My 7 Round Mock Draft for THE Kansas City Chiefs

Well, this is easily the worst season I have ever witnessed, granted I am only 19. These last few drafts have been easily some of the worst I have witnessed. To put it bluntly, this season has been the most depressing one I’ve been around….ever.

This leaves one option, which just happens to be the toughest task in sports, rebuilding. Rebuilding the Chiefs may be a tough task, but there are a plethora of ways the Chiefs can approach this. Free agency will be intriguing, trades can happen quickly, but in reality the most effective way to rebuild would be the NFL draft. And with that said, here is my seven round mock draft for our beloved Chiefs.

Round 1 – GENO SMITH – QB/West Virginia

Geno Smith. The man, the myth, and hopefully the legend himself. Geno is considered by many to be the best choice for the Chiefs. And why not? He has shown that he has the ability to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. No, he isn’t Andrew Luck and no he isn’t RGIII. But he does have the potential to produce the same. He has one of the strongest arms in college football, he is one of the most accurate passers around and he has his ability to run as an advantage. His pocket presence is great and if it collapses he can throw on the run. His 71 percent completion is astonishing and beats that of Tyler Wilson or Mike Glennon. His ability to take care of the football is also mind-boggling as he threw for 40 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Let’s leave it like this – Geno Smith for President.


Geno Smith approves this message. via

Other notable possibilities

Manti T’eo – SILB/Notre Dame: Siler has played average in his time at SILB. But, imagine Hali/T’eo/DJ/Houston. Quite the intimidating group. He is a playmaker, no doubt. He has the size, the speed and the intelligence to be an immediate playmaker on the defense. His ability to attack the line is unmatched in college football and he nearly earned a Heisman Trophy out of it.

Aaron Murray – QB/Georgia: Murray, in my mind, is the second best quarterback on the board. But, his declaration for the draft is yet to happen. He might have more potential than Geno, but his size and big-game play has been questioned.

Round 2 – Mike Glennon – QB/NC State

Yes, I know I just chose another quarterback. But, with Matt Cassel, Brady Croyle, I mean Quinn and Ricky Stanzi most likely losing their jobs, is it really a bad idea? The Redskins played this card and it played out well for them. They have two solid quarterbacks and Kirk Cousins is considered one of the hottest guys on the market. Not to mention that Glennon is the best "traditional" quarterback in the draft and he has the best vision in my mind. The only con is he tends to check down when he should be aggressive. He should be picked if he makes it to the second round.



Other Notable Possibilities

Justin Hunter – WR/Tennessee: Hunter is a big receiver with 4.49 speed. He has a very high ceiling with raw talent. He has a history of drops and lacks burst off the snap. He also tore his ACL in 2011 which could drop him to the second round. He is a fantastic route runner with huge playmaking ability. Many have compared him with AJ Green, which I’m all about.

Monte Ball – RB/Wisconsin: Yes, we have Jamaal Charles. Yes, he is one hell of a running back. But, with a rookie quarterback at the helm, the best thing would be to have an unmatched running game. Having Charles and Ball running by committee would be deadly. His patience in finding holes inside the tackles is impressive with his size and could provide a good change of pace to Charles running outside.

Round 3 –Desmond Trufant CB/Washington

Desmond Trufant is the most NFL ready corner in the draft. He has spent time at Washington in both the 4-3 and the 3-4 which gives him a lot of experience in man-coverage as well as the zone. If the Chiefs continue to run the Cover 3 he is the man to pick. He plays much better off the receiver and is a proven coverage guy. His downfall is his tackling. He stays high and overcorrects his tackling angles. That can be fixed and he has the chance to be a deadly corner opposite of Brandon Flowers. Another advantage to Trufant is being able to move Javier Arenas back to his ideal position as a nickel back.


Trufant says, "I'll take that!" via

Other Notable Possibilities

Shayne Skov – SILB/Stanford: Picking between Trufant and Skov is the impossible task. Skov has big play potential and is a monster. He is an NFL ready player who could step in beside Derrick Johnson and dominate early. He has great straight-line speed and that makes up for his lack of lateral movement. His ACL injury junior year has been a question but this year he has proved that it hasn’t affected him that much.

Marcus Lattimore – RB/South Carolina: Again, you can never have too many running backs in the NFL. If they were to go Monte Ball or another running back in round two this isn’t the way I’d go. But, if they go another direction in round two, which I assume they will, Lattimore provides an intriguing look in round three. Now we all know of his injury and that will set him back significantly but look at Frank Gore and Willis McGahee and their past. He is a big back that can run through and around defenders. Once he gets better with reading holes he will be a great back.

Round 4 – Margus Hunt – DE/SMU

This dude is straight big. 6’8’’ and 280 pounds of pure man. The man who has blocked more kicks than anyone in NCAA history was given the title "Most Athletic Freak" by CBS Sports and it was shown in the Aloha Bowl. The Estonian has an 82-inch wingspan that can swat down any pass as well as get a hand on any runner trying to get on the outside. He has an abundance of raw talent and needs to be taught how to use his lower half better. It has also been criticized that playing in the WAC hasn’t shown him the best competition. But, Hunt will make an impact in the NFL and has unlimited potential as a defensive end.

Hunt destroys Fresno State's Quarterback.

