My Choices for Head Coach

Well, the inevitable has happened. Romeo Crennel has been fired. Clark Hunt was fierce and demanding in his words today to the media. He is the man in charge. Hunt wants a coach who has built a strong program. To me, this coach needs that exact quality. We need a proven winner who can bring in the right support staff to win now. We have the foundation of talent and once we add depth we will be a dangerous team. Let's take a look at my candidates for head coach.

CHIP KELLY – Head Coach/University of Oregon

The Oregon coach has the most potent offense in college football. He is a proven winner and has continually presented a top-5 team every year. His credentials and the way he approaches an offense has to intrigue Clark Hunt. The Chiefs set all-time lows on the offensive side this year. And yes, injuries hit us hard on the offensive line as well as with Dwayne Bowe, but in the end, there really isn’t an excuse to play that bad. If we can bring a Quarterback like Geno Smith in, Kelly could create an offense that would be unmatched. Smith and Jamaal Charles would be the ultimate foundation for a coach like Kelly. The biggest concern is how he works from the defensive side of the ball. We would need to bring in a sound defensive coordinator to work alongside him. But, with the tools we have to work with on defense, that should not be that tough of a job. Chip Kelly could make a great team with his knowledge.


Bring your visor our way Chip. via

ANDY REID – Free Agent

The best coach in Eagles history was let go today. The Eagles handled it with the upmost class, but like Andy Reid said, it’s time for a change. And how fantastic would it be to change him from unemployed to the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs? Reid is a football genius who has proven to be a winner. He is an offensive mind who knows how to handle a young offensive line. He could take our line from being young and naïve to a group of hard-nosed veterans fast. He was the man in charge of the potent offensive line that led the Packers offense in the 90’s. He was also the Quarterbacks coach/Assistant Head Coach with the Packers where he helped Bret Favre lead the Packers to the Super Bowl in 1998. That will benefit him considerably, considering that we will likely have a new quarterback regime. But, like Kelly, we will need to hire a great defensive coordinator. If we could grab Lovie Smith (which is a stretch) or Ron Rivera (granted he gets fired), we could have a combination that would be reminiscent of the Eagles of the early 2000’s.


That is the mustache of a winner. via

MIKE MCCOY – Offensive Coordinator/Denver Broncos

Yes Chiefs fans, I hate Denver as much as you do. But, Mike McCoy should be in consideration for the Chiefs Head Coach job. He worked with the Panthers early in his career as a Wide Receivers coach and later on Quarterbacks coach. He helped build the mold that Steve Smith is today. He helped take Jake Delhomme from a mediocre Quarterback to a Super Bowl leader. He is an innovative mind. He created an offense around Tim Tebow, and won football games doing it. Now he is the leader of one of the best offenses in football, granted he has Peyton Manning. He can provide a solid offensive foundation for the Chiefs. He can also develop an offensive system around whoever our quarterback is.


McCoy gets a high-five for being awesome. via

BRUCE ARIANS- Offensive Coordinator/Indianapolis Colts

Arians is sure to be a hot candidate for all of the Head Coaching positions available. He led the Colts to the playoffs as interim coach while Chuck Pagano was dealing with health issues. It was impressive how well he handled that team. He made Andrew Luck look like a seasoned veteran this season. The way he handled the Colts this season speaks for itself and it should warrant a serious look from Clark Hunt.


Arians after the beatdown he gave the Chiefs. via

DAVID SHAW- Head Coach/Stanford

It will be hard to find a candidate who fits all of the criteria that Clark Hunt requests for a coach. But, David Shaw is one person who could. He is a proven leader in the NFL and at the NCAA level. He should be able to fit in with the Chiefs culture considering his dad is a former Chiefs coach. He is an offensive genius and helped mold what Andrew Luck is today. He also is experienced as a run-game manager. He has created one of the best rushing attacks in college football the past few years at Stanford. He is a traditional football guy with a ton of football knowledge. Right now, if we could sway Shaw or pay Shaw out of Stanford, he would be my number one choice.


David Shaw is the man with a plan. via

As you can see, the biggest issue with our future Head Coach would have to be how he deals with the offensive side of the ball. All of these coaches are proven leaders and winners and the primary objective of a team is to win, obviously. Obviously these aren't the only guys who could take this job and succeed, but these 5 guys are the best options in my opinion. We can’t speculate on who will be our new Head Coach, but we can only hope that Clark Hunt picks a winner.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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