Betting with the enemy


Good morning Arrowhead Pride and welcome to game day. If you are like me, a die hard Chiefs fan, that logo probably makes you want spew Raiders all over your Chargers toilet.

It's Broncos week, always an interesting time for Chiefs fans, even in a year the team is 2-13. Earlier in the week, our boy, NigerianNightmare did the usual thing and posted the following post over at the Mile High Report:

Ask a Chiefs Fan

1586 comments later, it has become a cesspool of anger and venom between two franchises with fan bases that don't really care for each other and rightfully so, it's a rivalry (remember rivalries Scott Pioli?) Around AP, I can be pretty mature some of the time... when it comes to talking with fans of other teams, I can be respectful and have been in the past. However, when I read so many negative comments about my team in what is supposed to be an informative post about the football side of our rivalry, I can and will trash talk, stand up for my team and defend Kansas City. Sure, it may be like arguing with undisciplined children on sugar highs, but there is still some fun to be had.

In doing so, I was challenged!

Because... like the boisterous Chiefs fan that I am, I went into their house and claimed our lousy offensive team would beat Denver in their house today. It was trash talk, I'm well aware that the Broncos are a playoff team, that Peyton Manning is one the greatest foreheads of all time, that John Elway looks like a horse, that Colorado has mountains because the state is full of trolls and also, that on paper the Donkeys should beat the crap out of the Chiefs this year.

It doesn't matter to me, I'm a Chiefs fan... Cut me open, I bleed red (which consequently if you cut a Broncos fan {hold back from actually doing so today} they do too, because they are all secretly Chiefs fans), I love this team and I expect wins on Sunday's. No matter the win totals, the draft position on the line, the benefits of losing, the fate of our GM and Head Coach or the wants and desires of other Chiefs fans, I always expect the "W."

Sure, the Chiefs let me down, they fail, they are terrible right now, they have an awful offense, they have a coaching staff that "doesn't know", they have no QB's that can actually play the position of quarterback better than average on their best days, they get blown out often, they haven't won a playoff game since free agency was the "new NFL trend" and it's been four decades since the team won a Super Bowl. Believe me, I'm well aware of all this garbage about the Chiefs.

But, I still expect the Kansas City Chiefs to win, I still have Arrowhead Pride, I still defend my team and I still accept the "Pride" challenge from a Donkey fan when he feeds me this challenge:


care to bet on that? Say Chiefs win Sunday, and I change my avatar to a Chef logo throughout the playoffs. Broncos win, and you change your avatar to a Broncos one. No lame logos either, it has to be a legit avatar. In fact, I’ll just wear your avatar if the Chefs win Sunday

"It's all over fat man!"
-Tom Jackson
Semper Fidelis

by Calikula on Dec 28, 2012 6:36 PM CST up reply actions

Some of you might believe it's a fools bet, I sure got flamed enough on the MHR for telling Denver to "Kiss my ass" among other things, including these posts:

It's all good donkeys, talk all the shit you want.

I hope the Chiefs beat the Bronco’s in 2012 Chiefs style 3-0. Four field goal attempts, one made!!!

We know this lousy offense isn’t going to go off, but I hate the Broncos. I hate their colors, I hate their foreheads, I hate their horsey faced resemblance and I want the Chiefs to go in there and grind it out on their ass.

They probably won’t because the Chiefs are terrible and can’t coach, but that doesn’t change the fact that I expect the Chiefs to win every game.

I want our Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles to run for 300 yards, I want Tamba Hali to have another Peyton bloody jersey game, I want Justin Houston to pick up sacks like he is in freakin’ Amsterdam. I want Derrick Johnson to pretend it’s 2009 and run back two INT’s for touchdowns.

It’s Broncos week, screw the blue and orange, screw their disrespectful fans. On Sunday it’s on, number one draft pick or not I want our seven Pro Bowl players to show up and try to carry this team to a victory one more time.