Other Notable Possibilities

Duke Williams – SS/Nevada: The free safety out of Nevada was highly recruited on the West Coast. He chose Nevada over the likes of USC. He could easily be moved to the strong safety to get Eric Berry back to the free safety position. Williams is a great open field tackler and very strong at attacking the run near the line of scrimmage. He would be better suited than Eric Berry as that "rover" type position. Williams is also very good with man coverage, which is something Berry struggled with this year. He won’t be a guy to stop a Rob Gronkowski but he can surely keep up with some of the best Tight Ends in the NCAA.

E.J. Manuel – QB/Florida State: And again we approach the quarterback position. E.J. Manuel is another duel threat in the draft. He has all of the tools as well as a big body to stand in the pocket. His biggest question is the mental side of the game. He has a history of throwing into bad spots and double coverage. If he can continue to work on his mental instincts, he can turn out to be a great quarterback in the NFL. And if the Chiefs pass on another quarterback in round two and three, he can provide that depth we are looking for.

Round 5 – Travis Bond OG/North Carolina

Travis Bond is a 6’7" 330 pound lineman that can add depth to our offensive line. With Ryan Lilja getting older, we need to continue to develop lineman for the future. Bond is a big body that has strong, long arms for run blocking. He has one problem, which is his weight. Before the Independence Bowl in 2011 his coaches were concerned about his weight. He dropped to 330 before this season and has maintained that. His weight issues are what is keeping him from being a second or third-round pick in this draft. He can open up depth at both guard positions for the Chiefs and help keep Lilja healthy.



Other Notable Possibilities

Tyronn Mathieu – CB/LSU: An obvious playmaker at LSU, "The Honey Badger" is an obvious cancer to himself and others. His off the field problems have caused his stock to drop from a Top-10 choice to anywhere from 5th round to possibly undrafted. He can do it all though when he is focused. He can return kicks, he can defend the pass and he can defend the run. He will give Arenas the chance to move back to Nickel-back and it will give the Chiefs a solid third option. His only downfall, outside of character issues, is his tendency to over-pursue the tackle. That can be fixed with time though.

Chris Harper – WR/Kansas State: The Wichita, Kansas native is a speedy receiver with very reliable hands. He has had a lot of experience as a perimeter blocker and has proven to be reliable there. He is a very good athlete with good body control which makes his route-running skills above-average. The one problem he has is that he tends to stay at one speed. He doesn’t get off the snap as quick and doesn’t change speed in-route as quickly as players like Justin Hunter would. He would be great for depth for the Chiefs.

Round 6 – Rex Burkhead- RB/Nebraska

The heart and soul of the Nebraska offense may opt for the draft, and he would be a great addition to most teams. He can provide a lot of depth for teams looking for a Jacob Hester or Brian Leonard type player. He gives it all he has on every play and that is commendable. He is quick to a hole and can be elusive at times. He can also catch the ball very well and pass block which gives him an advantage over some backs. He doesn’t appear to be your typical running back but he can be a great role player for a team needing depth in the backfield. And we all know you can never have too many running backs.


Burkhead makes the defender miss big. via

Other Notable Possibilities

Nick Florence – QB/Baylor: Well, he broke the passing record set by the Heisman Trophy winner RGIII. Unfortunately for him though, he isn’t RGIII. He was consistent and reliable this year for Baylor. If Baylor had a better defense, they would have made major headlines. His 6’0", 205 pound frame has been questioned but it was never really seen this year. His arm is average, his accuracy is average, and his pocket presence is average. As a professional he will serve as a solid backup quarterback. He could be a good late round pick for the Chiefs to add depth to the ever struggling position.

Joseph Fauria – TE/UCLA: The tight end position is one of the most inconsistent positions for the Chiefs. With Kevin Boss’s career possibly over and Tony Moeaki still seemingly injury prone, Steve Maneri and Jake O’Connell have been role players and seen a lot of playing time. We need consistency and Fauria can provide that. He has great hands and is a red-zone threat as he scored 11 touchdowns on 41 receptions this year. He also has a big body that reminds me of Jason Dunn, and his blocking ability is similar as well. He can provide depth to the position for the Chiefs and be a valuable asset in two tight end formations alongside Moeaki, pending his health.

Round 7 – Bret Maher – K/Nebraska:

Now I’m not saying Succop needs replaced. He has been fairly reliable as a kicker. But, competition breeds success. Maher has a big leg that went 6 for 8 from 40 yards or longer. Succop and Maher could create a great competition for the job come Training Camp.


Just like Ray Finkle. via

Other Notable Possibilities

Tanner Hawkinson – OT/Kansas: At 6’6" and 293 pounds, Hawkinson can provide much needed depth to a young offensive line. He was the anchor of the Kansas line that quietly ranked itself 29th in the nation in rushing yards as well as 211 yards per game, which ranked 23rd. He is a great run blocker but a liability in the passing game. He tends to get beat on the outside off the snap which can create problems if Elvis Dumervil is around. If he can improve his pass blocking, he can add real depth to the line.

Dalton Freeman – C/Clemson: A good athlete for his position, Freeman was a key role in the success of the Tigers the past two seasons. His biggest issue is his lack of strength at the point of attack. He is quick off of the snap and one of the most reliable centers in college football. He could provide that depth the Chiefs need if Rodney Hudson continues to be injury prone.

Well, there you have it. The Chiefs need depth. We have a good foundation of talent, we can get the coaching, but we need depth. With this draft we need to approach that at our skill positions and build these players to success at the NFL level.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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