What Kansas City (& It's Fanbase) Deserves



You see, this is John Elway's fault.

This is Albert Pujol's fault. It's Bill Polian's fault too.
Kansas City fans are kind step fathers. They don't have their own children, but they consider themselves parents. We aren't wired to shame this fact. It's almost considered unorthodox to say such a thing. But we should.
Kansas City has not had a Superstar in 30 years. That was George Brett.
Other cities have them. Miami has had Marino and now LeBron. Los Angeles , my current city , has had Kobe, Shaq, and now Blake Griffin. Prior to that Gretzky , Magic , and The Dream.
St. Louis? Warner , Pujols, McGuire.
Indianapolis ? Manning and now Luck. Not even a year of superstar seperation anxiety.
Boston. Brady (football) , Garnett/Pierce/Allen (Basketball) , Papi/Schilling/Manny (Baseball)
New York... ha.... Manning (football) , Jeter (baseball) , Melo , Ewing (Basketball)
Wait. What about Montana? Sure , but that was just a taste of it. We knew he was a 49er. And although we had 2 incredible , legendary games. He wasn't here to stay.
The fact is that Kansas City might be the least lucky sports city of all time.
And the problems that we are facing now only hurt because we don't have sight of the obvious.
Forget what pundits and analysts call an emerging trend. Kansas City has been a running back town in a game dominated by Quarterbacks. It's been a town where the greatest Quarterback who put on our Jersey is unknown to 90% of the average sports fans.
Forget Pioli. Forget King Carl. If you're the Hunts , how could you stand for this. A problem beyond obvious.
Kansas City is smaller than small market. It doesn't have the Super Bowl history of Green Bay or Pittsburgh. It doesn't have the weather of Tampa or San Diego. It isn't a city that churns out NFL players. If you're a wide out , or corner, or running back, or head coach. Your short list , based on that criteria ... doesn't put Kansas City near the top.
So what does it have? the common answer is "good people and good food". Something that every Chamber of Commerce across the country tries to boast.
And then this year happened. Whether you believe it or not , it doesn't matter. Every player in the league believes ESPN, NFL Network, and even NBC nightly news when they say that Kansas City's historically great fans cheered a quarterback getting injured.
Cassel hitting that turf wasn't about him. It was about Elway bringing Manning to Denver. It was about Romeo winning against Green Bay and Denver when - had we lost out like Indianapolis - we might have a shot at RGIII. It's about Atlanta passing on Glenn Dorsey to take Matt Ryan. It's about Pete Carrol drafting Russell Wilson and being right. It's about trading the no.10 overall pick for 30 year old Trent Green instead of 21 year old Drew Brees. It builds up. It all builds up. Watching Kansas City get 4 minutes of coverage on Draft Day when the Jets get 40. Seeing Nike unveil new uniforms and knowing that a WR or RB will be there but not our Quarterback. It's hearing the analysts on Sunday mention week after week that KC will lose because the other team has the Clutch QB.... and KC has only had 5 come from behind 4th quarter wins from the offense in the last decade.
Kansas City needs a Super Star. And as Todd McShay, Mel Kiper, and other Draft Experts start to tell us that Geno Smith , Mike Glennon, and Matt Barkley aren't super stars. We say to ourselves... they could be. They have to be , right ? We have the no.1 pick ... it's our time to get that Gold Ticket.
Geno Smith is not our Blake Griffin. Trust me. I want him to be. I want to see him in commercials with Justin Timberlake for Sony. I want Jets and Eagles fans to start plotting on how he'll be on their team in 6 years.
It doesn't matter who we have at GM. It doesn't matter who we have at head coach. Kansas City won't survive as a franchise until it finds it's Luck or RGIII.
Fate is telling us to settle for a Bradford or Ponder. I'd give up another 20 years of watching us go through Greens, Cassels, and Quinns ... with rotations of playoffs, 8-8s, and 4-12s for watching us be the team that drafts Johnny Manziel.
I'll even take the losing season next year.
Guys like Luck, RGIII, Manziel. They make the GM's job easier. They call the free agent tight end at the Pro Bowl and get them to retire a Chief. They get us 10 minutes on ESPN instead of 20 seconds. They make us have a shot when we get in the playoffs. They know how to tell our defense that it isn't OVER because we're down by 8.
I am tired of this season. But I am mostly tired of Kansas City settling. Settling at the most important position in the NFL while other franchises reload.
That is why I am not in favor of Smith. Glennon. Or Bray. I am not a settler.
I want a Quarterback that has the moxxy and determination of this town's very people. Of this town's very culture.
I'm the man who wants Elway to effin suffer for a decade as Red & Yellow wins Super Bowls...
Because Kansas City has a player not named Brett that comes to mind when you speak it's name. Because Kansas City needs a leader that sticks with this city. That becomes part of the community. Brings in fans and connects the people , the way that only super stars do.

We've been fantastic fans for 50 years. We deserve more than what this draft has to offer. All we have to realize is that it's worth the wait....
For a son to arrive to this city.

Johnny Manziel Wins Heisman Trophy (via ESPN)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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