I want Dustin to walk over and give Britton a noogie and tell him he’s not in the Pro Bowl. I want Berry to pick off Manning and run by him screaming I’m the man from Tennessee. I want Dexter McCluster to be open like he always is, but somehow manage to have one of our worthless QB’s get him the football in space…for the love of the Football Gods.

I want to eat beer and drink BBQ. Let’s watch our Chiefs show up for one last game and beat the shit out of the Donkey’s… screw them, their QB, the Hall of Fame QB consultant, their mountains, their scenery, their back-wooded women, their high as kite citizens, their winning record and their playoff team.

Just for one day, let’s be a good team. Let’s be the Kansas City Chiefs of good year… Maybe you can think of one.

Let’s beat the crap out of Denver. Let’s pound a few back as Arenas finally finds a dam Alabama like punt return, let’s chug some cold ones as Rick(-y) Stanzi does something Meri…. wait… he’ll be inactive… never mind.

We’re a 2-13 pissed off fan base that is being mocked by our rivals, the hell with that, the hell with Denver, to hell with their faces. Let’s go there and drink all of the Cooooooooooooooooors and shit KC BBQ aftermath in their toilets.

It’s time for another win.

It’s Broncos week, down with the five-head.

Ban me, whatever, I’m a Chefs fan and I’m dam proud to be one. This week the Chefs are going to be cooking up some Donkey.


by Chief-blinders-on on Dec 28, 2012 5:03 PM CST reply actions 2 recs (Why this isn't green there, I don't get)

Chiefs win Sunday

Denver gets rolled from the playoffs. Denver remains, Denver.


by Chief-blinders-on on Dec 28, 2012 6:31 PM CST up reply actions

Among other things, which is to be expected, it's their house after all.

However, I wouldn't just stand by as our fan base was mocked shamelessly. Hell guys, read some of this crap, I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of re-posting all of their donkey shenanigans, but crap like this really got to me:

Missouri is a laughing stock fly-over state filled with country homers.

KC only exists to make my flight from Denver to Miami that much longer.

The only thing the queefs have to hang their hat on (in over 40 years) is Lynn friggin Dawson. LOL. Seriously?

My favorite: Clark hunt slapped a coat of paint on Arrowhead stadium and called it “New Arrowhead Stadium” and the KC homers lapped it up like dumb puppies. (You should read how that oil rich Texas family is ripping off that county and state with tax dollars.)

Luv how ya’ll have lapped up our trash the past few years and actually got excited about it(I almost feel guilty like stealing from blind children): Orton (2.6 million for 1 game. LOL), Brady -lol, Hyllis LOL, Hochstein LOL,….I have some ocean front property in Arizona if any queefs fan is interested. …Yep Pioli is awesome.I pray he stay’s.

From owner, to world class skiing, a booming economy, a world class destination, a FO that isn’t so embarrasingly inept, to draft, to current players…..KC is a joke compared to Denver. Plain and simple.

2013? …….get the banners out.

"Are you NOT entertained" ?!?! - Maximus

by King_of_the_Rockies on Dec 26, 2012 8:29 PM CST reply actions 5 recs

Screw Denver... It's almost game time. After today, I may end up wearing a Donkey helmet as my avatar and so be it. But if the Chiefs manage to get a win today, for me personally it will be special knowing that at least one of those pretentious tool boxes will have to show their secret undying love for our team, after all... Calikula does bleed red.

Oh, and one more time because this is my post and I can:


Jamaal Charles
Dustin Colquitt
Derrick Johnson
Tamba Hali
Eric Berry

Alternate Congratulations
Justin Houston
Brandon Flowers

You’re Fired
Scott Pioli
Romeo Crennel
Brian Daboll
Coaches to be named later
Presidents named Mark Donavan to be named later
Executives to be named later

Number One Overall Draft Pick Quarterback
Geno Smith

Kiss my Chief loving ass
McGeorge Denver Blog


by Chief-blinders-on on Dec 28, 2012 3:05 PM CST reply actions 14 recs

Geaux Chiefs!!!

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