Playing GM

If I was the GM of the Chiefs I would want a complete overhaul. This team has a lot of great young talent at the offensive line, a dynamic pass rushing duo, and super stars like Charles and DJ. Of course the QB position needs to be fixed, but the front 7 needs to be retooled, the WR core needs a new face, and the secondary needs to be solidified as well. We can do all of these things in one offseason. Maybe depth will be a concern, it almost always is, but our major concerns can be taken care of.

My first order of business would be hiring Jack Del Rio as my head coach. I know a lot of people would scoff at that idea considering Del Rio was mediocre in Jacksonville, but he has consistently proven to have teams with very strong, physical defenses and running games. I think if he got the right QB he could command a contender. Not to mention it would weaken our biggest rival in Denver. He would need to be paired with an offensive mind. I would hire Cam Cameron as my offensive coordinator as I think he is most proven and best guy available. He would bring a zone blocking scheme allowing for continuity on the offensive line and the air coryell philosophy, which relies on a deep passing game; that is something this franchise has not seen in years and one of the main reasons we have struggled in the new NFL.

My second order of business would in house moves. I would cut Jackson, Cassel, and Breaston. This frees up 15 million in cap space. I would then take care of guys in house. I think we should tag Albert over Bowe since he is worth more in compensation and team value. Plus, with his back issues it may be smart to see how he recovers. I would give Colquitt an extension, since defense and field position will be key for us.

Free Agency will be vital for us if we are to turn this thing around fast. My number one target would be Michael Vick to be our starting QB for the 2013 season, maybe beyond depending on what he does. I know a lot of people will roll their eyes at this, but he really is our only shot at elite QB play in 2013. He played behind a shitty offensive line, I think he could thrive in KC. This draft class is not top heavy at QB. Smith, Barkley, and Glennon seem to me to be fools gold in the 1st round. I'm not saying they will suck, but their ceilings are just too low. We need to go for upside in the 2nd round.

My number two target in free agency would be Mike Wallace (WR, Pittsburgh). He would add blazing speed to the outside at the split end, giving us a legitimate deep threat that will constantly keep defenses at bay and allow Charles to face less 8 in the box looks. This would allow Baldwin to be moved to more of a flanker role suiting his skills better. We should have the most cap space in the NFL and Vick is a popular player in the NFL so snagging him is realistic.

My number three target would be Daryl Smith (OLB, Jacksonville). He is one of the best 4-3 OLBs in the game and can play either side, strong or weak. He played for Del Rio for years in Jacksonville.
My last major move would be to sign Terrence Knighton (DT, Jacksonville) to provide competition for Powe and to give us a legit DL rotation. We can afford all of that when you factor in the cuts, players coming off the books, and the cap carryover. With the little money we have left over we need to find cheap vet depth on the defensive line.

Arbitrary Mock Draft to complete offseason

1. Jarvis Jones (OLB, Georgia) - Will play SLB in Von Miller esk role

2. Tyler Bray (QB, Tennessee) - QB of the future, number one overall talent

3a. Thomas (S, Fresno St) - FS of the future

3b. Matthieu (CB, LSU) - starting CB of the future (Comp Pick)

4. Reddick (MLB, North Carolina) - allows DJ to move outside when needed

5. Lattimore (RB, South Carolina) - power back of the future

6. Benavides (C, Louisville) - utility lineman

7. Cameron (QB, Louisiana Tech) - project QB

New Depth Chart

WR - Wallace (Split End)

LT- Albert, Stephenson

LG- Allen

C - Hudson, Benavides

RG - Asamoah

RT - Winston

TE - Moeaki, Boss, Maneri

WR - Wylie/McCluster (Slot)

WR - Baldwin, Copper (Flanker)

QB - Vick, Bray, Cameron

RB - Charles, Grey/Draughn, Lattimore*

FB - DiMarco

RE - Hali, ?

DT - Poe, ? (Will play a 3-tech)

NT - Knighton/Powe

LE - Houston, Bailey

WLB - Smith, Greenwood

MLB - DJ, Reddick

SLB - Jones, Studebaker

CB - Arenas/Matthieu/Brown

CB - Flowers

SS - Berry

FS - Lewis/Thomas

K - Succop

P - Colquitt

LS - Gafford

PR - Matthieu

We can go to war with that. It could be a sick roster if we stay healthy, Vick performs, and Poe/Baldwin/Berry take a huge leap playing in their new roles.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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