to have a shitty performance against San Diego, and followed that up with a very impressive game against Baltimore and Haloti Ngata. After that and up to the Pittsburgh game, he had a string of horrible games.

The Pittsburgh and Brett Kiesel rolled around and he had a decent game (despite statistics). He then had an even better game against Domata Peko of Cincinatti. Then onto an even BETTER game against Derek Wolfe of Denver, and finally had one of his best games so far against Carolina.

OR DID HE?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!!!!!

This post will go play by play and breakdown what I saw from him in the first half (because I'm not willing to contribute an entire game. Sorry, MN!).

Play 1: Due to Stephenson tossing Charles Johnson and Lilja handling the other tackle, Allen gets free release and shoves the linebacker back multiple yards, and engulfs him. Leaving Jamaal for a decent game.

Play 2: Takes advantage of the tackle moving to the ball and rolls him over. Jamaal cuts back the off RT run and gets a big gain because Allen ran over the backside pursuer. Great play.

Play 3: Stonewalls the DT and Quinn has all day. Passes it to Bowe for the first.

Play 4: Off RT run. Latches into a linebacker and shoves him back a couple yards and to the ground. Lilja wasn't quite able to get to the second level and the LB stops Jamaal for a two yard gain.

Play 5: another complete stonewalling. Big pass to Baldwin.

Play 6: Off RG run. Chops down the DT. Doesn't get a lot of him but enough to make sure Hillis can't get touched and he scores, TD.

Awesome opening drive by Allen.

Play 7: Helps Lilja and tries to sprint back to Stephenson but can't quite get there. One of the few times Quinn is pressured. Shovel pass to Charles, 4 yards.

Play 8: Can't reach the DT but does shove him back enough that he can't get to Jamaal. Thank God for Jamaal. :)

Play 9: Charles Johnson beats Stephenson on an inside move but Allen makes sure that he'll never try that again with a jarring blow to the face. Overthrows Dwayne.

Play 10: Comes across and cuts off Thomas Davis. Jamaal cuts the RT outside zone play back and runs off Allen's hip for 11 yards.

Play 11: Helps out Lilja on the pass block and keeps the guy away as Brady scrambles for 5.

Play 12: Reaches the DT and seals him off for 3 yards to Jamaal off LT.

Play 13: ALLEN TAKES OUT 3 GUYS. FUCK YEAH. Opens up a big hole and Hillis is one in one with Kuechly in the hole. Hillis wins that fight 99 percent of the time and bulrushes him back for the first. Great play.

Play 14: Allen takes the DT for a nice stroll out if the way and actually ends up pancaking Stephenson's guy by accident. Huge hole closes fast for a gain of three hard fought yards by Hillis.

Play 15: On the down block walls off the DT, but the linebacker Thomas Davis somehow gets McCluster from behind. And that guy FLIES.

Play 16: Keeps his guy off Quinn, and he checks down to Gray. Gray actually administers quite a hit to Anderson and leaves him shaken, but it isn't enough for the first. MOAR CYRUS GRAY.

Play 17: Another good play, shoves the LB to the sidelines and Jamaal gets a gain d 3 off center.

Play 18: Doesn't quite get a lot of the linebacker but doesn't matter as its an off RT run. 1 yard.

Play 19: Oh my Lore holds his guy off. Quinn has all day and completes it to Bowe for the first.

Play 20: Goes up against Greg Hardy who tries a bulrush. Bitch, you should no better. Nothing there, Quinn overthrows Bowe.

Play 21: Actually walls off Hardy but Jamaal makes a bad read and tries to cut it up in front of Allen. Hardy is able to make the tackle because all he had to do was turn around.

Play 22: Absorbs the blitzer but Brady checks down. Not a first, punt.

Play 23: Gets up to the second level and walls off the linebacker. Jamaal hits Kuechly and they get a 4 yard gain.

Play 24: Helps out Stephenson on Frank Alexander, but he doesn't really need it. Checks down to Jamaal, 4 yard gain.

Play 25: Reaches Greg Hardy and walls him off. Hardy gets a hands to the face penalty but it doesn't matter as Gray runs over Kuechly for the first,

Play 26: Not a lot to do here. Stephenson handles Johnson so Allen helps out Lilja. Pass to Newsome for 4 yards.

Play 27: Misses the chop block on Hardy. He gets in in the tackles at the LOS.

Play 28: Another stonewalling on Hardy. Big play and great throw and catches to Bowe for the first.

Play 29: Manhandles the DT for the 70th time in pass protection. Checks down to Jamaal who tries to make a play but fails and gets dropped for 1.

Play 30: Hillis runs through the arm tackle by Allen's guy on a reach. Takes on the linebacker for a gain of five.

Play 31: Another solid pass play against Hardy. Quinn makes a great play with hands in his face and delivers a strike to Dex for the first.

Martz complains about Detroit and disses cornerbacks. As Jay Cutler said, "TELL MARTZ I SAID FUCK HIM."

Sick hard count by Quinn, encroachment. Martz acts all condescending like I don't know what a goddamn hard count is.

Play 32: Incredible well blocked play by everyone on a counter. Allen gets to the second and walls off a linebacker, Stephenson destroys a linebacker, Asamoah pulls around and lights up the defensive end in the trap. Down block by Lilja and Winston work. Maneri manhandles his guy. DiMarco takes out a safety. Total dominance, clear lane. Well blocked. First down.

Martz doesn't know what the ZBS means.

Play 33: Same play for 6. Textbook double team pancake by Stephenson and Allen as they sit the DT on his ass while Asamoah pulls around and drops Johnson again. Stay at home, man.

Play 34: Another nice wall off by Allen and Stephenson as Hillis gets the perimeter on the run off LT for 4.

On another note, can we get a penalty on Hillis for hit on a defenseless defender against #30 of Carolina. That poor little guy can barely get up without stumbling and has his helmet turned sideways.

Play 35: DEEP FREEZE CHECKS IN. Stalemate against the DT, but unfortunately we can't capitalize on massive surge by Lilja and Asamoah because Smith trips out if his stance. MOAR POE AT GOALLINE FULLBACK!!!

Play 36: Despite the, bringing the house, Quinn has all day. Pass to Moeaki. Boom, TD.



Alright, so what did we see.

We saw Allen collectively kick ass against Sione Fua, Dwan Edwards, Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson. No question, just dominance against everyone in every way. It reminded me of preseason, that's how good he was.

and by the way he played against some pretty damn good players (Hardy and Edwards are speaking of very highly in Carolina, the two who he play most of his snaps against). This is just a young player kicking some ass. Makes me glad that he's the future with the Chiefs.




Stephenson is awesome, and I think Allen is better with him by his side.

Asamoah has to be one of the best guards in the league.

Hillis will win any matchup one on one. He just doesn't get taken down in first contact.

DiMarco is the shit.


Allen is unstoppable playing angry.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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