My (possibly) Insightful Chiefs 7-Round Mock Draft

Hello, AP. I did a Mock last year. It was the only Fanpost ot Fanshot I've ever done. I'm more of a lurker than anything, but I'm trying to change that. Anyways, I do enjoy Mock's and seeing how my mind sees players compared to others. So, I figured I'd give my own input. Well AP, let us get this party started.

1. Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

To me this pick, is an absolute no brainer. Quinn, Cassel, and The Manzi should all be gone next year. This is without a doubt, the biggest hole on this team. Not ILB, not DE, not O-Line. QB. And Geno is the man. Seriously. Watch some tape, even a couple gifs, and you'll see this guy isn't just throwing dink and dunk passes. He throwing deep balls, intermediate balls, EVERYTHING, with poise and power. It's impressive. He's no Luck or RG3; those guys are once in a lifetime talents, that just so happened to be in the same class. Don't be spoiled. But he is better than Cassel. And Alex Smith, and Vick, AND Cousins. NO MORE FA or TRADE QB's! Geno has to be the pick. Geno-smith-_282_29-copy_medium


2. Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State/ Matt Elam, S, Florida

The next big hole, at least in my mind, on the this team, is the defensive backfield. Eric Berry is playing severely out of place. Sure he can lay a lick, but his forte is ball-hawking. We don't get to see it enough because for some reason, some idiot *cough* Romeo *cough* has him playing LB/SS Hybrid. Just no. Also, Arenas has been good at the #2, but it won't last. He needs to be back inside at Nickel, where he excels.

Enter, Xavier Rhodes. The kid is a huge, physical corner, and deceptively speedy. The only thing is, while many have him going in the second round, I don't see him making it out of the first. But if he does, we have to snatch him up.



The other option would be getting a SS to move EB to FS. Enter, Matt Elam also a ball-hawk, but would be a much better SS/LB hybrid as he is much more built for it and has that skill set.



One of these 2 has to be the pick in the second round.

3(a). Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia

While this is not necessarily a hole, (I think our WR corps could be very, very good with better coaching and a QB, if we retain Bowe), this guy Stedman has some of the softest hands I've ever seen. He may not be as explosive as Tavon Austin, but he's bigger, stronger and a better overall receiver, IMO. Plus, our #1 pick would enjoy the continuity. This would spell the end of Breaston for certain though, and I presume he'll take his talents to Pittsburgh.Tumblr_lvlu4gxjkm1r1of29o1_400_medium via

3(b). Shayne Skov, ILB, Stanford

Siler is not a starting ILB. Great special teamer, average ILB. An upgrade would be ideal. Shayne Skov is the ideal upgrade. The kid is a punisher. He'd be perfect for plowing into the line and freeing up DJ to make even more plays. I can't explain how much sense this pick makes. Make it happen *insert name of New GM and HC here*. 5325219623_7d90223596_z_medium


4. Baccari Rambo, S, Georgia/ E.J. Manuel, QB, Florida State

Like I said before, a SS is a necessity to move Berry to FS. I think it would further improve this defense. The one knock I have against Rambo is he reminds me too much of Bernard Pollard. He seems very one-dimensional. But, he is a excellent at that dimension. He is an absolute wrecking ball in run support. This would be the pick if we drafted Rhodes instead of Elam.



Now, if Rhodes is unavailable and we do draft Elam, and sign a FA CB (or draft one in the next round), then my pick would be E.J. Manuel, aka Geno Insurance. While I think Geno will be the best thing since BBQ to happen to KC (1st ROUND QB FTW!), he may get injured or not pan out. Draft Insurance. Manuel is very much a project. He's raw. But the talent is there. I do think he could step in 1-2 games if Geno went down, but I'd prefer we sign a veteran and let Manuel sit at the #3 and develop. Future trade bait or possible future starter. Either way, I'd like to have him. Ej_manuel_boston_college_v_florida_state_awcffn4vfngl_medium via

5(a). Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State/ Jordan Reed, TE, Florida

Justin Gilbert has been shown going as high as the mid-3rd round to as low as the early-7th round. I think he'll fall to us in the 5th. I also think he's another Brandon Carr. They're very similar. Their styles are almost identical and Gilbert is severely underrated, much like Carr obviously was. This pick happens if we don't pick Rhodes or grab a FA CB. Justingilberttroy2_medium


Now, if we do draft Rhodes and don't have the need to draft Gilbert, then Jordan Reed would be my pick. We need a TE. With Boss's career possibly over and Maneri being no more than a decent #3 TE, we need a compliment to Moeaki (Or someone for Moeaki to compliment). Reed played the Joker role at Florida much like Aaron Hernandez did. While not as quick and fast, he is bigger and stronger and uses his hands just as well as Hernandez. Reed would be a steal. Os-florida-jordan-reed_medium


5(b). Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State

With the NFL moving to RB by committee, you can never have too many good backs. Randle is a special back. He may not be the fastest, most agile or strongest back, but he is very balanced. Him, Charles, and Gray would be a nightmare to contain, especially with "Pancakes" DiMarco leading the way. Randle is a great value pick and will help keep Charles from getting banged up. Randle has Priest Holmes like vision. It's what makes him special. Joseph_randle_kansas_state_v_oklahoma_state_d-xd1hce7ukl_medium


6. J.D. Woods, WR, West Virginia/ Alex Hurt, OT, LSU

Woods would simply be a BPA on a possibly good receiver. If he could find his way on to the field he'd provide Geno with more continuity. He'd most likely be an IR player the first year, but if we lose Bowe, we can't have too many wideouts. He'd also be a good #4 receiver if we retain Bowe.



Alex Hurt would be another depth pick. The O-line constantly seems to be getting banged up, and with Lilja a year older, more depth can't hurt. Hurt could be a decent RT back-up and back up either Guard spot. He'd be a good depth pick for the O-line.



7. Dalton Freeman, C, Clemson

Another depth pick for the O-line. Mostly likely a PS player. Could be activated to gameday roster if injuries debilitate the O-line. If a talented, yet troubled player falls from a higher round and is available in this round(a la Burfict), I'd like the Chiefs to use the pick on that player instead.



So there is my Mock Draft. Share your thoughts, supports and criticisms. Comment on who you would rather see drafted in these spots. (Unless, you say T'eo.) I hope you enjoy my insight as much as I enjoyed providing it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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