The future of Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel: What just happened?


There were quite a few rumors that popped up on Sunday morning regarding the future of Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel. Several of the reports were conflicting. Several made sense. Others didn't. What the heck did we just go through this morning?

This is the one that kicked it off for me:

Not really a report as much as passing along a rumor. Stay calm, Chiefs fans.

Shortly thereafter, Mike Florio of PFT passed along a similar rumor:

The prevailing rumor in league circles is that first-year coach Romeo Crennel will be replaced, but that Pioli will remain.

Hmm ... so Pioli is likely staying?

These people are going to be disappointed!



ESPN's Adam Schefter weighs in:

So a couple votes for Pioli staying, one for him maybe going.

What about Romeo?


Jason La Canfora says there is a "strong expectation" Romeo is out.

After surveying with execs, team sources and agents, there is a strong expectation that Andy Reid (Eagles), Norv Turner (Chargers), Romeo Crennel (Chiefs), Pat Shurmur (Browns), Ken Whisenhunt (Cardinals) and Mike Mularkey (Jacksonville) will be out shortly after the season ends. Of that group, league sources said Reid, Turner, Crennel and Shurmur are all certain to go and are bracing for that outcome (Reid is prepared to leave Philadelphia even should ownership opt to try to keep him).

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports also said Crennel is likely out.

Romeo laughs at your guessing games.


Screw it, the others say, let's just assume he's gone and talk about his replacement instead!

Hmm. Whaddya think, Kirk?


Glazer also said Pioli will have to state his case to team owner Clark Hunt.

Pioli celebrates this news.


In conclusion, we have a lot of reports, rumors and guesses on what will happen, but no action yet.


Update: Another "Pioli in, Romeo out" report from

According to's Steve Wyche, the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to retain general manager Scott Pioli despite a disastrous season, according to a source briefed on the situation. Coach Romeo Crennel won't be as fortunate. The source said Crennel likely will be fired, although no final decision has been made on the coach's future.

Photo credits: John Reiger, Dave Richard, Denny Medley and Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

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