Time for an inventory

Okay, you know what "they" say, right? If it ain't broke don't fix it! BUT if it is BROKE, take an inventory so you don't try to fix the wrong thing. It is evident our team-THE KANSAS CITY CHIEF'S is broken, but what to do? What is the the biggest problem? This might be harder than you think. We have been calling for the change for awhile now, and now is the time to make the fix. So just how bad is this team? We think there is better talent than the record shows, but they are as talented as the record is.

Pioli is part of the problem and just maybe the key problem. Saying one thing and doing another will cause a revolt for whom you made promises. I think, my opinion anyway, is that the players had an informal strike this year against Scotty after he promised them that there would be competition at the QB spot. So while I want to vilify the players as a bunch of "captains with no heart" I am going to give them a pass as I think they were sold out by a lame duck GM. I think if Scott is retained, and the odds are he will not be, we will just keep losing games and talent. You remember the old Chief's of yore, who were in the same boat, dontcha? They couldn't wait for their contracts to expire so they could move on. And the only guys who would sign here were old, broken down has beens. So while I think Pioli did some good things the poor things outweigh the good and he needs his ticket out.

Coaching is another thing that needs to be looked at. I was against the hiring of RAC until I read so many things from the PR gang, who really deserve a raise for selling this guy to us. From early on I was interested to see what he could do and as Hali was suspended, I figured 2 weeks of game planning for the opener was enough time to find a way to pressure the QB. Seems I was to easily swayed by his rings, but was disappointed to no end by his lack of preparation. I have been uninspired by his ability to coach for the entire season. I also was skeptical of his read and react defense, as in the modern NFL (the NFL with rule changes that favor the Offense) and that has been a thorn of contention most all season. I remember 1 game that RAC called some blitzes and the D started looking like a D! So I also think RAC needs a ticket along with this scheme out of here.

We also have quite a few players with questionable futures and there is quite a bit of loyalty being shown from some of the fans and is by far the most controversial topic we will address this off season other than who will be the next QB on this team. That is right, our next QB is not currently on the roster, and that is all that needs said about that position. Otherwise, a former All-Pro WR is up for big $'s if he would choose to stay. Personally I hope he don't, but we would need to replace his production somehow. Good thing it's up to him, and the team, because so many of us cannot agree about this guy.

Our LT is currently on the sidelines which is giving invaluable experience to our swing tackle. I am of the opinion that back problems do not ever get 100% well and now think Albert as a liability. If I was the GM and had to pay a long term, tall dollar contract to this guy I would be sweating bullets waiting for the guy to end up on IR next season sometime or another like his buddy Gaither did in Dago. I mean think about it, all the training, playing and weight room activities requires a strong back, and we already know that that is a huge question mark as he is missing games for a back already. I like Albert, and he has given us a few years of solid tackle play, but I am uncertain of his future. He could want out of this mess here like Carr did and seek his fortune elsewhere anyway. So, getting another LT prospect is really high on my list of needs.

For 2 years you have seen me rant and rave about how bad Kendrick Lewis is and the guy has no business starting for us or anyone else. Compounding this is the poor use of Eric Berry who should be playing that deep centerfielder instead of Lewis. So another serious need to address this off season. Rumour is Kevin Boss will retire which makes the TE position one of need as well. Maybe we could find an iron man who could play both sides of the ball taking care of both positions of TE and S. HaHa, dream on! As much as I dislike what free agency does to teams cohesion, I really like the other side of it too. Being able to bring in players to address some needs is a good thing, how well you do it is another.

When TJAX redid his contract, didn't he have a clause that they couldn't tag him? Anybody remember or know? Cause if we lose him and Dorsey, and the odds are in favor of that with the upcoming dismisal of their beloved coach. That would leave us in poor shape at D-line. Not as bad as when Pioli first got here, but shaky. New coaching, new schemes and new players sounds good right this minute but that also takes awhile to implement and bodes for an average season next year. Well, I have already doubled the amount I usually write, and am running out of gas, but not opinions about the talent and needs I see this team has. So please forgive me as I just cannot sit and type anymore, just know that I want a winner here in KC. Perhaps I will get a chance to add to this in the coming days. Go Chief's!

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